Friday, February 2, 2007

dead bird

dead bird in stairwell. ripped to pieces. scattered downy feathers. a pretty sight.

stopped mrNg from sweepin it away to take pix wif ky's hp. lolx
a cat must haf got to it cos it was fully dismembered with nothing intact, body disembowelled, flesh lickd clean to d ribcage. no sight of d feet tho....wonder whr they got to. i nv knew cats had a liking for birdie feet, but of course, it mightn't have been a cat at all. *raised eyebrows*. any news of satanic rituals or the like? lolx, juz kiddin.
head on the left, body- right... aint d feathers pretty?
gore... feathers n blood

lonely wing

dat was rite after zin successfully side-parked his car, with plh outside giving orders like a parking attendant ...
'masuk, masuk...berhenti... boleh masuk lagi..'
yea.. she was seriously barking in malay. freakin farney. i was juz sittin at d back laughing my head off cos zin had this really serious face like the world depended on him parkin it perfectly, right down to the centimetre. n he got out beaming like a kid n skipped (no really, i mean SKIPPED from side to side, up n those cartoons whr d lil girl with d flower basket skips off into d horizon n d circle cutout minimises until its a pinhole n finally blips off into blackness n the words 'the end' appear along with orchestra music ending) lmao.
honestly if the walls were clean n thr wasnt a drain along them, ky n i would've gone right over to 'zhong bek'...freakin zadao...

tmr, ky is gonna perform at era for this cny function thingey. plh n zin r tryin to get as many ppl to go as possible to gif 'support', otherwise translated as embarassment on ky's behalf... lol. they were plannin on loud cheering n a banner. banner! wtf. poor ky. but it prob wont get carried out...u should've seen her panic-stricken face in chem..... i'll b goin to watch her after chem tmr.... loud cheering ahead~

also... meetin up wif liping, janice n other 5ix chix tmr at jusco~ haven't seen janice in AGES....

yep yep... many things to do tmr...

plus the cny wind's ablowing ~ cold la. i get goosebumps in evry morning in d assembly ground n my lips r all a-crackin... not dat they dont crack 360 days a year, but it bled this time round n personally, i don't like the taste of blood at all. which is why it's a good thing im not a vampire or i'd starve to death.

speakin of vampires, having 2 movies out dat haf d word 'blood' in em is mighty confusin (for me anyway)... when someone tells me dat they watchd 'blood diamond' , my mind flips to 'blood n chocolate' n when they go on n on abt how touchin it was, i picture werewolves n crap. which is probably cos i haven't watched either of them, n don't plan to cos im not a fan of dicaprio. i didn't even like him much in titanic, n we juz did a cloze on dicaprio, or rather d titanic movie in muet today. n if u think abt it, boy, has he, not changed..warped.

from struggling artist
to diamond smugglerone thing tho, u don't see him changing his hair much.

n dat, my friends, is how u go from a dead bird to dicaprio.

-uh huh-

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