Tuesday, December 5, 2006

new header !

hardly a month in n i already got sick of the old header... geez, xinli...
so heres a new one! yay!
i photoshopped all my fave things innit ~

  1. twiggy lawson aka lesley hornby : lookin shockd in the stripy dress, i gave her a pair of wings n a crown coz shes awesome...n well, her head was kinda cropped off in dat pic i found of her.

  2. wentworth miller : chillin on d left, checkin twiggy out, cos he's hot n he makes prison break way more entertaining.

  3. adam brody : lying in d grass, makin a dunfun face, cos i luv seth cohen! n he's an adorable geek.

  4. pink rabbit : on it's way to lick adam brody, d infamous pink rabbit which has fooled a ton of ppl, thnx to my photoshopping n their gullibility. i can't rmb wut it's name was coz it didn't live a long fulfillin life...

  5. lollipops : cos i like lollipops (d chuppa chup type) but they didn't look nice in grass n these come in more colours. lol.

  6. seagulls : top right,bcos when u haf a sky liddat, u shud haf seagulls... each 1 is individually pasted. n no, they didn't come wif d sky.

  7. cherub : top left n tryin to fly away from d crazy bunch below, cos cherubs, like babies r pretty cool when they aren't evil lookin as drawn by da vinci.

  8. deer + deer crossin sign : for no reason... i liked d sign.. den i thought d deer would like to stand by it.

  9. ginger : pretty cat being petted by twiggy, cos he's fat n he purrs n marmite didn't haf any gd shots so i couldnt use her instead.

  10. scissors-grabbing hand : thrusting out from a particularly thick clump of grass, to symbolize my luv of crafts! yesh.. i run wif scissors. somethin julie shudn't do cos d last time she ran wif scissors (garden shears to b exact) she nickd a chunk of flesh off of my pinkie.

  11. grass : bottom, cos grass smells gd.

  12. me : whr am i? i wasn't gonna put me innit... but i couldn't resist... cos i luv me! lolx.
yesh... it took me hours of wasted holiday time dat could've gone to more productive things like finishin hw n bio projects... time dat i prob would've spent sleeping tho, so all's good.

thrs no time like wasted time, aye?

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