Friday, January 13, 2012

Rising from the ashes...

... is a dragon, not a phoenix.

Soo... missed me?
I have.

Am in the midst of finals and surprise, surprise, here I am after a 7 month long hiatus. Why is it that we get distracted so easily when there are important things to do? Well I was flipping through my bookmarks and landed myself at this here place...

And *poof*, that's an entire hour gone.
Sigh, why am I such a joy to read?

So in light of my little trip down memory lane ( or erratic time travel more like, at the rate I was jumping back and forth between posts ) I have decided that... heck, this is too good of a space to leave dead. Even if nobody reads this anymore, I know that futurexinli would thank me for reminding her of the good times we had.

However, I have nothing of importance to say so that's all folks!

I will see you again sometime next week, maybe probably hopefully definitely =)

P.s. If you are a long time reader and punctuation nazi, you would realize that this post is all properly capitalized and everything... which was something I almost never did. And * trumpets *, this is because I'm blogging from my smartphone like a boss even though my laptop is less than a meter away. What can I say, the chicken shit is still relatively warm.

Now I just need to figure out how to align my random-phrase-sign-off to the middle like old times...

- mata kerbau -

Thursday, May 12, 2011

twas the night before…


SpecialityPharmaceuticalDosageFormDesign finals,
when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a louse.
the designs were crammed in my cranium with care,
in hopes that hours later i would not despair.

but wait, listen now… what is that i hear?
knock-knock on my door; scratching so clear!
heart aflutter and stricken, i muster, “who’s there?”
it cries, a voice full of flair.
curiousity piked, “mantis who?” i implore.
to which it replied,






















“man, tis a bloody hot day to explore!”


true story.

(except, you know, the part where anyone actually talks.)

bwahahhahahaha. IMPRESSED OR WHAT??!!!
okay fine, i took hell of a long time to come up with that because i pretty much suck at rhyming.


finals are over.

here i am, squinting a little giddily at the screen because my lappy just came back from the service centre and i have gotten so used to the humongous display that is my sister’s spare toshiba that everything seems so teensy in the 13” i am staring at.

… still, psyched that my baby is back. with a functional webcam and fingerprint enroller no less!

this blog post started out as an excuse to show off my virgin attempt at cinemagraphs. if you actually READ my blog (because i know there are people who scroll through without: you don’t know what you’re missing!!!), you would know how much i love gifs.

soooo excited to finally try it but the only video that was steady enough was the one i took a couple of days ago of a praying mantis who crawled under my door and proceeded to punish me (for filming without consent) by way of taking flight mere inches from my face with a terrorising buzz and landing on my bare arm AND THEN REFUSING TO GET OFF. FML.

yeah i know, i deserved it.

hype + freedom (FINALLY) + lack of footage = dramatic mantis

i think i did pretty good with the digital enhancements and whatnot, considering the fact that original footage looked like this :


yeah, i know right… I AM SO BLOODY AMAZING.

i know you want to see it again,
so i will save you the trouble of scrolling back up.


… or you could. i heard there’s a pretty awesome poem up there.

- say what?? -

Monday, March 21, 2011

you’ve got mail



this started out as a semi-whiny post about how incredibly swamped i am was am was… (nevermind), and the immense amount of bad luck i seem to be attracting left and right when i realised i might be becoming one of those people who can’t stop whining about every little thing in their lives as if anybody cares.

…and while i may be that person, you have no reason to be subjected to such.

ah, how thoughtful i am… =D


so here i am, in my little forcefield of denial i so lovingly call home, taking a much-needed breather. (admittedly, i might have taken that excuse and run with it as if chased by jaguars *shrugs*)

heh, and now i’ve forgotten what i was going to say in the first place so here’s a something shoddy that i slapped together out of sheer refusal to deal with reality while in the vicinity of seremban.


all the lovely postcards all the lovely people have sent me ♥
they make my day every time i revisit them =D

nothing warms the cockles of my heart like knowing someone actually took the time off their holiday to buy a postcard and go out of their way to hunt down a postbox in a foreign country when they could have been eating macaroons in a sidewalk cafe in paris or trying their hand at whittling clogs in holland. (just speculating. i have no idea what one does in those places on account of never being there. sadface.) 

oh, and the random ones with no occasion? well those are just LOVE ♥

there’s something about handwritten mail that’s just so wonderful.
*absent-mindedly strokes pile of cards* i’m not trying to be creepy but i do love getting mail =D my only gripe is that i am almost never home when the mail arrives so i don’t get the kick out of opening the mailbox and finding mail for me =(

snail mail over email any day!
(well at least until i start getting billed)


- got mail? -

Saturday, February 19, 2011

living with a kleptomaniac



if you’ve spoken to me recently, you’ve heard my aggravated account.

hell, plh has probably heard it five times over.
(she has a knack for just happening to be there all the time.)

…but for the benefit of those who haven’t heard yet and futurexinli, here’s my umpteenth rant.

it was taxing.

from unconfirmed suspicions, to hesitant plans to evict, to criminal evidence, to full on FU eviction.

long story short, i’ve been living with a thief for about a month and a half.

bitch stole about 700 bucks in total from my housemates and i… not including the unaccounted (i should really keep track of how much i have in my wallet)and miscellaneous items like detergent, shower foam and jam.

yes wtf, JAM.


why do people like these exist at all? tell me.

to think that i actually spoke up for her and gave her the benefit of the doubt when the rest of my housemates wanted to throw her out.


in any case, she got busted in a spur-of-the-moment investigative stunt i pulled involving a hidden camera and an intentionally long shower at two in the morning.

guess watching too much tv proves to be useful at some point in your life. *shrugs* (how else would i be able to quote spock and identify hypnic jerks?)

i usually refrain from name-calling unless it is in an affectionate context, but THAT FUCKING BITCH CROSSED THE LINE. camera revealed that the fucker not only took money from my purse, she ransacked my room and zy’s drawers all while i was in the shower mere metres away. THE AUDACITY. and all this shit had to happen around two tests (what?! so i’m a nerd. tests matter to me.)

it tickles me that you were busted over a measly 10 ringgit note.

in a rather dramatic scene, we had security throw the bitch and all her crap out on a stormy night with an IOU in tow. i can’t decide which was more outrageous; that she could look at her own face in the incriminating video stills and still be able to cry a shrill “that’s not me!” or the fact that she expected us to let her stay on until the end of the month after being found out.

well there’s a retard if i ever saw one.
if anything, she should be thankful we didn’t take it to the police.

…on hindsight, i kind of regret not doing so. *vengeful* but i suppose that’s her whole future we’d be wrecking.

maybe she deserves it.
maybe i can rise above.
maybe she’s drawn out the psycho-bitch in me.
maybe everyone deserves a second chance.
maybe i don’t give a fuck.

it is somehow disturbing that she might go about her life; friends and acquaintances oblivious to the shit she has done and is capable of. it infuriates me that she can spurn out some self-righteous bullshit on an fb post when she’s morally challenged enough to consistently steal without so much as a sliver of a conscience. (no, i’m not her fb friend. yeah i know, i told you she’s drawn out the psycho-stalkerbitch in me. am i crazy for having an urge to slap her newly-changed grinning profilepic face being a tad obsessed??)

i am thoroughly disgusted.
at her.
and how i let her affect me.

you may find it a little contradictory to my general disposition but i do in fact believe the best in people. *did. in light of recent events (this and something prior which was equally bizarre and dramatic), i am probably going to be a bigger cynic than i already am. yay.

listening to my housemates lament about the entire debacle, i realised the impact of this fucked up crap stretches beyond our monetary loss and psychological distress. not only has it waivered my trust in people in general, it upsets me that what she did only served to cement stigmatic racial stereotypes. bleargh.

i had half a mind to post the incriminating stills/video here or worse yet, on facebook. but it just doesn’t sit right, i don’t know why…

well she had better pay up what she owes us or so help me i will.

entirely justifiable really; it’s a small world. she graduated from a nearby uni, works in pj. she’ll get recognised at some point by friends of friends and lose all the credibility and dignity she doesn’t deserve. 
*throws head back in sadistic laughter*


so boys and girls,
be wary, eat your vegetables and second-guess everything people say or do.

a public service announcement brought to you by…

- TheBitterCynic -

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bali: day four



crazy long though. bear with me.


getting a little bored of pancakes, mee goreng and toast by now.

the price to pay for honey on your pancakes?


getting assaulted by bees left and right.
even the bees in bali are pushy…


okayy i don’t even know why we came here (GWK).
looks like some kinda set of roman ruins eh?
*dehhhhk* it’s an abandoned shopping mall.


trying to do that touristy thing where you copy the statue’s pose.
after zin tried to direct this shot for about one whole minute (“your hand… nonono, your leg must bend…”), i figured screw this and let him show us how to do it.


fair enough.
you don’t feel all that disrespectful and blasphemous when the whole setting is so damn commercialised. you’ll see what i mean later.

among the attractions are…


a hundred vaginas???


what the… (in the even that you are blind, see fourth icon)
i tried to google it to no avail. do they steam up your vagina with aromatherapy oils???


amusing part of the lore chiselled on stone.
i supposed with the amount of words like Swargaloka in the story, you tend to overlook the red squiggly lines.


looks promising.
i say if you need a big old doorway carved out of stone and a set of horror mansion gates for a lotus pond, it has got to be something else.


note to self: ini baju tak boleh pakai.



i was right. it IS something else. entirely.

they have atv rides, flying foxes and rock climbing but we were too early and on a tight tight schedule in order to fit in my much awaited beach-bum activities back at legian. who knew, it wouldn’t matter anyway because that tiny slot we left empty would be filled with rain. *bitter*


pretending to play the whatchamacallit.

okay history lesson time.

this whole GWK business is freakin commercialised because it’s a private cultural park of sorts.
GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) has an amphitheatre and holds events like concerts in the Lotus Pond (talk about a misleading name).

so basically it was supposed to be a “146 meter gold plated Vishnu riding Garuda on top of an 11 storey entertainment complex.” but how does that come in with the whole rule that no building in bali should surpass the height of a coconut tree in it’s 15 meter glory?? (that comes up to about 5 storeys but the tallest buildings i’ve seen are 3 storeys at most.)

i don’t exactly know. by the looks of it, they’ve stopped construction. maybe it doesn’t matter because it’s a statue?

but “religious authorities on the island complained that its massive size might disrupt the spiritual balance of the island, and that its commercial nature was inappropriate.”-wiki

currently it’s just bits and pieces of the statues floating around. three to be exact.


garuda’s head.
a fearsome bird creature which double-crossed some serpents so he could eat them up and stole an elixir of immortality from a bunch of gods to release his mother from being a slave to her sister. why was she enslaved to her own sister? oh, they bet on the colour of a horse’s tail and she lost. that’s all.


the armless torso of wisnu looks slyly upon you.
dude promised garuda immortality so that he would get to ride on his back and look totally badass.
up high, wisnu!


wisnu’s arms.
i’m guessing he’d lick that shit off his right finger but his torso is about a kilometer away.


what the whole deal is supposed to look like.
if i offered you the gift of immortality, would you deign to let me ride on your back?


this place could be pretty amazing at sundown.


“yerrr liiii… did you just pick that up off the floor??”
”whaaat?? it’s pretty!!!”


zin and ywk got all excited and bought a cup.


too bad we didn’t get the green straw or it would be a spitting image of starbucks.


am wiping mud off her leg. hahaahahahahhaha.
this is the umpteenth time she has stood in mud during our four days in bali.


when life gives you statues, you imitate.

(btw, i have no idea where kencana comes in)


ULUWATU to see the temple built on the edge of a cliff.
plh’s hair is all curly and sexehh because a sign outside said beware of monkeys and advised against having hair tied up to avoid getting yanked on by the little beasts. we managed to spot a grand total of zero monkeys.


purple satin pageant.


locals on their way to prayers at the temple.


cliff of monstrous proportions that we saw after marching up to one end of the walkway. the waves are mad vicious (if you fell off, you’d be beaten into pulp in no time.)
then we got all snap-happy going “oh wowww, cliff temple!!”


but then we decided to march on to the other end towards the temple and realised it was actually on the other side where we were standing before *malu*




loads of locals in pretty kebayas with food offerings perched atop their heads.
i think there were some sort of festivities going on…


blur, happy, blasé, coy, stood on more mud? (note upraised toes)


i was taking a video of all the hubbub panning across the clearing and this man must’ve though i was trying to take a picture of them because then he beckoned, that we may take a picture with his family. <3


sitting down to nom what was previously on their heads.


harvest charm totem.


and then we spotted a crowd of angmos squatting over these two tanks of colourful shells.
could they be…



yes of course. colourful novelty pets in cute housing comes in the form of hermit crabs as well as chicks.
i mean, who wouldn’t want a couple of creepy faces moving about in a plastic box??
it’s a no brainer.


best temple yet!
because there were actual locals praying there and not entirely swarmed by tourists, it felt the most… (tip of my tongue… bleh i give up).


next stop, DREAMLAND. popsicle break!


the guys were hoping for topless chicks sunbathing but the place was ridden with locals and everyone had their bikinis on. heh.

i wasn’t all that bummed though…
some things make up for it. like …




bikini babesss!!!


white horses!!!




(faster scroll down before you get dizzy!)



sorry, am a sucker for beautiful beaches. *stupid grin*


dreamland is a little different from legian/kuta because it’s ensconced by cliffs all around.
limestone?? i don’t know.




trying to take pretty vacation pictures but the waves are strong and unpredictable.
one minute they could foam a good 5 metres away and the next…


they could engulf you. LOLOLOL
here she is, looking all serene without the slightest flinch.
not because am is unafraid of the ocean,


she just took a little while to react =D


all in good fun!


so worth the briney locks <3
(my shirt is not on backwards. that is the way it is! honest. not even trying to be sarcastic or anything.)


all five of the girls!


ywk and ams with their skirts and pants all wet. nyahaha.


survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.


hahah zy on the far right being very afraid of the sun.


SUI!!!! siap dengan crow’s feet lagi =D

with that we left dreamland which wasn’t at all dreamy or had much land.
(omg looking at all these beachy pictures is getting me all psyched for langkawi.)


so this is lunch.
our last attempt at indonesian food : nasi padang.
(tengok pun tau this is going to be a total rip-off.)
nasi padang is essentially halal food. hence, equates to malay food.
no wait, scratch that. malaysian malay food is a bajillion times better. this was not only sub-par, it was actually bad. (and it cost a bomb.)

post-lunch activities included tonnes of shopping. mostly done by the boys who bought a couple pairs of sneakers because they were dirt cheap. after that we went back to the hotel and changed so we could bum at the beach but then it started raining… oh wait, you know that story.

so then we went to get massages instead. =( sadface because our massage was totally mehh, even the cheaplak place we went to on our first day was better. plus they kept lying to us wtf is this rubbish. plh and am went to a different one which was fabbbbb T.T lucky girls.


clearly western.


hahahahahha. awesome pizza!!!
sorry bali, but your food is no good.


the insanely grand piña colada and i.
have you ever drank a piña colada that’s more expensive than a steak? I HAVE! lol
it was good. i’ll give you that. and i don’t even like piña coladas.


everyone satiated and super happy with the meal (because it wasn’t local food *pulls face*)


okay last picture. kintamani?
i actually like this view from the plane better than the one we drove 2 hours up to see.



in a nutty nutshell, i didn’t enjoy bali very much. geographically, i LOVE it. it’s a beautiful place.
i just didn’t like getting ripped off at every turn and the general way things are there. it’s a far cry from the earnest hospitality i found in bangkok. that, and the fact that i didn’t get to enjoy the beach as much as i had hoped.

it was, however, a great experience.

lessons from bali:

  1. not to take things for granted.
  2. do EXTENSIVE research before going anywhere.
  3. i can be a cranky killjoy sometimes (i too am sorry for the prosperity pot debacle). am working on it =)
  4. don’t count on the weather.

    and most significantly of all…
  5. it turns out i don’t like looking at temples.

i used to have this grand idea that i wanted to see the world, starting from south east asia. maybe backpack, experience the wonder that is angkor wat, the borobudur… you know, that sort of thing. 

i change my mind. 

no more temples. it is lost on me.


kay, i lied. that was the second last picture.
i don’t care if this effs up in your browser, i’m still gonna post it in the original size =)


would i ever go back to bali?

make like the angmos and stick to the beaches.
with the exception of white water rafting. i’d do that again anytime.


- popme -