Friday, January 12, 2007

week 2 jan07

haven't blogged in a while.'s how my 2nd week of sch went.
  • MONDAY : nuffin much... juz sch. gd thing was we didnt haf to stay back for library duty cos d library management has changed this year n we still hafta hold a meeting to figure out how we're gonna run things his year onwards. blah

  • TUESDAY : so now, 2 malay teachers r in charge of d library...they seem pretty ok. but now i hafta send d accounts for her to check instead of mrsoh so i guess i'll b seeing more of her then! n it turns out d library has RM10000 to spend on books...n...we get a say in what books we will b gettin...*rubs hands in glee* well its RM3000 for this month anyway. or was it feb? i wasnt paying attention... n from now on mrAnthony wont b thr to collect fines n stuff anymore .. so it'll b a mess for me to do d accounting cos money from each day will b passed to me by diff ppl..ARGH! y am i d accountant?! y?! y?! i don't think its doing me any good. to hell wif d 10% for co-curricular activities!

    the dumb library meeting went on till 3pm, n i didnt get to eat ANYTHING until i got home... no wonder im skinny.

  • WEDNESDAY : let's c evryone was scrambling around finishin bio reports cos our class is so darn inefficient. we won't move a muscle until a sec b4 d sky falls down... ended up passin it up d next day anyways cos sum ppl din finish their's n d cManager didnt wanna pass it up until he had d full set...pity him.. hafta xplain to d teacher...

    n then... mrMalai made some of us stand outside d class for not photocopyin a set of STPM06 PA papers... STAND OUTSIDE D CLASS! whylahh... aiseh. its not like i didnt wanna photostat it... i thought sum1 was gonna do it for us! misunderstanding wut!!! howeva, it was ok~ cos again.. my class is super remote n not alot of ppl pass our way. we successfully stood out in blistering cold wind for a whole 30 mins wifout being seen by any passersby. god forbid a kid come by n c us sixformers standing outside...geez

    watched 'night in the musem' AGAIN wif aiming, ellie n ky in jusco! haha.. its too nice la. crapass sandwich from jusco supermarket tho... u know, whr they sell d sushi... nv buy it. waste of money. i dunno wut i was thinking la.

  • THURSDAY : kimyang's bday today! we had cake ( some sorta creamy one wif strawberries n kiwi n peach n lots n lotsa cream! i hate cream... terrible cake :P sorry, whoeva bought it... think it was eulei. heheh ). d cake was for evryone born in january tho...we had jegan, bryan, munwei, evon, yewkong n kimyang... i think i got all their names... this is whr being remote bcomes awesome... cos we can make noise n fool around wifout disturbin other classes (nt significant disturbance anyway. mayb white noise?) !
    thr was a cream fight, oh d horror!, but i came out clean (i wasn't in it to begin wif... :P) it muz b awful to haf cream on ur oily n icky n hard to wash off...

    watchd 'what women want' on tv n smsd wif aiming abt d show while we were watchin..haha...charles is hot neh~ next week they're all gonna b cooks!
    oyea, n chris dances like a puppet pulled by a vy vy amateur puppeteer. chicken dance. lmao.

  • FRIDAY : narks. damn tired man. sch, lunch, tuition, home, tuition, yamcha...maths tuition is such a drag. n mrKoo is so freakin irritatin cos he keeps walkin over n hovers in front of d table for a really long time when ky n i r not doin work n talking. he stands thr for so long dat its impossible to pretend u were doin his work. argh. n when u r actually doin d work, u get pressured cos it might b totally wrong n he'll juz start laughin at ur method... altho he hasn't done dat to anyone yet,.. but i think its coming.

    had some tong sui wif jesses n ellie... yak yak.. tmr might b goin out wif em... howeva u nv know how d plans will turn out wif jess around. aye? someone should seriously build an airport in her name so dat her flights set off wifout much interference. Jess International Airport (JIA) it has a nice ring to it, no? hehe (no offence. but u r like dat, girl)

    ky's sick but got better towards d end of d day... nth much... (still contemplatin abt sat eh? i know geh...)

so yup... dats a brief overview.

-all words-

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