Wednesday, January 31, 2007


i wanted to blog on my cny shopping trip but my excitement phase timed out n didn't feel like crappin on it anymo..., den i decided to crap on how pissed i was abt not collecting the soil from the actual location of d ecological study. now i hafta scam d readings off of plh's experiments... argh. its freakin irritatin waking up to the realisation dat u forgot to do something important...kwim?

so anyway...

lemme do my high-pitched boy-crazed scream [cue scream]
donghae is such a cutie !!!
who's he?
Lee Dong Hae (이동해, Hanja: 李東海) (born October 15, 1986)
-member of super junior
(i know, i know... lame k-pop boy band , but they're really funny off stage u know? watch full house n u will kwim.)
-has a cute dawg named bada (sea). click here to watch them

n i dunno anythin more abt him except d fact dat he looks so so cute even when he's sick...
found him (actually suju) when i was browsin thru youtube sometime last year
... actually i know nth abt him.
n i dont normally drift towards koreans...
so there.
i shall now flood u wif pictures.aww.. bb tiger, in thailand i think

he looks like a pup wif his hair like dat!
(dawg isnt bada)

so pretty isn't he? like a girl, i might add

woot~ hawt

kwim =know what i mean
i like this acronym :)
-luv donghae-

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