Sunday, January 21, 2007

alice in the wonderland


watchd it again juz d other day...n again n again...
so awesome neh~
all the scenes r exactly as i remembered.
syok sendiri in front of d pc for a few hours edi (not consecutively la)... lolxx

my fave scene was d 'painting the roses red' ~ abs wonderful
i tried to find a vid of it from youtube to embed here... n i found it in german, hebrew, dutch, french, japanese, norwegian n russian... but no english, argh!
i think d french version makes it sound extra dramatic tho, heheh
heres an excerpt from d lyrics,
We're full of dread,
And many a tear we shed...
Because we know...
They'll cease to grow...
In fact they'll soon be dead!

And yet we go ahead...
Painting the roses red!

then thrs d 'the walrus and the carpenter' rendition by tweedledum n tweedledee

...n d jabberwocky references , i.e. d cute ass mome raths in tulgey wood... but then i did a little research n apparently mome raths r supposed to b green pigs dat haf lost their way n not furry little mobile directional arrow things... uh huh *nods*

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