Saturday, December 30, 2006

my cat died today

Marmalade wouldnt come out for dinner 2 days ago, i caught him sleepin in d room. but he sleeps thr alot of d day so i didnt think much of it, but when i pickd him up n put him in front of d bowl, he walked away n lay down a lil bit from d bowl n it took him ages to lie down cos it seemed like his whole body hurt too much to move too quickly, kinda like when old/sick ppl sit down slowly. i forcefed half a panadol n put him in his basket to sleep. dat nite when he tried to walk off somewhr i caught him lookin dizzy... how do i know my cat was dizzy? he was swayin from side to side, he was. den he gave up tryin to walk n juz sat down on d spot n rested.

next day mom saw him in d morning when she fed d other 2 cats breakfast... i woke up after noon n he was missing. he didn't turn up all day. cats know when they r dyin... n they don't like to die at home.

today, mom overheard a neighbour yelling "eh, kucing! berdarah la!"
Marmalade was bleeding from d nose.
we brought him to d vet, n d vet said he caught a viral....den he went on n askd if d cat had had any fits yet... if he had, it meant dat he was as gd as dead cos it had already gone to d brain. as far as we know, Marmalade didn't haf any fits yet...
so d doc gave him a jab of antibiotics n some medicine to feed to Marmalade in d evening.

Marmalade came home n was put into a box, his nose was all stuffed n dripped mucus mixed wif blood profusely, we were supposed to wipe it from time to time so dat he could breathe... but he had his mouth open a lil bit so he prob couldnt breathe much thru his nose anyway. ju fed him glucose water thru a syringe wifout d needle... it looked terrible. eyes half open, like it even hurt to open his eyes, much less move his eyeballs. Ginger n Marmite came over to look... n i think Ginger actually looked concerned in his own cat way. poor thing.

3.30-ish pm : juz finishd bathing, goin out for a movie later. suddenly this really loud, awful sound came from outside... it sounded like a cross between a squawk n a meow. i shouted for ju to go check on Marmalade, but she was already outside. few secs later, he made dat sound again. it was awful.

ran out to look at Marmalade. ju said he had fits, so i guess dats it then huh? he was still breathin tho.. i juz sat thr n Marmalade juz lay thr, breathing, eyes wide open, glazed. abt 10 mins later, he tried to get up... is he gettin better? den he turned to lie in a position so we could see him...he looked ok...

we made meowy noises n called his name... he actually looked at us n tried to meow. proper meows didnt come out, juz hoarse whispers. so sad. then he writhed n had another fit. limbs thrashin n all, like a scene from The Exorcist, only it was a cat...after a whole lot of runnin on his side, he stopped. i think he died then.

Ginger n Marmite came over. Ginger juz lookd sullen. Marmite lookd shockd n terrified, eyes wide open n crouchin in alert-mode. i think d squawk/meow scared her.

Teo came over. i went out. Marmalade was buried. i watched a movie.

juz now, i saw Ginger sitting over whr Marmalade was buried.
mentally, i went "omg...dats so sad. poor Ginger..."
den he promptly got up, turned around, n started coverin d area whr he peed/pooped.
mayb dats how cats mourn?

Requiescat In Pace

we all love u.

-sad innit?-

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yourie said...

this reminds me of the stray dog i brought home but he died after few hours.
i brought him to the vet and the vet said he's fed with cooking oil.

so cham!!