Sunday, December 31, 2006

night in the museum

on a brighter note,
this movie is awesome !
u should watch it ...if u havent already, that is.
i luvd it when...
(off d top of my head n in no particular order)
  • d monkey tore up d instruction manual. his encouragin frens were damn farney... n wuts up wif peeing anyway?!
  • d ending of larry's speech/prep talk thing...
    Larry : so let's do this people!!!.....n animals!.....n weird faceless puppet creatures
  • a neanderthal sprayed fire extinguisher foam into its mouth in d partay...lolxx
  • jedadiah n octavius got blown like heck by tyre air...argh!
  • attila started crying!! wth?!
  • arhkmenrah (or wuteva his name was) turned out to b a bronze hottie
  • jed n octavius got lectured.... n also d fact dat jed doesn't like being 'man-handled'
  • Jed: now full speed ahead n ram him! split his head like a watermelon!!
    when d fuckin train crashed into larry's head n juz fell off d tracks..lmao
  • larry n d monkey slap each other like madprimates
    Teddy Roosevelt: y r u slappin a monkey?
    oh.. n also when teddy asks larry who's evolved to calm him down! freakin funny ...

d only downside was dat we sat in Row C! wth... this is wut happens to ppl who buy d tickets less than 2 hours in advance for a pretty popular show. dats ok considering d fact dat i failed to buy any tickets for d show twice b4 this! i got dizzy b4 d show even started...argh!!! screen! too big!! too much action!! brain! hurting!darn those fast moving trailers (thr was 1 for a thai movie abt 13 challenges n den The Invisible n...) plus d subtitles were sorta distracting cos im so used to readin subtitles dat my eyes naturally drift to it. normally its fine, however when d screen is so darn close to ur face, readin d subtitles n watchin d movie at d same time proves to b near impossible. sigh...

p.s. sry ky..cos i said i'd watch it wif u but i didn't :)

-worth d neckache n headache-

Saturday, December 30, 2006

my cat died today

Marmalade wouldnt come out for dinner 2 days ago, i caught him sleepin in d room. but he sleeps thr alot of d day so i didnt think much of it, but when i pickd him up n put him in front of d bowl, he walked away n lay down a lil bit from d bowl n it took him ages to lie down cos it seemed like his whole body hurt too much to move too quickly, kinda like when old/sick ppl sit down slowly. i forcefed half a panadol n put him in his basket to sleep. dat nite when he tried to walk off somewhr i caught him lookin dizzy... how do i know my cat was dizzy? he was swayin from side to side, he was. den he gave up tryin to walk n juz sat down on d spot n rested.

next day mom saw him in d morning when she fed d other 2 cats breakfast... i woke up after noon n he was missing. he didn't turn up all day. cats know when they r dyin... n they don't like to die at home.

today, mom overheard a neighbour yelling "eh, kucing! berdarah la!"
Marmalade was bleeding from d nose.
we brought him to d vet, n d vet said he caught a viral....den he went on n askd if d cat had had any fits yet... if he had, it meant dat he was as gd as dead cos it had already gone to d brain. as far as we know, Marmalade didn't haf any fits yet...
so d doc gave him a jab of antibiotics n some medicine to feed to Marmalade in d evening.

Marmalade came home n was put into a box, his nose was all stuffed n dripped mucus mixed wif blood profusely, we were supposed to wipe it from time to time so dat he could breathe... but he had his mouth open a lil bit so he prob couldnt breathe much thru his nose anyway. ju fed him glucose water thru a syringe wifout d needle... it looked terrible. eyes half open, like it even hurt to open his eyes, much less move his eyeballs. Ginger n Marmite came over to look... n i think Ginger actually looked concerned in his own cat way. poor thing.

3.30-ish pm : juz finishd bathing, goin out for a movie later. suddenly this really loud, awful sound came from outside... it sounded like a cross between a squawk n a meow. i shouted for ju to go check on Marmalade, but she was already outside. few secs later, he made dat sound again. it was awful.

ran out to look at Marmalade. ju said he had fits, so i guess dats it then huh? he was still breathin tho.. i juz sat thr n Marmalade juz lay thr, breathing, eyes wide open, glazed. abt 10 mins later, he tried to get up... is he gettin better? den he turned to lie in a position so we could see him...he looked ok...

we made meowy noises n called his name... he actually looked at us n tried to meow. proper meows didnt come out, juz hoarse whispers. so sad. then he writhed n had another fit. limbs thrashin n all, like a scene from The Exorcist, only it was a cat...after a whole lot of runnin on his side, he stopped. i think he died then.

Ginger n Marmite came over. Ginger juz lookd sullen. Marmite lookd shockd n terrified, eyes wide open n crouchin in alert-mode. i think d squawk/meow scared her.

Teo came over. i went out. Marmalade was buried. i watched a movie.

juz now, i saw Ginger sitting over whr Marmalade was buried.
mentally, i went "omg...dats so sad. poor Ginger..."
den he promptly got up, turned around, n started coverin d area whr he peed/pooped.
mayb dats how cats mourn?

Requiescat In Pace

we all love u.

-sad innit?-

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


i wrote this incredibly long post yesterday abt random things i did n wut i think abt them... den sumthin went wrong or i absent-mindedly clsoed d freakin window wifout publishin it properly...(but i did click publish!!!) next time i do a long long post i shall save a draft halfway thru to save me from being pissed off for no gd reason. wut a waste of time. seriously.

anyway im bored again so i went to play wif blogthings...
this fortune cookie generator caught my eye so i clicked on it...
it asks u whther u feel 'lucky' or 'not' den it generates one for u.i felt lucky, n i got this :
Your Fortune Is

Man who marries a girl with no bust has right to feel low down.

what the hell... i know i haf no boobs but a random fortune cookie generator shouldn't chide me for it. n this was d 1st blogthing i clickd too! fuckin thing... as if all my friends arent enuff.. bah X(
so now i know my future husband has a right to b unhappy wif my less than ample assets n i suppose if i eva rmb this fortune cookie, i shan't b angry wif him for being so...

so then i took this 'how angry are u?' quiz.. n i got

You Are 45% Angry

Generally, you are not an angry person.
But you're easily frustrated and enraged. You have one heck of a temper.
And because of your anger, you tend to feel resentful and even spiteful.
You already know how to quell your anger. You just need to do it more often.

i suppose dats ok. its less than a mellow person, i am :)

then it occurred to me i'd wasted d whole holiday doin absolutely nth. i know im lazy, im juz not gonna do anythin abt it juz yet. ppl tell me im lazy ALL the time, i.e mum, ju, ellie, plh, zin, ywk, penny, aiming, yl, etc..etc...
i wanted a second(or rather gazillionth) opinion n did this other blogthing-
Your Sloth Quotient: 75%

You're a pretty lazy person, and you relish in your own sloth.
While being lazy does feel good, you're missing out on the really good parts of life that take a little work.

haha... im 75% sloth true... fact dat i ABSOLUTELY RELISH my slothness. mayb i was a sloth in my past lifetime. dat would xplain d fact dat i need so much sleep a day. a sloth sleeps abt 22 hours a day(if i rmb correctly) n it only wakes to eat n shit n mate n perhaps clean? in comparison, i'm like a worker bee... if u think of it that way, it's not too bad.
then again, Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins, rite next to Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger and Greed.

now how abt sumthin gd abt me then?

You Are An ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).
You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.
Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.
Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

dont i sound simply AMAZING?! lolx.. n look look *jumps up n down, pointing* i'd make a gd vet! hehe... i swear didnt alter anythin to make myself sound good... altho i could if i wanted to...

then it would b like this :

You Are An Angel

The one in white robes with a halo of gold light, playing a harp and reclining on a soft fluffy cloud. Radiance personified.

Xinli is possibly the most amazing person on earth.
Patience, tolerance & kindheartedness is what she's all about.
'Lazy' isn't even in her dictionary because she's the epitome of hardworking.
Sarcasm is something she avoids all the time as it is a little too harsh for her and the last thing she would want is to offend anyone.
That is how amazing Xinli is.
In a nutshell, she is an angel.

She would make a good role model.

lolx. yes.. i think that would b it...hehe
n this next 1 is juz a damn coincidence so i decided to throw it in.
click d link n do 1 urself... they onli askd 1 question n dat's 'wut car do u drive' i put none. but its irrelevant anyway, they juz randomly generate 1 for u.
heres mine :
Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

Squirrel - it's what's for supper

dats wut i call freaky. its even freakier than d boob 1, considerin d fact dat a whole lot of ppl haf small boobs but i think d percentage of them dat also ate squirrel is probably less than 5%

-boredom brings joy to my soul-

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

xmas n all its trimmings

i luv xmas!

i nv did really celeb xmas.. it was mostly when i was out of town n in sum auntie's house...or celebratin my cousin's bday(24th/25th..cant rmb which) its normally juz eating n stuff. not much to rmb...xcept i rmb we had frogs for 1 of his bdays (yea.. same family dat brought me to eat squirrel... they haf sumthin goin on here) n bigass tastehh turkey in my aunt's house few years back (then again.. we had turkey for CNY reunion dinner, so dats not sayin much issit?)


'twas d nite b4 christmas
, when all through d [insert word dat rhymes wif bored];
not a thing was interestin, n xinli was bored ;
cos here's how it went...
  • woke up super late... den slept super long after dat in d noon cos i was kinda sick n nauseous n flatulent n terrible crap liddat, but at least i didnt vomite...jah
  • finally woke up n got around to put finishin touches on xmas gifts not to mention wrappin them
  • went round to aiming's. wanted to watch Night in the Museum...but tickets....sad~ ended up watchin sum Malcolm in d Middle wif Assypoo, n Ellie went n online
    - so un-xmas-eve-y rite?!
    - wut happend to our escapades? carolling? carols-blastin?! darn u aiming, darn u! :P
clock strikes 12...ding dong
  • xmas muaxxess galore!! muah muah
  • ky's online~ n we shouted xmas greetings like crazy ppl thru voice clips
a mix of alcohol n shoutin at 12am does crazy things to ur brain cos soon after we pretty much went beserk....lmaoo!!! it was SO LAME... but SO FUN~ lolx

we Shouted ( yes Shouted-wif a capital S ) xmas greetings to evryone on ellie's list...cos she was online... den when dat didnt do, we went thru my list as well, den aiming's. seriously... even those dat we didnt really chat wif for ages got crazy shouts. n we got really pissed when sum of them were usin versions dat didnt support voiceclips..lolx

u'd think we'd b happy after annoying so many ppl, but no...of course not, its US i'm talkin bout here! more importantly, its Aiming, annoying ppl is her forte man... i'll not say who d victim was... u can check it out at her blog, but hell...funny is an understatement! cos i think d fella got scared after she went overboard wif her awesomely animated voice~ yes aiming.. ur awesome. as for ellie, she's also a indirect victim since i dont think d main victim is eva goin to think of her as normal eva again (cos we were usin her acc to fool arnd)...

best fun eva wif voiceclips! lolx... i wanted to literally ROFLMAO but den dats not a vy sensible thing to do, so i juz LMAO on her chair like a llama wif a seizure. lolx. thnx for d fun guys... [p.s. thr was 30 ppl thr ok ,teo?]

oo yea.. wanna c wut i made for aiming,ellie n ky? here's d greenbeanbears

n wanna c wut i got from ellie?

n from aiming's mom...
lol.. technically she didnt gif it to me for xmas, but it was on xmas so...
i got a small tupperware full of....air, sweet sweet air, who doesnt luv air?! ingenious i tell u!

uh... sumthing my bro gave me? he didnt get it for me purposely, i wanted it n he gave it to me...
n uh.. i didnt get him a xmas prezzie. sowwie..
its a teensy 40cents rubber robot thingey from those lil balls dat roll outta machines. i put it together myself~
i like. i might start

oh oh, n before i forget...
a prezzie from Saint TheConsequencesOfBeingForgetful dat was stuffed in my slingbag
(mayb cos i din hang up any stockings?)dats not raisins in a fruitcake,
dats a mass of mouldy, white,yellow n black fluff
hard to imagine dat it was once a yummy yellow cake (gai dan gou)
it dates back to d last time i had maths tuition cos dats d last time i used d bag ...
n dat wud b...2 or 3 weeks back? ew.

went to ruth's house for xmas lunch wif plh n ky ... great food.. n somehow, it had a whole deepavali vibe goin on, haha... it was kinda boring after we ran outta things to eat tho... n we politely xcused ourselves n went home after a few hours... :)

ju, ellie n i made TRUFFLES today! woot~

pix from d recipe book...hehe
we made chocolate rum truffles minus d rum
ooh... look at those classy chocolatey balls of goodness!
ooohh... n look at my cheap lookin chocolatey ball of goodness ~
i swear it looks like a dungball rolled by those scarab/dung beetles u c on national geographic, tho u cant really tell from a crappy webcam pic.
it wud've been a zillion times better if we had bought nice black paper holders instead of gettin sum off of ellie's sis' baking stock.. oh well.
-oh, i'm good-

Saturday, December 23, 2006


wahaha...d-day is over.
woke up n had no appetite at all...cham..muz b nerves...
slept okd previous nite tho, altho d electricity got cut off for no apparent reason from 12am to 7.30am, leaving me wearing long pants wif socks on n duvet covered...still not hot...muz haf been a super cold nite.
11.00am: waiting for entry into exam room
11.05-ish am : entry into exam room...d examiner juz had his break n thr was a lil tray wif a china pot n some china cups innit... i think he had coffee n sum muffins or sumthin liddat.
11.30am : exit from exam room...[super happy]
I FAILED D EXAM!!! its not official but i think its safe to say dat i did... lets not go into details.. its too depressing. yikes. if u shud read this, can u not talk abt it wif me?

so then... i went wif jln no satu...which is utter relief.. yes. i most definitely failed, but dats ok. its over n done now..
5.30am 23rd dec 2006.
i am sitting in aiming's room blogging while evryone is juz went over to lie down but i dun think shes asleep..
i didnt get my nails painted yet n we didn't make egg tarts but we watched JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE!!! n death note. i luv chick flicks like this!!
happy happy .. not feeling so great tho.. like wanna vomit or sumthin.... ellie juz vomited today... i dun think im gonna(at least i hope not)

n well...dat is all...tho i muz say i needed to haf sum fun... cos today when i got home i slept from 1pm to 6pm n woke up feeling sad. n dats sad, u know.
stress is unnerving... i nv thot it wud b this bad. this is wut u get for not practising...n havin no interest in wut ur doing..yes it is!
had a nervous breakdown on 20th...cried like shit i did. couldn't really sleep well...
but NOW, byebye Violin Pressure! byebye Failing! poor them... now they cant claim in their brochures n introduction speeches dat dey haf 100% passes for their students...unless they wanna lie lah...its up to them i suppose... * but thanx evryone dat supported altho they knew i was completely n utterly crap...muahaha!

-tmr will b a better day-

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

so cold. n all's a blunder.

i dont know y but its been raining d whole day today. i like rainy days, but its cold... n i dun quite like this 1 so much. froze my toes off in tuition at gopal's.i haf no idea y i didn't think it was gonna b so cold when i put on shorts. :( hands got so numb dat dey were...well... numb. yea. den when i got into zy's car to go home, it got so cold my teeth hurt. i don't know whether its physically possible for ur teeth to hurt from d cold tho, it might haf been bcos i bit them together too hard to stop them from chatterin. its malaysia. it shud'nt b so cold.
9.30pm n waiting for jess to come so we can go yamcha at s2 wif hw,ellie,ky. aiming was supposed to go too but in d end she ditched us... oh well, had a headache. no.. having a headache. juz got home from mamak-ing n still wif headache. damn.
tmr i shall b gone...gone for 3 whole days...ahh... d sadness n despair. music camp. more like : stress-d-crap-outta-u-den-stuff-it-back-in-so-i-can-do-it-again camp... im super stressed. cos im so so bad at this thing.. i dun like being bad at things...i dont. at all. 2 days will b spent stressin my crazy ass off goin thru d whole music exam prep. i wish i nv eva said i wanted to take this exam. im so not prepared. im so crap. so so crap. n i wish i was 1 of those ppl dat do great under stress...but im 1 of those dat collapse, like a pile of muruku under an elephant. i've sed dat i will stay d 2 nites thr. dat means total concentration on d prep. perfect shite. i failed to do any practice at all was i thinking. no practice of sightreading wutsoeva. no aural skills wutsoeva. no awesomenes wutsoeva. nth wutsoeva. im reduced to a pile of crushed muruku dust. fuck.
22nd will b an interesting day. there'll b 2 ways it will go :
  1. i will b super happy cos i got d whole ordeal over n done wif, irregardless of how crappy i was- which i am bound to b anyhow. n then i will go over to aiming's n get my nails painted all xmassy by ellie n we will make eggtarts n talk n talk n watch 'john tucker must die' or some other show wif hotties innit n talk n plan our xmas escapades~
  2. i will b super depressed cos i was crap beyond all reason n thr is no way i'm goin to even pass it n then i will break their record of 100% passes cos i will FAIL n it will b d 1st time i eva actually, officially n undeniably FAILED. n due to my complete sadness, i will b too jaded to to anything xcept sleep-which is d medicine for anything. all will bcome obsolete... n i wont even haf d mood to go to aiming's to play n forget abt it all... n then i wont haf any mood to celeb xmas at all..
.gd thing i dont bite my nails.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

learning chinese with master bolo

after months of not seeing joe online, he suddenly reappears... n along wif him, he brings...chinese.
below are bits n pieces of our conversation.... haha, hella funny.

°» xinli «° says:
dead or alive ?
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
but only just
°» xinli «° says:
its been awhile
how r u doin
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
i am doign ok.. going home on friday
i still need to finish one assignment and two portfolios!
°» xinli «° says:
wut abt?
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
中文 和 日语portfolio
and one asia pacific essay
°» xinli «° says:
typin in chinese wor...
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

°» xinli «° says:
*im not english. now im chinese* ?
is dat rite?
damn... i feel so inadequate now.
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
yes that is right! haha
°» xinli «° says:
im not so bad after all
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
everyone will ask me
请问,你是不是外国人?if i go to china
°» xinli «° says:
wut other skills haf u acquired besides d ability to understand n type chinese?
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

i think that character is wrong
supposed to be...pu tong hua.. (mandarin )
°» xinli «° says:
o.. no idea..hahahah
damn joe
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

中文is much easier
°» xinli «° says:
i know dat 1

then outta no where comes...

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

°» xinli «° says:
ur puppy ... said.. vy cute?
ahhaha... is dat rite?
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
predictive crap

°» xinli «° says:
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
though she can speak too
°» xinli «° says:
hahaha... of course

my attempt at chinese~ lolxx

°» xinli «° says:
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:
lol! does that say your 3 dogs are also cute?
or cats i dunno!
°» xinli «° says:
it says cats
Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


and then some...

°» xinli «° says:

tiff=gf ?


°» xinli «° says:

lolxx... i like ur light switch

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

the light switch is awesome too

i have an identical air freshner

°» xinli «° says:


wut does it smell like? brucelee's armpits ?

°» xinli «° says:


is wut?

°» xinli «° says:

haha. crap chinese, i have

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

beautiful isn't it?

i might have gotten it wrong

i only know how to say that one...dunno how to write it. haha

°» xinli «° says:

o piao liang?

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


°» xinli «° says:

haha,,, no idea.. i dunno how to write that

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


°» xinli «° says:

i onli know 美丽


Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

没关系 = doesn't matter

°» xinli «° says:

shit la... angmo is teachin me chinese

im gonna go jump off a building

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

no don't!!

°» xinli «° says:


Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

you are the only chinese person who i can embarrass!!

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

美国= america...= beautiful country !!! 

how gay

°» xinli «° says:


马来西亚=malaysia=horse comes to west ya!

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


you're right!

come west oh wise stallion

°» xinli «° says:

haha.. tho im not sure whether malaysia is written dat way

but i distinctly rmb thr was definitely a horse

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

probably...cos they just translate it phonetically

canada = 加拿大

°» xinli «° says:


add wut big?

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

jian a da

i didn't know that!


Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

i knew big..but nuffin else

°» xinli «° says:

haha.. i meant jia=add rite? na=dunno da= big

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

oh! lol.

the other pronunciation of jia =


°» xinli «° says:


but dat jia is add wut,,,,

dun confuse me

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


°» xinli «° says:


Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

don't ask me

°» xinli «° says:



Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

you are correct! ><

°» xinli «° says:

yea babehh

no wait... it gets better...

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:


you flat dog!

°» xinli «° says:


°» xinli «° says:


u a piece of dog?

Patience is a virtue... envy is not ... says:

zhang is the 'flat object' particle..haha

lolx... wtf wtf?

u know when i said i don't mind not being able to read or write chinese...i think i change my mind. haha... shit man. rock bottom? could get worse...


NPR as in no point reading...
so sien la today.
so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien so sien SO SIEN... so sien dat i actually typed all those so siens n didn't copy n paste. dats how sien i am.

woke up freakin early cos wanted to b ready when stan got here, since last time i woke up late n had no time to eat breakfast. but he overslept as well so he got here late. argh. y wake up early?
tried out abit of aural specimen tests things by myself in a room to c wut it was gonna b like. didn't get anythin at all... all i understood was d clappin d rythm thing n d singing d melody n hell i wasn't gd at those either. crap. i need to do some revising. wtf la. I CANNOT DO AURAL. i wanted to cry, i did (want to cry). i hate this. i dont wanna do violin anymo. no. after d exam i'm stoppin. i will not b sucked dry. im crap. im crap. im crap. *cries*
so bored.
i was supposed to b stuck thr till 6 or so cos i haf no ride home n yc's class isnt til later. pathetic. i msgd ellie to rant n yay! she happens to b in d area n she happens to luv driving... wee~ i luv ellie.

home. rain. i made boxers for julie as her xmas prezzie. they're cute...i think. will need to hide them b4 she comes back from kl. they're pink wif blue clouds n white sheep n yellow stars n clocks. really hope they fit... otherwise.. i dunno. i'll c how d cloth holds up den mayb i'll buy more n make myself a pair of long pj pants.
!!! am not bored anymore. haha.. i cannot continue this post wif d mood i started out wif.

the end

Monday, December 11, 2006

ate a squirrel

not A squirrel perse.. mayb come of its body parts.. i'm pretty sure thr was a leg in thr sumwhr..
n it tasted ok actually... but weird. n vy dense/compact/kit sat/wuteva flesh.
it was cooked wif basil leaves... n tasted minty.
now i can tell ppl i ate squirrel b4. haha.
but i wouldn't order it again, not dat it tasted bad... squirrels, u can slp sound tonite.

shit. after reading 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time', i find i cannot construct long long sentences anymore... n dat sucks.
despite it being a bestseller n winning dat whitbread prize thing, i didn't really like it.
it was interesting...i give u dat. but its sad. n depressing. n sad. n depressing.... n sad.
n no i didn't cry. wow.
wut an odd post.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

i am rich

oh yes i am!
i'm sorry, what? i'm not?
u muz b mistaken. i am.
tell u what... i'll prove it to u.
take today (8.12.06) for instance... went to jusco to hang wif ky along wif plh n zin...den aiming too.
den i went to go to watsons to buy something...
so it onli cost me RM12.66...
but well.. seeing as i am rich n all... i dun haf small notes in my bag.. n i dun use credit cards cos i dun believe in them n i like havin cash in my wallet... uh huh....
so i paid wif RM1300.00
y not RM100? cos RM1300.00 would b close to RM13.00, the amount dat a regular person would pay... but i'm not a regular person... im rich.
so i got out my RM1300.00 n handed it to d cashier... a normal cashier wud juz take d RM100 dollar bill n look at me weird.. but this 1 probably nv rung up over RM1000... since its watsons n not prada, so he rang it up for me. oh yes.yes. authentic receipt. i told u i was rich.
feel free to rob me. i keep RM1000 dollar notes in my purse all d time.
mind the eyebags. its almost 2 am.

nah.. juz kiddin... the cashier's fingers must haf had a muscle spasm when he was typing it in.. or mayb d cash register needs fixin.
i mean.... RM1300.00 when haf i eva held dat much money in my hands? geez

ps. this was totally out of a spurt of wuliao-ness n sien-ness combined...
+ i wanted to play wif d webcam dat ju brot back! ... heheh.
forgive me for wastin ur precious time

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

new header !

hardly a month in n i already got sick of the old header... geez, xinli...
so heres a new one! yay!
i photoshopped all my fave things innit ~

  1. twiggy lawson aka lesley hornby : lookin shockd in the stripy dress, i gave her a pair of wings n a crown coz shes awesome...n well, her head was kinda cropped off in dat pic i found of her.

  2. wentworth miller : chillin on d left, checkin twiggy out, cos he's hot n he makes prison break way more entertaining.

  3. adam brody : lying in d grass, makin a dunfun face, cos i luv seth cohen! n he's an adorable geek.

  4. pink rabbit : on it's way to lick adam brody, d infamous pink rabbit which has fooled a ton of ppl, thnx to my photoshopping n their gullibility. i can't rmb wut it's name was coz it didn't live a long fulfillin life...

  5. lollipops : cos i like lollipops (d chuppa chup type) but they didn't look nice in grass n these come in more colours. lol.

  6. seagulls : top right,bcos when u haf a sky liddat, u shud haf seagulls... each 1 is individually pasted. n no, they didn't come wif d sky.

  7. cherub : top left n tryin to fly away from d crazy bunch below, cos cherubs, like babies r pretty cool when they aren't evil lookin as drawn by da vinci.

  8. deer + deer crossin sign : for no reason... i liked d sign.. den i thought d deer would like to stand by it.

  9. ginger : pretty cat being petted by twiggy, cos he's fat n he purrs n marmite didn't haf any gd shots so i couldnt use her instead.

  10. scissors-grabbing hand : thrusting out from a particularly thick clump of grass, to symbolize my luv of crafts! yesh.. i run wif scissors. somethin julie shudn't do cos d last time she ran wif scissors (garden shears to b exact) she nickd a chunk of flesh off of my pinkie.

  11. grass : bottom, cos grass smells gd.

  12. me : whr am i? i wasn't gonna put me innit... but i couldn't resist... cos i luv me! lolx.
yesh... it took me hours of wasted holiday time dat could've gone to more productive things like finishin hw n bio projects... time dat i prob would've spent sleeping tho, so all's good.

thrs no time like wasted time, aye?

tchaikovsky's 'the nutcracker'

Sun 3 Dec 06, 3.00pm

MalaysianPhilharmonic Orchestra
Carl Davis conductor

The Nutcracker
A screening of The Nutcracker, the New York City Ballet's 1993 film of Tchaikovsky's perennial favourite, to live accompaniment by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Choreography is by George Balanchine, and Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone) plays the lead role.

awesome awesome music babehh~ n wonderful ballet!

n its especially great cos its a screenin of d film! n not juz d music... so when u got a lil sick of watchin d musicians, u could watch d film... n when d film gets boring, u get to watch d musicians! yes... its perfect.
d harp n flute is so beautiful...

i googled sum pix of d ballet for u guys. but it doesn't do it justice at all.

the kids prancing around in their fluffy petticoated frilly dresses in Act 1
the pretty snowflakes
the sugar plum fairy
wif some dude who looked like he was thr onli to hold her while she did all her complicated twirls n points. also proof that male ballerinas really shudnt wear JUST tights.

the flowers wif all their fantastic TULLE skirts!!!
i luvd d 'waltz of d flowers' d most coz of their positively tulle-y skirts

den afterwards we all got d conductor, Carl Davis' signature... not cos i'm a fan, honestly, i've nv heard of him... juz as a cool momento. heheh.
n we got him to take a pic wif us...
look at him wif his typically conductor-ish white crazy hair! i bet it's for added effect

grp pic in front of d 'dewan filharmonik petronas' sign
i muz say.. dey haf cool toilets... wif a counter complete wif washbasin in evry toilet stall.
not to mention nice mirrors...
me n yc wif our tickets in d ktm.. on d way home
yc n i again...
supposed to b a photo of juz yc wif my fingers... but yokepoh didnt get it. so i'm in d frame as well. lol.oh yea... n durin our lunch in d food court, a grp of 4/5 jap dudes sat down next to us n proceeded to chat amongst themselves in rapid jap for d whole duration of our lunch. some were cute, some were short, some were tall...n 1 looked abs cool. den after dat they went over to d table next to us to hit on some pretty ladies who looked like they worked at make-up counters. lolx. it was hilarious. they even took photos wif them.

candid photo of me n a jap dude.
photographer : yc

candid photo of yc n jap dude who strangely looks like a malay in this pic, but i swear he's jap... or a malay who speaks fluent jap... hmm...
photographer : xinli
we were supposed to go n check out d buskers at central market.. but d eric girard oni came on after 6.30pm n before dat was 'local show'...who wants to watch 'local show' ? i went home instead.

Friday, December 1, 2006

m'sian motion picture of the year - cicak man

lets start off with OMG ...
this is so unbelievable... no1 will believe it unless they c it for themselves.
proof :

...n a skin tight costume
°» xinli «° says: dats red
°» xinli «° says: like bronze red
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: wait, r u serious?
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: wif a capital "c" on his chest?
°» xinli «° says: YES IM FREAKIN SERIOUS
°» xinli «° says: CAN U NOT C ME FREAKIN OUT HERE?!
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: GOSH
°» xinli «° says: no.. i dont think he has a C
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: i know

thurs. nov 30th 2006.
note: he has a C..its on his belt.. not on his chest

yeah.. i'm talkin bout CICAK MAN here hon.... not spiderman, not batman, its actually
oh yeah... if u're malaysian.. n ur not sum crazy person whos tv-ophobic n u actually watch malaysian tv.. or if u live in s'pore/thailand n get m'sian tv channels den well.. u've already seen d trailer.

oh wow... its gonna b absolutely terrific.. TERRIFIC* I TELL U!
n i quote "CICAKMAN is Malaysia's most anticipated blockbuster feature film for 2006. Scheduled for release in Q4, it is Malaysia's first action-hero genre film..."
(ahem...d name cicakman is so unique dat they probably had no prob wif d domain name)

storyline: skinny geeko gets bitten by radioactive CICAK n..well.. u can guess d rest... coz i dun really wanna know.

cicakman, cicakman, cicakman, cicakman.... dats how d lyrics go... u can listen to it while u surf d terrific* website. oh my...

wanna c cicakman in his terrific* costume?
look at that sheen, that well-defined body, those lil flapper wing things, that red mask, that macho-macho pose, those piercing eyes, d mystery dat shrouds this being... WOW*

n he's WAY better than Spiderman... Why? Duhhh...
"cicak is better becoz cicak actually eats spiders"- AssyPoo.
ohyea... n although cicaks don't haf silk glands or even generate silk,
i think i spotted him shootin web-things ! how terrific* is dat ?!! ... n he also has suction hands n feet so he can climb walls, his super long tongue lashes out to lick d baddies, N HE REGENERATES ! woot woot!!

wanna c d trailer?! i dare u it

though i must say ... d one on tv is way cooler...
coz it has all these spiderman-esque deserted back-alley fights... wall surfin... n in d end... he even lashes his tongue out... n "zshing" d words CICAKMAN appear... den in d background.. u hear this cicak clickin sound "tluck tluck"
n it comes complete wif its own.. deep-trailer-movie-suspense-voice narrator... awesome* innit?

** replace all terrifics n the like -wif... er yea.. stunning beyond definition. in a bad way.