Tuesday, January 2, 2007

1st day of two-double-o-seven

i didn't make new year's resolutions n i nv do, so i'm not gonna tell u how far i got along wif them.
anyhow, today i did lotsa weird things dat i don't always do.

for instance, i bathed d cats- with herbal cat shampoo dats supposed to prevent dandruff n snazzy things like that... got myself ALL WET. finicky cats. y can't cats like water?! life would be better for evryone...well, except japanese kois in ponds n goldfishies in bowls. then again, those black goldfishes wif huge bulging eyes n d orange n white ones wif oversized headgear dat look like brains shouldnt haf existed to begin wif. icky lil things. but let's get on wif d cats den... another thing cats should haf an inborn love for is hair-dryers. then they wouldn't hafta go around wet-ish n lookin bedraggled + go sunbathe n lick themselves silly, rite? ur damn rite im rite!

next up, i washed my school shoes... d cloth on d insole is peeling off n thr r holes in d left shoe but i cant b bothered to get new ones. juz another year more... they'll survive. its not like i go around kicking rocks or irritating dogs in them....n more significantly, its not like i wash them all dat often. lolx.

i also helpd cook dinner today. mom didnt get any vege today so me n ju went out to pick some fan shu yip from d garden - we haf purple ones too.. but i think they look like they're poisonous so i didn't pick them - n also some cili padi. u know wut? i think all we need now is to get some rabbits again n we'd b pretty much self-sustaining. meat n greens, rite from d garden! chickens would work too, but rabbits r more fun when they're alive... too bad we're keepin cats now......unless.....we ate cats! juz a thought.

me, ju n fatty peeled n chopped abt 10 bulbs of garlic after dinner. note, i said BULBS not CLOVES. i did most of d chopping tho, they did most of d peeling... now my fingers smell of garlic. oh the joy! i can sleep sound tonight, knowing no vampires will suck me dry.

the end.i know they're not fresh-was d only decent pic i could find.

-when cuttin fresh cilipadis, do so quickly n avoid mushin it. burning fingers r not at all a pleasant sensation-

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