Monday, November 20, 2006

of hor fun, the future and hair

did lotsa stuff today... in a sense, i haf all 3 : the good, the bad, n d ugly
so the day begins at 7.30am (phenomenal record for xinli!).
woke up xtra early so i cud wash my hair n semi-dry it b4 leavin to go for librarian duty [sucks]...
y did i need to wash my hair DAT early? coz yesterday assy aiming had me chattin until it was way too late to wash my hair n dry it b4 sleepin. n y did i need it washed? coz it stunk n i wanted to go cut my hair today...

THE GOOD : horfun for breakfast b4 duty, was tasty.. mayb i was hungry? but it was gd all d same...

THE BAD : ok not BAD per se... i actually went to c a fortune teller today.
u can close ur mouth now.. for d record, I DO NOT believe in these things.
ok? got dat?
anyway... the readin (parts i remember) was dat.. lolx..
  • JU get this [ur sister will come back with complains] dats pretty much inevitable so i'm not gonna let d fortune teller take credit for dat.
  • [i used to/or still do haf a bf]... which is SO WRONG haha.. u lose fortunetellerman. xinli 1, fortunetellerman 0 !
  • [ u shud not go anywhr near large bodies of water at night for fear thr might b evil spirits. i.e. don't go to PD ] i was plannin to go thr to eat seafoood wif plh n zin n ky n etc... not sure whether i'm still goin onot.. i think i am.. if i feel like eatin seafood...
  • i might get a job durin d hols, but if i do den [i wouldnt do so great wif 1 of d girls thr]... truth unknown. will hafta c then, wont we?
  • [someone will come a-wooing sometime in d near future]... heheh.. i hope hes adam brody, wentworth miller, jesse mccartney n kibum all rolled into 1. n mayb a pinch of heechul for fun.
  • my studies.. [ i will need to study hard] DUH.....
... thr was more but i either can't remember or i dun feel like tellin u.. but anyway, 6 things abt my future is gd enuff rite? u didn't really need to know any frm d beginning anyway. so thr !

and finally..
THE UGLY : i cut my hair!!! now no.7 of my list of 21 things to do before 21(not in order of priority) is done!yay! ahem.. don't ask me wut d other 20 r.. i'll tell u when i get to them ok?
not love, not Love, i'm sayin LOVE. i tell ya, LOVE baybeee
so i told d fella i wanted shorter than shoulder length hair.. n i wantd it juz normal, flat at d bottom. kinda like ashlee simpsons's used to b when she had short hair (not d L.O.V.E video one).. well dat was wut i envisioned it to be..
but d dude said: oh flat ends aren't in rite now, i'll 'pai pok' .. make thinner?
me : ok sure
so he snips snips snips... n it looks relatively ok from d front...
dude : ok i'll gif ur fringe a slant...
me : ok ( i thought he meant slant like my old fringe used to slant.. when swept aside )
ahhh... what have i said?!!!

so now my hair looks like a cross between an emu ...
and this cat rite here
go figure.


sean said...
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sean said...

so u've made it!! u're done wif the 2nd day!! i'll c how long wil this nice blog will go on? 'nice'? i enjoy reading it dou.. u know.. xinli's language.. Attractive?

'grats' for ur hair dou.. gotta check it out soon.. how sad this week not going back.. u gotta keep it 'nice' until i c u next time!

y u went to that furtune dude when u dun trust 'those thing'? i doubt.
n those things he told u.. aren't them too WEIRD??? wad r u asking?

Ai Ming said...

i'm getting a "shorter than shoulder length hair" when i go back.
maybe some emo-dyed-black-with streaks of pink-d.i.y.looking hair.
owh, wait til we take cam-whoring pictures together.
we are rad.
yesh yesh. me want piercing too

ps: excuse my exam madness. Bipolar Disorder rules.