Wednesday, November 29, 2006

dismantling vcd players , for dummies

i dismantled a vcd-player today,
why? in a heroic effort to rescue my darlin cousin, crystal's sing-a-long video/song thing (u know, d kind whr they haf vain kids who think they're so cute n pretty when they're so freakin ugly wif their ugly outfits singing in horrible voices.... no offence, i'm biased. i hate these groups of kids n i didn't even listen to her cd)
my "vintage" VCD (not DVD) player ate her cd n refused to spit it ou
t let alone play d songs on it. at least d vcd-player has taste.

So here u go, i compiled a list of things u should keep in mind, incase u shud ever think of dismantling a vcd player, if u can find 1 dat is...
  1. make sure no 1 is thr to disturb u.
  2. do not try to plan out wut ur goin to do, make it up as u go along.
  3. glare at anyone who dares question wut ur doing.
  4. only use screwdrivers that r d wrong size for d screws u r tryin to unscrew.
  5. always remember, righty tighty & lefty loosey!
  6. use d screwdrivers to screw/unscrew d screws dat require unscrewing ONLY... refrain from utilising them to whack anyone within arms length.
  7. if all else fails, juz use brute strength, if u don't haf dat... too bad.
  8. n finally, try not to swear/cuss for it will anger d vcd-player gods.
well, pretty clear isn't it? needless to say, d vcd-player is lying beside me, still dismantled... as my brute strength has scared it so bad, it refuses to b whole again for fear i may try to dismantle dat darn thing again.

i must say, i was pretty pissed throughout d whole process... i didn't swear, but my bro got alot of yelling from me n chrystal got a lil too...
what issit wif kids n stickin to ppl who obviously is in a bad temper at dat mo?! geez...
n wut made me more pissed was d fact dat my mom was watchin this chinese show,

sound of colours
d movie is as boring as d poster.
n i actually watched it in d cinema once.. i think wif jess n plh, back
when we were all zimui zimui...

when i really wanted to watch my weekly dose of...
i got so pissed, i tried to heat up sum otak-otak for supper coz i heard tuakor brought us some...
but after unwrapping d layers of newspaper... d otak-otak was actually in d form of a chunk of fishy stuff
like so : n not wif leaves n all...
like so: so i couldn't juz toast them in d toaster... crapness...

but its ok, coz i made EXTRA SPAGHETTI for lunch today!!! yay!
my spaghetti is d yummiest... especially when u r pissed n ur otak-otak turns out to b a chunk of fish. damn rite it is!
i feel bloated now... prob shudnt haf eaten so much....*sigh*

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