Wednesday, December 20, 2006

so cold. n all's a blunder.

i dont know y but its been raining d whole day today. i like rainy days, but its cold... n i dun quite like this 1 so much. froze my toes off in tuition at gopal's.i haf no idea y i didn't think it was gonna b so cold when i put on shorts. :( hands got so numb dat dey were...well... numb. yea. den when i got into zy's car to go home, it got so cold my teeth hurt. i don't know whether its physically possible for ur teeth to hurt from d cold tho, it might haf been bcos i bit them together too hard to stop them from chatterin. its malaysia. it shud'nt b so cold.
9.30pm n waiting for jess to come so we can go yamcha at s2 wif hw,ellie,ky. aiming was supposed to go too but in d end she ditched us... oh well, had a headache. no.. having a headache. juz got home from mamak-ing n still wif headache. damn.
tmr i shall b gone...gone for 3 whole days...ahh... d sadness n despair. music camp. more like : stress-d-crap-outta-u-den-stuff-it-back-in-so-i-can-do-it-again camp... im super stressed. cos im so so bad at this thing.. i dun like being bad at things...i dont. at all. 2 days will b spent stressin my crazy ass off goin thru d whole music exam prep. i wish i nv eva said i wanted to take this exam. im so not prepared. im so crap. so so crap. n i wish i was 1 of those ppl dat do great under stress...but im 1 of those dat collapse, like a pile of muruku under an elephant. i've sed dat i will stay d 2 nites thr. dat means total concentration on d prep. perfect shite. i failed to do any practice at all was i thinking. no practice of sightreading wutsoeva. no aural skills wutsoeva. no awesomenes wutsoeva. nth wutsoeva. im reduced to a pile of crushed muruku dust. fuck.
22nd will b an interesting day. there'll b 2 ways it will go :
  1. i will b super happy cos i got d whole ordeal over n done wif, irregardless of how crappy i was- which i am bound to b anyhow. n then i will go over to aiming's n get my nails painted all xmassy by ellie n we will make eggtarts n talk n talk n watch 'john tucker must die' or some other show wif hotties innit n talk n plan our xmas escapades~
  2. i will b super depressed cos i was crap beyond all reason n thr is no way i'm goin to even pass it n then i will break their record of 100% passes cos i will FAIL n it will b d 1st time i eva actually, officially n undeniably FAILED. n due to my complete sadness, i will b too jaded to to anything xcept sleep-which is d medicine for anything. all will bcome obsolete... n i wont even haf d mood to go to aiming's to play n forget abt it all... n then i wont haf any mood to celeb xmas at all..
.gd thing i dont bite my nails.

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Ai Ming said...

such emo kiddo
*shakes head*
good luck anyway~