Friday, December 1, 2006

m'sian motion picture of the year - cicak man

lets start off with OMG ...
this is so unbelievable... no1 will believe it unless they c it for themselves.
proof :

...n a skin tight costume
°» xinli «° says: dats red
°» xinli «° says: like bronze red
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: wait, r u serious?
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: wif a capital "c" on his chest?
°» xinli «° says: YES IM FREAKIN SERIOUS
°» xinli «° says: CAN U NOT C ME FREAKIN OUT HERE?!
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: GOSH
°» xinli «° says: no.. i dont think he has a C
I'm in Love ... with 24" iMac says: i know

thurs. nov 30th 2006.
note: he has a C..its on his belt.. not on his chest

yeah.. i'm talkin bout CICAK MAN here hon.... not spiderman, not batman, its actually
oh yeah... if u're malaysian.. n ur not sum crazy person whos tv-ophobic n u actually watch malaysian tv.. or if u live in s'pore/thailand n get m'sian tv channels den well.. u've already seen d trailer.

oh wow... its gonna b absolutely terrific.. TERRIFIC* I TELL U!
n i quote "CICAKMAN is Malaysia's most anticipated blockbuster feature film for 2006. Scheduled for release in Q4, it is Malaysia's first action-hero genre film..."
(ahem...d name cicakman is so unique dat they probably had no prob wif d domain name)

storyline: skinny geeko gets bitten by radioactive CICAK n..well.. u can guess d rest... coz i dun really wanna know.

cicakman, cicakman, cicakman, cicakman.... dats how d lyrics go... u can listen to it while u surf d terrific* website. oh my...

wanna c cicakman in his terrific* costume?
look at that sheen, that well-defined body, those lil flapper wing things, that red mask, that macho-macho pose, those piercing eyes, d mystery dat shrouds this being... WOW*

n he's WAY better than Spiderman... Why? Duhhh...
"cicak is better becoz cicak actually eats spiders"- AssyPoo.
ohyea... n although cicaks don't haf silk glands or even generate silk,
i think i spotted him shootin web-things ! how terrific* is dat ?!! ... n he also has suction hands n feet so he can climb walls, his super long tongue lashes out to lick d baddies, N HE REGENERATES ! woot woot!!

wanna c d trailer?! i dare u it

though i must say ... d one on tv is way cooler...
coz it has all these spiderman-esque deserted back-alley fights... wall surfin... n in d end... he even lashes his tongue out... n "zshing" d words CICAKMAN appear... den in d background.. u hear this cicak clickin sound "tluck tluck"
n it comes complete wif its own.. deep-trailer-movie-suspense-voice narrator... awesome* innit?

** replace all terrifics n the like -wif... er yea.. stunning beyond definition. in a bad way.

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