Saturday, December 9, 2006

i am rich

oh yes i am!
i'm sorry, what? i'm not?
u muz b mistaken. i am.
tell u what... i'll prove it to u.
take today (8.12.06) for instance... went to jusco to hang wif ky along wif plh n zin...den aiming too.
den i went to go to watsons to buy something...
so it onli cost me RM12.66...
but well.. seeing as i am rich n all... i dun haf small notes in my bag.. n i dun use credit cards cos i dun believe in them n i like havin cash in my wallet... uh huh....
so i paid wif RM1300.00
y not RM100? cos RM1300.00 would b close to RM13.00, the amount dat a regular person would pay... but i'm not a regular person... im rich.
so i got out my RM1300.00 n handed it to d cashier... a normal cashier wud juz take d RM100 dollar bill n look at me weird.. but this 1 probably nv rung up over RM1000... since its watsons n not prada, so he rang it up for me. oh yes.yes. authentic receipt. i told u i was rich.
feel free to rob me. i keep RM1000 dollar notes in my purse all d time.
mind the eyebags. its almost 2 am.

nah.. juz kiddin... the cashier's fingers must haf had a muscle spasm when he was typing it in.. or mayb d cash register needs fixin.
i mean.... RM1300.00 when haf i eva held dat much money in my hands? geez

ps. this was totally out of a spurt of wuliao-ness n sien-ness combined...
+ i wanted to play wif d webcam dat ju brot back! ... heheh.
forgive me for wastin ur precious time

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