Saturday, November 25, 2006

12 hours

gawd.. i spent 12 hours away from home today... doin stupid stuff...

had to go to violin rehearsal cum practice at 12.30 COZ TMR'S D CONCERT!!!
stupid concert.. i wish i nv did said i wanna perform in it.. taken up so much of my time...
i even had to skip 3 hours of maths tuition today! n maths is d tuition wif d highest fees damnit! i wouldnt mind if i was rich n didnt care abt money.. BUT I DO!
we even had to pay for d freakin rehearsals! i hope no one from thr is gonna read this.. coz it juz sux... alwez ask us to overpay.. ish... money doesnt grow on trees. cliched i know, but even if it did grow on trees, i dont haf a money tree so thr!
if i did haf a money tree, i'd want it to grow US Dollars. n u know how in d autumn, d leaves r way nicer than normal leaves, my money tree wud shed US$100 n US$1000 dollar bills... cool huh. dat is, if money trees existed
anyhow i hope i dont freakin mess up my performance tmr altho i'm stuck way behind ( coz i'm tall ) n ppl wont c me, but theyd c my bow goin against d others.. so dat sux too.. ISHHH... at least i get to listen to sum of d better pieces* ( those i wasnt involved in.. duhh ) thrs 1 whr they had a truckload of kids playin sum songs.. wif a big kid as d conductor.. by big kid, i mean more than 10.. i dunno how old he is. but he seems pretty determined at his job. personally i think he looks like a chef rythmically tossin a gigantic bowl of salad. i didnt say he suckd at it, i said rythmically rite?! he juz looks like he's tossin salad. kinda like dat.. juz imagine hes 40 years younger, chinese, lookin up at abt 30 kids n d salad bowl is 5 times bigger n invisible.
(so i dun haf a pic of him... bear wif me. does anyone wanna donate a dgcam to me?. pretty pls, wif a cherry on top?)
practice was from 1pm to 5pm.... dey wantd to go on but yc n i took leave early coz we had tuition.
next up along d line, tuition for a whole 4 hours. 3 1/2 to b exact since we got a 1/2 hour break to pee n eat n crap liddat.. but i ate chicken rice b4 at d food court at 5.30 so i din go out to eat at 8. dats prob d earliest i EVER eat my dinner...
so i got back at 10.25pm n ellie msgd me while i was in d car to go out yamcha.. so i went la.. at was a lil pissed.. coz i juz came backn wanted to go out again..heheh... was wif ellie,fai, n moo... apparently it was moo's bday yest. i thot it was coming, but its past d.. i still hafta get sumthin for him tho, get as in 'make'.. well, u know xinli. eh?
so wut do u make for a make-up artist ?
n finally, i'm home at 12 ++am.. ahhh.... peace.
i like salad.

p.s. wut happened to my hugs?! stop d gehh.. i want my hugs!!!!

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