Wednesday, January 31, 2007


i wanted to blog on my cny shopping trip but my excitement phase timed out n didn't feel like crappin on it anymo..., den i decided to crap on how pissed i was abt not collecting the soil from the actual location of d ecological study. now i hafta scam d readings off of plh's experiments... argh. its freakin irritatin waking up to the realisation dat u forgot to do something important...kwim?

so anyway...

lemme do my high-pitched boy-crazed scream [cue scream]
donghae is such a cutie !!!
who's he?
Lee Dong Hae (이동해, Hanja: 李東海) (born October 15, 1986)
-member of super junior
(i know, i know... lame k-pop boy band , but they're really funny off stage u know? watch full house n u will kwim.)
-has a cute dawg named bada (sea). click here to watch them

n i dunno anythin more abt him except d fact dat he looks so so cute even when he's sick...
found him (actually suju) when i was browsin thru youtube sometime last year
... actually i know nth abt him.
n i dont normally drift towards koreans...
so there.
i shall now flood u wif pictures.aww.. bb tiger, in thailand i think

he looks like a pup wif his hair like dat!
(dawg isnt bada)

so pretty isn't he? like a girl, i might add

woot~ hawt

kwim =know what i mean
i like this acronym :)
-luv donghae-

Sunday, January 28, 2007

leehom n clams

too much to blog abt saturday.. so here's another afterschool blog. wee~

went to c leehom in erawalk wif ky,aiming, ellie n jeewei (so long nv see her d!!)
waited for ages for him to come n when he did, evryone went on tiptoe or climbed on d railings so all i could see.. was heads. brown heads, black heads, curly heads, small heads, big heads.... -.-
n i ended up watching him thru cracks in bobbing heads... adehh

he's cute n all , but wait. check out his hair...

lmao!.. like a black mop.. n wuts wif d celcom shirt? wish theyd let him wear his own clothes...

hot bod

tonnes of clams(lala) were thr... if ur a fan of seafood, u'd b in heaven!
an array of glitzy shirts, overdone graffiti designs, checkers wif stripes wif polkadots in 1 outfit, lotsa lace, leggings, crazyass shoes, colour spray/gel fringes (blue! arkz), boots, afro-permed hair, jacket wif huge blingbling 'punk' written on d back...etc...etc...
u name it, i've seen it.

the youth i can forgive...

but seriously, this is too much

flaming red dress, hot red lips, black ankle high lace-up boots, n an asymetric bob

what's right with this outfit?

n then thrs us boring ppl... not as 'glam' as d clams... juz plain ol boring homosapiens

ky sittin on d railings she worked so hard to climb... monkey fella

aiming n pursed-lip moi not in d group pic! whos behind d cam?

-no pork, no pork-

Saturday, January 27, 2007

sukantara n snow white

yeh.. so i had sch on saturday

n it was vy okay, considering the fact dat its was saturday..., n i had sch.
had the sukantara sports thing but they only had 3 events which were the high-jump, 100m sprint, n d fling-a-cannonball-n-risk-breakin-some-bones one. so glad d 4x100m wasn't included cos my stamina is like a granny's...

1st time doin high-jump neh~ quite fun...
i was actually expecting d high-jump wif d pole n sand pit n got totally freaked out by d idea itself. now i know dats 'pole vault'. lmao. feel so stupid. n it turned out thr was no pole n we juz had to jump over d bar which was a lil way higher than our waist. plus thr was NO SAND...but a whole lot of sponge to land n bounce off on! fun! but i grazed d bar n made it fall :( wanted to try again wif yp but we were both too paisehh to go n do it again since evryone only gets 1 go. ohwell.. i fouled my cannonball throwing by steppin on d yellow line n d cannon was nowhere near d predetermined line..hahah.. but i was 1st of d 6 in my 100m sprint, yay! n still missed d 20sec mark by a split sec... too bad eh? jah

den after dat thr was no formal classes n we spent 2 periods of MUET going thru our sketch.. on SNOW WHITE...hehe.. but im not snow white, im d prince charming babehh. woot lolx. transgenderism seem to b d way to go for wednesday skits~ eheh... but d farniest thing was when d wise magic mirror announced loudly n confidently dat cinderella was d fairest of them all! TWICE!!! d whole class cracked up.. u'd think dat if u made d mistake once n got laughed at for over a min, u'd get it rite d 2nd time? lolxx...
den eulei (snowy herself) kept making d both of us burst out laughin during our dramatic bringing-back-to-life scene... cant keep a straight face lah.. d dialogue too yukma..aiyyerr... bulu roma berdiri. mind u, my hair standing is not a pleasant sight.

-sprint sprint-

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

band 5

lisa msgd me this morning at 6.45am to ask me wut i got for my Malaysian University English Test (MUET) so darn early rite? so anyway i smsd n got d report, band5, same as her. not super thrilled, but oklah~

so then halfway thru PA, pnIndira came n passed out d results. yl was vy nervous abt it cos she didnt check her results b4 but it didnt haf any on me affect cos, duh, i already know my results... so i juz tore along d lil perforated lines calmly, dontcha juz luv d sound of perforated paper tearing? i could tear perforated paper all day... but anyway, this is what i found inside :

Listening 33/45
Speaking 39/45
Reading Comprehension 124/135
Writing 44/75
Aggregrated Score 240/300

before i found out d actual scores, i was unfazed by my band5... contented, u might say...
but omg ~ look at d marks i got for writing! im not a 44/75 candidate ok?! *sigh*
pumpin tokyo drift theme, time crunch plus a generous amount of overthinking, n i totally digressed from d topic... so 44 is good rite?

band5 : 220-259
band6 : 260-300

i was ranting to yl for d remaining 3 periods of bio n she turned to me n said, " at least u didnt get 259 rite? then u'd b killing urself for d 1 mark u missed. "
she can say dat cos shes delirious for gettin 221, happily clinking into band5... good for her.
so im 20 marks behind band6.. is dat supposed to make me feel better? surprisingly is does, a little. lolx. heard michelle was 4 marks shy of band6... she must b super super geram, i know i would...
but im still geram, cos band6 is attainable. argh...
still not retaking it tho.

so from what i gather, d average score is band4..some ppl were ecstatic, some ppl were a lil down, like yc n ruth cos they were expecting a band5 after all. i feel sorry for them, cos now they'll prob wanna retake it this year.. n pay another 60 bux in the process. yikes. but it all depends on what ur goals n expectations r ... yokepoh n eulei also got band5s at 230++ marks, which is a lil weird cos eulei has super english... oh well...

hey, as far as i know, no1 got band6 n dat makes me feel a whole lot better! god, im such a kiasu...
but english is something i can do, u know?

p.s. on d way home, this motorbike dude freaked plh out...
cos he had over a dozen furry, brown, (presumed) dead squirrels hanging off d side of his bike, tails swinging with evry turn...
mimicking mini mink mufflers hung out to dry..<--woah, check out d alliteration. lolxx

Sunday, January 21, 2007

alice in the wonderland



watchd it again juz d other day...n again n again...
so awesome neh~
all the scenes r exactly as i remembered.
syok sendiri in front of d pc for a few hours edi (not consecutively la)... lolxx

my fave scene was d 'painting the roses red' ~ abs wonderful
i tried to find a vid of it from youtube to embed here... n i found it in german, hebrew, dutch, french, japanese, norwegian n russian... but no english, argh!
i think d french version makes it sound extra dramatic tho, heheh
heres an excerpt from d lyrics,
We're full of dread,
And many a tear we shed...
Because we know...
They'll cease to grow...
In fact they'll soon be dead!

And yet we go ahead...
Painting the roses red!

then thrs d 'the walrus and the carpenter' rendition by tweedledum n tweedledee

...n d jabberwocky references , i.e. d cute ass mome raths in tulgey wood... but then i did a little research n apparently mome raths r supposed to b green pigs dat haf lost their way n not furry little mobile directional arrow things... uh huh *nods*

stupid kid

i went shopping for cny today at jusco wif mom n bro...
i bought some stuff...
mom bought some stuff...
bro bought some stuff...
but dats not d point.

d point is... when my mom n bro were picking out his sch shoes in bata (cos his feet grow like green bean shoots-as in fast, not long n taugeh-ey... he bought a size 7 for pete's sake!), i stood around holding evryone's shopping bags n i was kinda blocking d little aisle. den i felt sumthin scratchin my ass. so i turned around fully xpecting to c a kid wanting to cross d aisle i was blocking, but i saw this kid, i'd say he was 4 or 5 standing behind me holding one of those 2B noris staedtler pencils we used to use for shading d objective answer sheets in exams

oh u know, this ol' thing

my exact words were " excuse me? "
n all he did was look at me without the slightest flinch n replied ever so defiantly...almost in a berating tone...
his exact words were " wo zai hua dong xi! "

WTF la... im juz standing thr minding my own business n u come along n draw on my jean-clad ass AND u haf d audacity to scold me?! so ur probably not even 6 yet... dat doesnt mean u can go around drawing on evryone's ass n behave like u haf evry right to do so! like i'm wrong for turning around while ur creatin ur imaginary masterpiece. geez, kiddo. i juz walked off totally speechless. when i turned around, he was drawing on d mirror.. den on some boxes... actually its not drawing, its uh..scribbling? kinda like d kid in 'the ring' u know, vigorous ups and downs. at least he had d sense to draw wif d wrong side of d pencil, i.e. d part wifout d carbon. so he didnt get anything dirty, but he got alot of things pissed off... i bet d mirror n boxes were pissed.

-give a pencil to a kid, n he draws on my ass-

Saturday, January 20, 2007

cross country babehh

altho it was more like cross urban ..or rather cross town or cross housing-estate or cross-fields n at 1 point, cross-belukar/rimba. lolx

onli 5km tho, n i ran... oh how i ran... for d 1st 100 m anyway. den i realised 'what's d point?' so den i walked.. haha. n talked... n juz took my own sweet time.... n then i got abt 45th placing, for girls anyway. n im telling u, thr weren't dat many girls...but im def not last! hehe . cos yl was 46th n evon was 47th.

kudos to kitying for getting 4th!! geng la dat fella. n when i got back, she was completely dry n lookin all rested. i heard yc fainted or something like dat tho...looking ghastly pale when i saw her...yikes. luckily i didnt faint... cos im her fainting buddy from SLAD camp... still cant believe i fainted twice in 10 mins. hmm.. but then i didnt run, i walked. so thrs no danger of me fainting in the first place. eheh
fainting buddies. check out dat pallor...

didnt haf any classes afterwards, n we made a downright huge racket while other ppl were having classes. such an inconsiderate lot, we r ... supposed to haf bio tho, but evryone faked fatigue n pnHafizah let us off. dont know whether i was thrilled cos thr wasnt any class or a lil pissed cos i brought my bio book for nth...

-my pinkie hurts, wonder why-

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

pass neh~

i got a whole 65 marks outta 100!
n wut's more, d passing mark is 65!!! so am i geng or wut?! geng rite?
my poor violin. deprived of its full potential.

ok shut up. i know i didnt get a distinction, or even a crummy merit but at least i passed... cos i actually came out of d exam room 100% expecting myself to fail miserably... but i passed leh~
. sounds nice... Pass. p'ass . pAss . pa'ss . p-a-s-s . pass~ heheh

ok so dats d end of it! juz wanted to blab. u need to know i passed.:P yc got a merit for her grade 6 at 79 marks i think...but shes a really musical person, so dats ok. :)

i'd type out d examiner's remarks but his writing is barely legible n i didn't bother to decipher it... cos frankly, i dont care. but hey, I PASSED!!!

i can smash my violin edi ! look at his face la.
tho i wont... cos im not dat much of a violent-smashin-stuff person

*runs off into d horizon laffin like a maniac*

-expect a flying pig anytime soon-

Saturday, January 13, 2007

bugs haf sixth sense

few months ago, findin a small dragonfly was almost impossible... but outta nowhere, this hugeass dragonfly shows up in d kitchen n refuses to go away...on top of dat, its attackin d fluorescent light tube every 2 mins or so, makin a racket of ...ahem...buzzing wings wonderfully harmonised wif d sound of a insect's body crashin against hard walls n light tubes...inciting fear within all in the room. (evryone's lookin calm except d vy alert cats, but i know they're all actually juz as worried as i am abt d fact dat it can come swooping down at any given time n attackin us while it's at it!)

then d other day, thr was one of those gigantic flying grasshoppers dat look like locusts. n it juz sat thr n let me cup it wif a container... ever so tamely.
that is one mean lookin dude

n abt a week ago, a female rhinoceros beetle flew in n fell on d floor rite under my chair. it too let me catch it wifout d slightest struggle.
notice how females look nth like rhinos?

not to mention d countless pretty butterflies dat don't fly away when u come near them in d garden. man, if i had whipped my net out, i could've caught 3 of em.

now what does all this hafta do wif bugs having a sixth sense?

i could nv find any good bugs when i was still doing the insect collection for bio! now they're all swarming to my house... n wut for? to fly/crawl in my face n mock me bcos they know i won't catch them anymo! bloody six-legged thingamawidgets...its like they know i'm not hunting for them anymore... do u haf any idea how badly i wanted a huge dragonfly, a beetle dats not green n a grasshopper dats larger than my thumb?!

-juz rambling-

Friday, January 12, 2007

week 2 jan07

haven't blogged in a while.'s how my 2nd week of sch went.
  • MONDAY : nuffin much... juz sch. gd thing was we didnt haf to stay back for library duty cos d library management has changed this year n we still hafta hold a meeting to figure out how we're gonna run things his year onwards. blah

  • TUESDAY : so now, 2 malay teachers r in charge of d library...they seem pretty ok. but now i hafta send d accounts for her to check instead of mrsoh so i guess i'll b seeing more of her then! n it turns out d library has RM10000 to spend on books...n...we get a say in what books we will b gettin...*rubs hands in glee* well its RM3000 for this month anyway. or was it feb? i wasnt paying attention... n from now on mrAnthony wont b thr to collect fines n stuff anymore .. so it'll b a mess for me to do d accounting cos money from each day will b passed to me by diff ppl..ARGH! y am i d accountant?! y?! y?! i don't think its doing me any good. to hell wif d 10% for co-curricular activities!

    the dumb library meeting went on till 3pm, n i didnt get to eat ANYTHING until i got home... no wonder im skinny.

  • WEDNESDAY : let's c evryone was scrambling around finishin bio reports cos our class is so darn inefficient. we won't move a muscle until a sec b4 d sky falls down... ended up passin it up d next day anyways cos sum ppl din finish their's n d cManager didnt wanna pass it up until he had d full set...pity him.. hafta xplain to d teacher...

    n then... mrMalai made some of us stand outside d class for not photocopyin a set of STPM06 PA papers... STAND OUTSIDE D CLASS! whylahh... aiseh. its not like i didnt wanna photostat it... i thought sum1 was gonna do it for us! misunderstanding wut!!! howeva, it was ok~ cos again.. my class is super remote n not alot of ppl pass our way. we successfully stood out in blistering cold wind for a whole 30 mins wifout being seen by any passersby. god forbid a kid come by n c us sixformers standing outside...geez

    watched 'night in the musem' AGAIN wif aiming, ellie n ky in jusco! haha.. its too nice la. crapass sandwich from jusco supermarket tho... u know, whr they sell d sushi... nv buy it. waste of money. i dunno wut i was thinking la.

  • THURSDAY : kimyang's bday today! we had cake ( some sorta creamy one wif strawberries n kiwi n peach n lots n lotsa cream! i hate cream... terrible cake :P sorry, whoeva bought it... think it was eulei. heheh ). d cake was for evryone born in january tho...we had jegan, bryan, munwei, evon, yewkong n kimyang... i think i got all their names... this is whr being remote bcomes awesome... cos we can make noise n fool around wifout disturbin other classes (nt significant disturbance anyway. mayb white noise?) !
    thr was a cream fight, oh d horror!, but i came out clean (i wasn't in it to begin wif... :P) it muz b awful to haf cream on ur oily n icky n hard to wash off...

    watchd 'what women want' on tv n smsd wif aiming abt d show while we were watchin..haha...charles is hot neh~ next week they're all gonna b cooks!
    oyea, n chris dances like a puppet pulled by a vy vy amateur puppeteer. chicken dance. lmao.

  • FRIDAY : narks. damn tired man. sch, lunch, tuition, home, tuition, yamcha...maths tuition is such a drag. n mrKoo is so freakin irritatin cos he keeps walkin over n hovers in front of d table for a really long time when ky n i r not doin work n talking. he stands thr for so long dat its impossible to pretend u were doin his work. argh. n when u r actually doin d work, u get pressured cos it might b totally wrong n he'll juz start laughin at ur method... altho he hasn't done dat to anyone yet,.. but i think its coming.

    had some tong sui wif jesses n ellie... yak yak.. tmr might b goin out wif em... howeva u nv know how d plans will turn out wif jess around. aye? someone should seriously build an airport in her name so dat her flights set off wifout much interference. Jess International Airport (JIA) it has a nice ring to it, no? hehe (no offence. but u r like dat, girl)

    ky's sick but got better towards d end of d day... nth much... (still contemplatin abt sat eh? i know geh...)

so yup... dats a brief overview.

-all words-

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

...and the monotony begins

yea... 1st school day of year 2007.

i went to slp at 1.30am last nite wif marmite (cat, not food) on my bed....n subsequently woke up once every hour until 6.00am this morning. i dunno whether it's bcos im paranoid abt not being able to get up for d 1st day of sch (cos i've been successfully ignoring d radio-alarm for d past month. its like i can slp thru d damn noise wifout d slightest flinch, altho occasionally my dreams include sum of d stuff playd on radio. eg. i dreamt dat a band was playin in d bball court behind my house once when it was actually d evanescence on or d fact dat my biological alarm clock went haywire...
i woke up at 2.35am, 3.38am, 4.26am, n 5.30am.. [ times r not 100% accurate. i'm juz winging it ]

checkd mail n msgs n friendster.
result :
-1 condolence mail from joe (thnx man)
-load of junk from friendster
-a pointless testi from calvin
-few msgs on d hp dat i cant b bothered to reply

sch tho, was juz normal. xcept our maths2 teacher is now mrSoh instead of idea how he is, yet...cos he din turn up for d period. actually d onli class we actually had was maths1.. n thr was even hw~! *humph* was doin it juz now n got stuck on this Q
Given (1+x²)(1+y²) - cx²=0 , where c is a constant, show that xy(1+x²)dy/dx=1+y²
... n due to my perseverance n refusal to admit defeat, i remained stuck for abt 20 mins...
then i gave up n moved on to d next Q... ONLY TO FIND I COPIED D OTHER Q WRONG!!!!
it was actually
Given (1+x²)(1+y²) - cx²=0 , where c is a constant, show that x³dy/dx=2x+3
WHAT THE....*bangs head on d wall*

nvm abt maths.... d MUET teacher also gave us hw... we hafta write an essay...abt 'how i spent the holidays' !! what r we? 10?! now i hafta vomit an essay abt how incredible my holidays were.
me: my essay will consist of only 3 words. eat/shit/sleep
jessica: wut abt watchin tv? dats pretty essential.
me: true...true... 5 words then.
terrific. i shall make it a 3 page long self-indulgent exploration into d black abyss u so fondly call boredom. i'll show u holiday! perhaps it shud b more aptly named 'how i managed to do absolutely nothing for 1 and a half months'

- i need to nap now-

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

1st day of two-double-o-seven

i didn't make new year's resolutions n i nv do, so i'm not gonna tell u how far i got along wif them.
anyhow, today i did lotsa weird things dat i don't always do.

for instance, i bathed d cats- with herbal cat shampoo dats supposed to prevent dandruff n snazzy things like that... got myself ALL WET. finicky cats. y can't cats like water?! life would be better for evryone...well, except japanese kois in ponds n goldfishies in bowls. then again, those black goldfishes wif huge bulging eyes n d orange n white ones wif oversized headgear dat look like brains shouldnt haf existed to begin wif. icky lil things. but let's get on wif d cats den... another thing cats should haf an inborn love for is hair-dryers. then they wouldn't hafta go around wet-ish n lookin bedraggled + go sunbathe n lick themselves silly, rite? ur damn rite im rite!

next up, i washed my school shoes... d cloth on d insole is peeling off n thr r holes in d left shoe but i cant b bothered to get new ones. juz another year more... they'll survive. its not like i go around kicking rocks or irritating dogs in them....n more significantly, its not like i wash them all dat often. lolx.

i also helpd cook dinner today. mom didnt get any vege today so me n ju went out to pick some fan shu yip from d garden - we haf purple ones too.. but i think they look like they're poisonous so i didn't pick them - n also some cili padi. u know wut? i think all we need now is to get some rabbits again n we'd b pretty much self-sustaining. meat n greens, rite from d garden! chickens would work too, but rabbits r more fun when they're alive... too bad we're keepin cats now......unless.....we ate cats! juz a thought.

me, ju n fatty peeled n chopped abt 10 bulbs of garlic after dinner. note, i said BULBS not CLOVES. i did most of d chopping tho, they did most of d peeling... now my fingers smell of garlic. oh the joy! i can sleep sound tonight, knowing no vampires will suck me dry.

the end.i know they're not fresh-was d only decent pic i could find.

-when cuttin fresh cilipadis, do so quickly n avoid mushin it. burning fingers r not at all a pleasant sensation-

Monday, January 1, 2007

last day of 2006

stuff i did on my last day of 2006!
  1. wakin up at 11 plus plus ! hehe

  2. lazing all day..

  3. 5Ixora reunion! haven't seen some of these guys since last year (or d middle of this year when we got our spm results)... most of us juz stayed d same tho,... we r who we r after all. having said dat, we made a heck lotta noise in KFC. good thing it was upstairs n not alot of ppl came up to haf their dinner in d same room as us... alot of catchin up was done, n i learnt sum pretty cool stuff abt them.
    • like how ashvin is doin aircraft maintenance tech (or somethin dat sounds similar), he's gonna go work at some place whr they do aircraft maintenance on private jets soon...sounds like something, huh?. mentioned it to hd ...n teo countered wif sumthin like "aircraft maintenance? u mean he's a mechanic for planes rite?" so dat kinda made it sound less appealing...ahem.
    • oh n lisa juz had her book launch d day b4!!! book launch leh~ considerin d fact dat she's always wanted to b an author (or so i think) dats abs fantastic for her. she's got 2 whole stories in d compilation of around 30. so it's not HER book, n shes not exactly gettin royalty... but still, getting publishd is big. i wanna get something published! hehe. i really wanted to get d book..but it was ex, n im stingy...wakaka...
    • uthaya n arul r both doin engineerin, i think. wut sorta engineerin? i cant quite put my finger on it... all d carbon dioxide from d coke messed up my memory of dat. oh n d fried chicken must haf contributed too.
    • debbie, yeanyee n saiyip r all doin accounting next year...or rather this year.
    • sarah cut her hair short... like me! yay! haha. but i think hers look alot cuter...*sigh*
    n dats pretty much all dats interesting!

  4. went to cy's house to meet wif d guys... pow had to come all d way back to fetch me cos they all went for steamboat wifout me! ahem- cos i had reunion + i was vy against steamboat-ing to begin wif. eheh. hung around his house for abit..

  5. ...den headed off to era walk for d countdown.d place was populated by chinese, mostly anyway... n they had had a singing competition (or concert?), spotted some ppl i knew, chattd briefly wif donna (haven't seen her in aeons!) but wut a disappointment neh. they didnt even haf a big big clock to countdown wid.. n all d crazy-high ppl were blowing their whistles like their lives depended on it so we couldn't even hear d ppl on stage counting down properly! wth. when my friends n i had already reached 'happy new year' n finishd shoutin it, u could hear some ppl STILL counting down. so, were we a few secs ahead, or were they a few secs behind? i think i'll nv know.those paper confetti was shot from d stage but...but... we were on d wrong side of d 'walk' cos when we walkd back over to d other side towards d carpark, THERE WERE FIREWORKS THR! ..Y?! we missd most of d action :( so i only saw 1 or 2 shots...

  6. went to 7-eleven to buy drinks n den hit zin's place to 'hang' ? uneventful really. i haf nth to say abt it, except i saw a cockroach in his kitchen when i came out from d toilet.
so that's how my last day went.... not much, i know.
p.s. my phone ran outta batt b4 12 so im sorry i couldnt reply/wish u guys till i got home. a pack of frogs practically mauled me when i turned on d hp. (croaks is my msg alert tone)

-still don't get all d hype abt new years yet-