Tuesday, January 23, 2007

band 5

lisa msgd me this morning at 6.45am to ask me wut i got for my Malaysian University English Test (MUET) so darn early rite? so anyway i smsd n got d report, band5, same as her. not super thrilled, but oklah~

so then halfway thru PA, pnIndira came n passed out d results. yl was vy nervous abt it cos she didnt check her results b4 but it didnt haf any on me affect cos, duh, i already know my results... so i juz tore along d lil perforated lines calmly, dontcha juz luv d sound of perforated paper tearing? i could tear perforated paper all day... but anyway, this is what i found inside :

Listening 33/45
Speaking 39/45
Reading Comprehension 124/135
Writing 44/75
Aggregrated Score 240/300

before i found out d actual scores, i was unfazed by my band5... contented, u might say...
but omg ~ look at d marks i got for writing! im not a 44/75 candidate ok?! *sigh*
pumpin tokyo drift theme, time crunch plus a generous amount of overthinking, n i totally digressed from d topic... so 44 is good rite?

band5 : 220-259
band6 : 260-300

i was ranting to yl for d remaining 3 periods of bio n she turned to me n said, " at least u didnt get 259 rite? then u'd b killing urself for d 1 mark u missed. "
she can say dat cos shes delirious for gettin 221, happily clinking into band5... good for her.
so im 20 marks behind band6.. is dat supposed to make me feel better? surprisingly is does, a little. lolx. heard michelle was 4 marks shy of band6... she must b super super geram, i know i would...
but im still geram, cos band6 is attainable. argh...
still not retaking it tho.

so from what i gather, d average score is band4..some ppl were ecstatic, some ppl were a lil down, like yc n ruth cos they were expecting a band5 after all. i feel sorry for them, cos now they'll prob wanna retake it this year.. n pay another 60 bux in the process. yikes. but it all depends on what ur goals n expectations r ... yokepoh n eulei also got band5s at 230++ marks, which is a lil weird cos eulei has super english... oh well...

hey, as far as i know, no1 got band6 n dat makes me feel a whole lot better! god, im such a kiasu...
but english is something i can do, u know?

p.s. on d way home, this motorbike dude freaked plh out...
cos he had over a dozen furry, brown, (presumed) dead squirrels hanging off d side of his bike, tails swinging with evry turn...
mimicking mini mink mufflers hung out to dry..<--woah, check out d alliteration. lolxx



hey !
like your blog better the xiaxue.
She only got shiiiiiit to say ;)

Keep it up ;)

- xinli - said...

but i luv her shiit~