Wednesday, January 3, 2007

...and the monotony begins

yea... 1st school day of year 2007.

i went to slp at 1.30am last nite wif marmite (cat, not food) on my bed....n subsequently woke up once every hour until 6.00am this morning. i dunno whether it's bcos im paranoid abt not being able to get up for d 1st day of sch (cos i've been successfully ignoring d radio-alarm for d past month. its like i can slp thru d damn noise wifout d slightest flinch, altho occasionally my dreams include sum of d stuff playd on radio. eg. i dreamt dat a band was playin in d bball court behind my house once when it was actually d evanescence on or d fact dat my biological alarm clock went haywire...
i woke up at 2.35am, 3.38am, 4.26am, n 5.30am.. [ times r not 100% accurate. i'm juz winging it ]

checkd mail n msgs n friendster.
result :
-1 condolence mail from joe (thnx man)
-load of junk from friendster
-a pointless testi from calvin
-few msgs on d hp dat i cant b bothered to reply

sch tho, was juz normal. xcept our maths2 teacher is now mrSoh instead of idea how he is, yet...cos he din turn up for d period. actually d onli class we actually had was maths1.. n thr was even hw~! *humph* was doin it juz now n got stuck on this Q
Given (1+x²)(1+y²) - cx²=0 , where c is a constant, show that xy(1+x²)dy/dx=1+y²
... n due to my perseverance n refusal to admit defeat, i remained stuck for abt 20 mins...
then i gave up n moved on to d next Q... ONLY TO FIND I COPIED D OTHER Q WRONG!!!!
it was actually
Given (1+x²)(1+y²) - cx²=0 , where c is a constant, show that x³dy/dx=2x+3
WHAT THE....*bangs head on d wall*

nvm abt maths.... d MUET teacher also gave us hw... we hafta write an essay...abt 'how i spent the holidays' !! what r we? 10?! now i hafta vomit an essay abt how incredible my holidays were.
me: my essay will consist of only 3 words. eat/shit/sleep
jessica: wut abt watchin tv? dats pretty essential.
me: true...true... 5 words then.
terrific. i shall make it a 3 page long self-indulgent exploration into d black abyss u so fondly call boredom. i'll show u holiday! perhaps it shud b more aptly named 'how i managed to do absolutely nothing for 1 and a half months'

- i need to nap now-

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