Monday, January 1, 2007

last day of 2006

stuff i did on my last day of 2006!
  1. wakin up at 11 plus plus ! hehe

  2. lazing all day..

  3. 5Ixora reunion! haven't seen some of these guys since last year (or d middle of this year when we got our spm results)... most of us juz stayed d same tho,... we r who we r after all. having said dat, we made a heck lotta noise in KFC. good thing it was upstairs n not alot of ppl came up to haf their dinner in d same room as us... alot of catchin up was done, n i learnt sum pretty cool stuff abt them.
    • like how ashvin is doin aircraft maintenance tech (or somethin dat sounds similar), he's gonna go work at some place whr they do aircraft maintenance on private jets soon...sounds like something, huh?. mentioned it to hd ...n teo countered wif sumthin like "aircraft maintenance? u mean he's a mechanic for planes rite?" so dat kinda made it sound less appealing...ahem.
    • oh n lisa juz had her book launch d day b4!!! book launch leh~ considerin d fact dat she's always wanted to b an author (or so i think) dats abs fantastic for her. she's got 2 whole stories in d compilation of around 30. so it's not HER book, n shes not exactly gettin royalty... but still, getting publishd is big. i wanna get something published! hehe. i really wanted to get d book..but it was ex, n im stingy...wakaka...
    • uthaya n arul r both doin engineerin, i think. wut sorta engineerin? i cant quite put my finger on it... all d carbon dioxide from d coke messed up my memory of dat. oh n d fried chicken must haf contributed too.
    • debbie, yeanyee n saiyip r all doin accounting next year...or rather this year.
    • sarah cut her hair short... like me! yay! haha. but i think hers look alot cuter...*sigh*
    n dats pretty much all dats interesting!

  4. went to cy's house to meet wif d guys... pow had to come all d way back to fetch me cos they all went for steamboat wifout me! ahem- cos i had reunion + i was vy against steamboat-ing to begin wif. eheh. hung around his house for abit..

  5. ...den headed off to era walk for d countdown.d place was populated by chinese, mostly anyway... n they had had a singing competition (or concert?), spotted some ppl i knew, chattd briefly wif donna (haven't seen her in aeons!) but wut a disappointment neh. they didnt even haf a big big clock to countdown wid.. n all d crazy-high ppl were blowing their whistles like their lives depended on it so we couldn't even hear d ppl on stage counting down properly! wth. when my friends n i had already reached 'happy new year' n finishd shoutin it, u could hear some ppl STILL counting down. so, were we a few secs ahead, or were they a few secs behind? i think i'll nv know.those paper confetti was shot from d stage but...but... we were on d wrong side of d 'walk' cos when we walkd back over to d other side towards d carpark, THERE WERE FIREWORKS THR! ..Y?! we missd most of d action :( so i only saw 1 or 2 shots...

  6. went to 7-eleven to buy drinks n den hit zin's place to 'hang' ? uneventful really. i haf nth to say abt it, except i saw a cockroach in his kitchen when i came out from d toilet.
so that's how my last day went.... not much, i know.
p.s. my phone ran outta batt b4 12 so im sorry i couldnt reply/wish u guys till i got home. a pack of frogs practically mauled me when i turned on d hp. (croaks is my msg alert tone)

-still don't get all d hype abt new years yet-

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