Saturday, January 27, 2007

sukantara n snow white

yeh.. so i had sch on saturday

n it was vy okay, considering the fact dat its was saturday..., n i had sch.
had the sukantara sports thing but they only had 3 events which were the high-jump, 100m sprint, n d fling-a-cannonball-n-risk-breakin-some-bones one. so glad d 4x100m wasn't included cos my stamina is like a granny's...

1st time doin high-jump neh~ quite fun...
i was actually expecting d high-jump wif d pole n sand pit n got totally freaked out by d idea itself. now i know dats 'pole vault'. lmao. feel so stupid. n it turned out thr was no pole n we juz had to jump over d bar which was a lil way higher than our waist. plus thr was NO SAND...but a whole lot of sponge to land n bounce off on! fun! but i grazed d bar n made it fall :( wanted to try again wif yp but we were both too paisehh to go n do it again since evryone only gets 1 go. ohwell.. i fouled my cannonball throwing by steppin on d yellow line n d cannon was nowhere near d predetermined line..hahah.. but i was 1st of d 6 in my 100m sprint, yay! n still missed d 20sec mark by a split sec... too bad eh? jah

den after dat thr was no formal classes n we spent 2 periods of MUET going thru our sketch.. on SNOW WHITE...hehe.. but im not snow white, im d prince charming babehh. woot lolx. transgenderism seem to b d way to go for wednesday skits~ eheh... but d farniest thing was when d wise magic mirror announced loudly n confidently dat cinderella was d fairest of them all! TWICE!!! d whole class cracked up.. u'd think dat if u made d mistake once n got laughed at for over a min, u'd get it rite d 2nd time? lolxx...
den eulei (snowy herself) kept making d both of us burst out laughin during our dramatic bringing-back-to-life scene... cant keep a straight face lah.. d dialogue too yukma..aiyyerr... bulu roma berdiri. mind u, my hair standing is not a pleasant sight.

-sprint sprint-

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