Saturday, January 20, 2007

cross country babehh

altho it was more like cross urban ..or rather cross town or cross housing-estate or cross-fields n at 1 point, cross-belukar/rimba. lolx

onli 5km tho, n i ran... oh how i ran... for d 1st 100 m anyway. den i realised 'what's d point?' so den i walked.. haha. n talked... n juz took my own sweet time.... n then i got abt 45th placing, for girls anyway. n im telling u, thr weren't dat many girls...but im def not last! hehe . cos yl was 46th n evon was 47th.

kudos to kitying for getting 4th!! geng la dat fella. n when i got back, she was completely dry n lookin all rested. i heard yc fainted or something like dat tho...looking ghastly pale when i saw her...yikes. luckily i didnt faint... cos im her fainting buddy from SLAD camp... still cant believe i fainted twice in 10 mins. hmm.. but then i didnt run, i walked. so thrs no danger of me fainting in the first place. eheh
fainting buddies. check out dat pallor...

didnt haf any classes afterwards, n we made a downright huge racket while other ppl were having classes. such an inconsiderate lot, we r ... supposed to haf bio tho, but evryone faked fatigue n pnHafizah let us off. dont know whether i was thrilled cos thr wasnt any class or a lil pissed cos i brought my bio book for nth...

-my pinkie hurts, wonder why-

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