Monday, November 27, 2006

concert 25.11.06 ..i.e. i luv angie n luke!!!

as in last saturday nite... i wanted to blog on dat nite itself but
  1. i was wasted
  2. i thot pix wud b a nice addition... so i had to wait for dear yc to send pics * thanx girl!
  3. i haf no 3rd reason.. but havin 3 reasons seems better than 2 so lets go wif : i didn't feel like it.
12.30pm : hung arnd waiting for yc n cb to come fetch me so i can get to peihua...
1.00pm : got to peihua.. n realised dat not evryone is thr yet, well d concert starts at 7.30 pm. y d heck shud we get thr at 1? huh?! tell me y ?! coz d lovely angel sed so.
stan is so smart for not listenin.

(the hall was kinda scarey.. i wasnt xpectin sum awesome hall but it did fall short....way short. so if u weren't from peihua, picture dark, dank, stuffy[coz air-con wasn't on when i got thr], ancient, n nt big. d stage had all these pretty pots of fake plants arranged arnd d front, n d middle part had these awesomely gaudy fake flowers streamin down to d floor) ahem, for d sarcasm impaired, i do not like fake plants.

3.00pm : rehearsals.
5.00pm : done wif rehearsals... i cant rmb wut happend at wut time so i'm juz gonna run by wif more hangin arnd n den dinner, wonderfully prepared by d organising team...
what did we haf for dinner? BREAD!oh glorious bread... but they redeemed themselves by having pizza for those who weren't stuffed enuff by d bread.
den.. i dunno wut time this is either but, stan finally arrived wif 1 of his students(name forgotten) n friend who plays viola(kokleong) who i muz admit, does a pretty gd impression of sissified stan.

so this is me n stan(my violin teacher who likes acting cute or sissy beyond all reason)
check out my retarded lookin blouse.
ooh Ooh... n my utterly incredible new hair!!*co
can u keep ur face straight n tell me it looks nth like dat
cat n emu?!

i'll not bore u wif even more details but in a nutshell. d concert day was a TOTAL DRAG for me... pretty much d onli highlight of d day was getting to watch...
ANGIE N LUKEall together now... AWWWWWW~
angie (5) n luke (9) played 2 duets on d piano... 1 of which was " how much is dat doggie in the window" !!!!. i adore dat song... on a scale of 1 to 10, their cuteness level is 8.5. luke's points gets deducted coz hes 9 n not 6/7 like i thot n he tries to ignore me.

more angie
(wif over-made-up girl...i cropped as much as i could to spare u d pain)

n lukebtw, dats me behind him wif my hand on his shoulder, i juz lookd too ugly so i had to crop me out. look at his i-dun-wanna-take-a-pic-wif-u-n-i-hardly-know-u-but-heres-my-smile-anyway face

aaand...angie again wif her wee violin.
she also has a lil too much make up on.. but shes a cute kid so it's ok.

danish gets a special mention for being cute also.. hes 9.
n sum1 put too much foundation on him

n this is me after d concert was over n done wif. so glad i got thru evrythin pretty ok... i didn't mess up d brandenburg concerto too much n whr i did mess up, i think i did a pretty good job fakin it. look how happy i am... incase u needed to c my emu/cat hair again...peace y'all

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