Tuesday, December 26, 2006

xmas n all its trimmings

i luv xmas!

i nv did really celeb xmas.. it was mostly when i was out of town n in sum auntie's house...or celebratin my cousin's bday(24th/25th..cant rmb which) its normally juz eating n stuff. not much to rmb...xcept i rmb we had frogs for 1 of his bdays (yea.. same family dat brought me to eat squirrel... they haf sumthin goin on here) n bigass tastehh turkey in my aunt's house few years back (then again.. we had turkey for CNY reunion dinner, so dats not sayin much issit?)


'twas d nite b4 christmas
, when all through d [insert word dat rhymes wif bored];
not a thing was interestin, n xinli was bored ;
cos here's how it went...
  • woke up super late... den slept super long after dat in d noon cos i was kinda sick n nauseous n flatulent n terrible crap liddat, but at least i didnt vomite...jah
  • finally woke up n got around to put finishin touches on xmas gifts not to mention wrappin them
  • went round to aiming's. wanted to watch Night in the Museum...but alas...no tickets....sad~ ended up watchin sum Malcolm in d Middle wif Assypoo, n Ellie went n online
    - so un-together...so un-xmas-eve-y rite?!
    - wut happend to our escapades? carolling? carols-blastin?! darn u aiming, darn u! :P
clock strikes 12...ding dong
  • xmas muaxxess galore!! muah muah
  • ky's online~ n we shouted xmas greetings like crazy ppl thru voice clips
a mix of alcohol n shoutin at 12am does crazy things to ur brain cos soon after we pretty much went beserk....lmaoo!!! it was SO LAME... but SO FUN~ lolx

we Shouted ( yes Shouted-wif a capital S ) xmas greetings to evryone on ellie's list...cos she was online... den when dat didnt do, we went thru my list as well, den aiming's. seriously... even those dat we didnt really chat wif for ages got crazy shouts. n we got really pissed when sum of them were usin versions dat didnt support voiceclips..lolx

u'd think we'd b happy after annoying so many ppl, but no...of course not, its US i'm talkin bout here! more importantly, its Aiming, annoying ppl is her forte man... i'll not say who d victim was... u can check it out at her blog, but hell...funny is an understatement! cos i think d fella got scared after she went overboard wif her awesomely animated voice~ yes aiming.. ur awesome. as for ellie, she's also a indirect victim since i dont think d main victim is eva goin to think of her as normal eva again (cos we were usin her acc to fool arnd)...

best fun eva wif voiceclips! lolx... i wanted to literally ROFLMAO but den dats not a vy sensible thing to do, so i juz LMAO on her chair like a llama wif a seizure. lolx. thnx for d fun guys... [p.s. thr was 30 ppl thr ok ,teo?]

oo yea.. wanna c wut i made for aiming,ellie n ky? here's d greenbeanbears

n wanna c wut i got from ellie?

n from aiming's mom...
lol.. technically she didnt gif it to me for xmas, but it was on xmas so...
i got a small tupperware full of....air, sweet sweet air, who doesnt luv air?! ingenious i tell u!

uh... sumthing my bro gave me? he didnt get it for me purposely, i wanted it n he gave it to me...
n uh.. i didnt get him a xmas prezzie. sowwie..
its a teensy 40cents rubber robot thingey from those lil balls dat roll outta machines. i put it together myself~
i like. i might start collecting...lol...

oh oh, n before i forget...
a prezzie from Saint TheConsequencesOfBeingForgetful dat was stuffed in my slingbag
(mayb cos i din hang up any stockings?)dats not raisins in a fruitcake,
dats a mass of mouldy, white,yellow n black fluff
hard to imagine dat it was once a yummy yellow cake (gai dan gou)
it dates back to d last time i had maths tuition cos dats d last time i used d bag ...
n dat wud b...2 or 3 weeks back? ew.

went to ruth's house for xmas lunch wif plh n ky ... great food.. n somehow, it had a whole deepavali vibe goin on, haha... it was kinda boring after we ran outta things to eat tho... n we politely xcused ourselves n went home after a few hours... :)

ju, ellie n i made TRUFFLES today! woot~

pix from d recipe book...hehe
we made chocolate rum truffles minus d rum
ooh... look at those classy chocolatey balls of goodness!
ooohh... n look at my cheap lookin chocolatey ball of goodness ~
i swear it looks like a dungball rolled by those scarab/dung beetles u c on national geographic, tho u cant really tell from a crappy webcam pic.
it wud've been a zillion times better if we had bought nice black paper holders instead of gettin sum off of ellie's sis' baking stock.. oh well.
-oh, i'm good-

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