Sunday, November 19, 2006

the chrysalis cracks open..

n a butterfly emerges...
ok, so i'm not beautiful like a butterfly physically.
but i'm talkin bout mentally, spiritually...

who am i kiddin? lol
no, i haven't been suddenly freed spiritually ...or mentally for dat matter. i juz thought it sounded pretty good as an opening line... so how? good? yea, i thought so.

xinli has a blog now! woot~ so now dat u haf been picked to view my first post, u r now bound by the unspoken rules of blogdom to come n check back evry once in a while to c whether i haf crapped more... n believe me i will least for a month..hehe (i haf a track record of abandonin these things halfway) yup yup...
.....i haf now run out of things to put into my lil intro rite here.. so yea... welcome to my blog ! n enjoy (readin bout my miserably boring life.) lol

p.s. don't worry. if nth interestin happens, i'll try to make sumthin up. otherwise i won't blog altogether. [thumbs up] :)


phil said...

and if it isnt our dear xinli.. haha
jyjy.. i'll come back later see whether u drop out ur blogging

Ai Ming said...

ello there
xinli is known for having temporary enthusiasm towards things and abandon them when she gets bored
hopefully thats not applicable to this blog.
i would luv to see how u crap beautifully. hahaha

sean said...

tot F6 life shall take all ur time?
perhaps..i was proven wrong?
since u've got time to make this.. i wouldn't say it's a crap now.. but u gotta prove me right!