Saturday, December 23, 2006


wahaha...d-day is over.
woke up n had no appetite at all...cham..muz b nerves...
slept okd previous nite tho, altho d electricity got cut off for no apparent reason from 12am to 7.30am, leaving me wearing long pants wif socks on n duvet covered...still not hot...muz haf been a super cold nite.
11.00am: waiting for entry into exam room
11.05-ish am : entry into exam room...d examiner juz had his break n thr was a lil tray wif a china pot n some china cups innit... i think he had coffee n sum muffins or sumthin liddat.
11.30am : exit from exam room...[super happy]
I FAILED D EXAM!!! its not official but i think its safe to say dat i did... lets not go into details.. its too depressing. yikes. if u shud read this, can u not talk abt it wif me?

so then... i went wif jln no satu...which is utter relief.. yes. i most definitely failed, but dats ok. its over n done now..
5.30am 23rd dec 2006.
i am sitting in aiming's room blogging while evryone is juz went over to lie down but i dun think shes asleep..
i didnt get my nails painted yet n we didn't make egg tarts but we watched JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE!!! n death note. i luv chick flicks like this!!
happy happy .. not feeling so great tho.. like wanna vomit or sumthin.... ellie juz vomited today... i dun think im gonna(at least i hope not)

n well...dat is all...tho i muz say i needed to haf sum fun... cos today when i got home i slept from 1pm to 6pm n woke up feeling sad. n dats sad, u know.
stress is unnerving... i nv thot it wud b this bad. this is wut u get for not practising...n havin no interest in wut ur doing..yes it is!
had a nervous breakdown on 20th...cried like shit i did. couldn't really sleep well...
but NOW, byebye Violin Pressure! byebye Failing! poor them... now they cant claim in their brochures n introduction speeches dat dey haf 100% passes for their students...unless they wanna lie lah...its up to them i suppose... * but thanx evryone dat supported altho they knew i was completely n utterly crap...muahaha!

-tmr will b a better day-

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