Sunday, December 31, 2006

night in the museum

on a brighter note,
this movie is awesome !
u should watch it ...if u havent already, that is.
i luvd it when...
(off d top of my head n in no particular order)
  • d monkey tore up d instruction manual. his encouragin frens were damn farney... n wuts up wif peeing anyway?!
  • d ending of larry's speech/prep talk thing...
    Larry : so let's do this people!!!.....n animals!.....n weird faceless puppet creatures
  • a neanderthal sprayed fire extinguisher foam into its mouth in d partay...lolxx
  • jedadiah n octavius got blown like heck by tyre air...argh!
  • attila started crying!! wth?!
  • arhkmenrah (or wuteva his name was) turned out to b a bronze hottie
  • jed n octavius got lectured.... n also d fact dat jed doesn't like being 'man-handled'
  • Jed: now full speed ahead n ram him! split his head like a watermelon!!
    when d fuckin train crashed into larry's head n juz fell off d tracks..lmao
  • larry n d monkey slap each other like madprimates
    Teddy Roosevelt: y r u slappin a monkey?
    oh.. n also when teddy asks larry who's evolved to calm him down! freakin funny ...

d only downside was dat we sat in Row C! wth... this is wut happens to ppl who buy d tickets less than 2 hours in advance for a pretty popular show. dats ok considering d fact dat i failed to buy any tickets for d show twice b4 this! i got dizzy b4 d show even started...argh!!! screen! too big!! too much action!! brain! hurting!darn those fast moving trailers (thr was 1 for a thai movie abt 13 challenges n den The Invisible n...) plus d subtitles were sorta distracting cos im so used to readin subtitles dat my eyes naturally drift to it. normally its fine, however when d screen is so darn close to ur face, readin d subtitles n watchin d movie at d same time proves to b near impossible. sigh...

p.s. sry ky..cos i said i'd watch it wif u but i didn't :)

-worth d neckache n headache-

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