Saturday, January 13, 2007

bugs haf sixth sense

few months ago, findin a small dragonfly was almost impossible... but outta nowhere, this hugeass dragonfly shows up in d kitchen n refuses to go away...on top of dat, its attackin d fluorescent light tube every 2 mins or so, makin a racket of ...ahem...buzzing wings wonderfully harmonised wif d sound of a insect's body crashin against hard walls n light tubes...inciting fear within all in the room. (evryone's lookin calm except d vy alert cats, but i know they're all actually juz as worried as i am abt d fact dat it can come swooping down at any given time n attackin us while it's at it!)

then d other day, thr was one of those gigantic flying grasshoppers dat look like locusts. n it juz sat thr n let me cup it wif a container... ever so tamely.
that is one mean lookin dude

n abt a week ago, a female rhinoceros beetle flew in n fell on d floor rite under my chair. it too let me catch it wifout d slightest struggle.
notice how females look nth like rhinos?

not to mention d countless pretty butterflies dat don't fly away when u come near them in d garden. man, if i had whipped my net out, i could've caught 3 of em.

now what does all this hafta do wif bugs having a sixth sense?

i could nv find any good bugs when i was still doing the insect collection for bio! now they're all swarming to my house... n wut for? to fly/crawl in my face n mock me bcos they know i won't catch them anymo! bloody six-legged thingamawidgets...its like they know i'm not hunting for them anymore... do u haf any idea how badly i wanted a huge dragonfly, a beetle dats not green n a grasshopper dats larger than my thumb?!

-juz rambling-

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