Tuesday, December 5, 2006

tchaikovsky's 'the nutcracker'

Sun 3 Dec 06, 3.00pm

MalaysianPhilharmonic Orchestra
Carl Davis conductor

The Nutcracker
A screening of The Nutcracker, the New York City Ballet's 1993 film of Tchaikovsky's perennial favourite, to live accompaniment by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Choreography is by George Balanchine, and Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone) plays the lead role.

awesome awesome music babehh~ n wonderful ballet!

n its especially great cos its a screenin of d film! n not juz d music... so when u got a lil sick of watchin d musicians, u could watch d film... n when d film gets boring, u get to watch d musicians! yes... its perfect.
d harp n flute is so beautiful...

i googled sum pix of d ballet for u guys. but it doesn't do it justice at all.

the kids prancing around in their fluffy petticoated frilly dresses in Act 1
the pretty snowflakes
the sugar plum fairy
wif some dude who looked like he was thr onli to hold her while she did all her complicated twirls n points. also proof that male ballerinas really shudnt wear JUST tights.

the flowers wif all their fantastic TULLE skirts!!!
i luvd d 'waltz of d flowers' d most coz of their positively tulle-y skirts

den afterwards we all got d conductor, Carl Davis' signature... not cos i'm a fan, honestly, i've nv heard of him... juz as a cool momento. heheh.
n we got him to take a pic wif us...
look at him wif his typically conductor-ish white crazy hair! i bet it's for added effect

grp pic in front of d 'dewan filharmonik petronas' sign
i muz say.. dey haf cool toilets... wif a counter complete wif washbasin in evry toilet stall.
not to mention nice mirrors...
me n yc wif our tickets in d ktm.. on d way home
yc n i again...
supposed to b a photo of juz yc wif my fingers... but yokepoh didnt get it. so i'm in d frame as well. lol.oh yea... n durin our lunch in d food court, a grp of 4/5 jap dudes sat down next to us n proceeded to chat amongst themselves in rapid jap for d whole duration of our lunch. some were cute, some were short, some were tall...n 1 looked abs cool. den after dat they went over to d table next to us to hit on some pretty ladies who looked like they worked at make-up counters. lolx. it was hilarious. they even took photos wif them.

candid photo of me n a jap dude.
photographer : yc

candid photo of yc n jap dude who strangely looks like a malay in this pic, but i swear he's jap... or a malay who speaks fluent jap... hmm...
photographer : xinli
we were supposed to go n check out d buskers at central market.. but d eric girard oni came on after 6.30pm n before dat was 'local show'...who wants to watch 'local show' ?....so i went home instead.

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