Wednesday, January 17, 2007

pass neh~

i got a whole 65 marks outta 100!
n wut's more, d passing mark is 65!!! so am i geng or wut?! geng rite?
my poor violin. deprived of its full potential.

ok shut up. i know i didnt get a distinction, or even a crummy merit but at least i passed... cos i actually came out of d exam room 100% expecting myself to fail miserably... but i passed leh~
. sounds nice... Pass. p'ass . pAss . pa'ss . p-a-s-s . pass~ heheh

ok so dats d end of it! juz wanted to blab. u need to know i passed.:P yc got a merit for her grade 6 at 79 marks i think...but shes a really musical person, so dats ok. :)

i'd type out d examiner's remarks but his writing is barely legible n i didn't bother to decipher it... cos frankly, i dont care. but hey, I PASSED!!!

i can smash my violin edi ! look at his face la.
tho i wont... cos im not dat much of a violent-smashin-stuff person

*runs off into d horizon laffin like a maniac*

-expect a flying pig anytime soon-

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