Sunday, January 28, 2007

leehom n clams

too much to blog abt saturday.. so here's another afterschool blog. wee~

went to c leehom in erawalk wif ky,aiming, ellie n jeewei (so long nv see her d!!)
waited for ages for him to come n when he did, evryone went on tiptoe or climbed on d railings so all i could see.. was heads. brown heads, black heads, curly heads, small heads, big heads.... -.-
n i ended up watching him thru cracks in bobbing heads... adehh

he's cute n all , but wait. check out his hair...

lmao!.. like a black mop.. n wuts wif d celcom shirt? wish theyd let him wear his own clothes...

hot bod

tonnes of clams(lala) were thr... if ur a fan of seafood, u'd b in heaven!
an array of glitzy shirts, overdone graffiti designs, checkers wif stripes wif polkadots in 1 outfit, lotsa lace, leggings, crazyass shoes, colour spray/gel fringes (blue! arkz), boots, afro-permed hair, jacket wif huge blingbling 'punk' written on d back...etc...etc...
u name it, i've seen it.

the youth i can forgive...

but seriously, this is too much

flaming red dress, hot red lips, black ankle high lace-up boots, n an asymetric bob

what's right with this outfit?

n then thrs us boring ppl... not as 'glam' as d clams... juz plain ol boring homosapiens

ky sittin on d railings she worked so hard to climb... monkey fella

aiming n pursed-lip moi not in d group pic! whos behind d cam?

-no pork, no pork-



great job with the blog.

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