Thursday, November 23, 2006

bradys !

so yesterday i watched this show on tv... "A Very Brady Sequel". apparently made in 1996.

abs luvd it! this is whr d xinli who luvs complexity takes a back seat..
it had this really really simple plot .. whr a dude pretends to b d wife's long lost, presumed dead husband... juz to get his hands on an old antique horse. anyhow, its still funny as hell.

i luv d fakeness.. d overacting.. d 70's clothes.. d constant cheerfulness.. d subtle sarcasm..
it juz reminds me of dat reality show .. i think its called 'the 70's house' whr they force evryone to wear 70's clothes n they r supposed to b really really nice to each other. all in d spirit of 70's-ness!
den thrs a whole lot of odd moments whr suddenly they all juz start singing n dancing.. like those bollywood shows.. but more in a sound of music/mary poppins kinda way. which is good : )i mean.. juz look at them.. in an electric guitar appears outta nowhr(unplugged mind u) n greg starts playin it n they all start singin n dancin n pissin off all d other passengers in d flight, all while their mom is kidnapped n hawaii n obviously in mortal danger! who does dat ?! ans: the bradys ....this is whr d flight attendant picks up 1 of those announcement telephone things n says sumthin like "Will d passengers who are singing and dancing in d aisle please return to ur seats n SHUT UP" lmao..
actually i half expected d whole flight to start singin along wif them... but apparently its onli them who r still stuck in d 70's.. evryone's in d 90's.
gawd... look at jan's contacts...huge. they come out wif a 'plop' too... neato

ooh ooh... n check out marcia n greg's room in d attic.. abs groovy babeh....
(charettedesigns.. d same ppl who did austin powers' sets! need i say more?)

n a quote from d movie for good measure,
Mike Brady: A gift is only a good thing when the giver has given thought to that gift. But when the gift the giver gives gives grief, then that gift should give the givee regrets.
u try sayin dat..

now i NEED to watch 'the brady bunch movie' !

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