Thursday, February 22, 2007

i *heart* CNY!!!

sometimes, i wonder why some things never change.

i was wholly expecting this year's CNY to be drab n boring since not a whole lotta ppl were excited abt it, thr wasn't as much hype as the years before and it was juz gonna be another gathering in kl minus the usual batu pahat visiting to aunties houses n eating my all-time favourite CNY food, ACAR...but hey, it wasn't a drag...i actually enjoyed myself, even if there was no acar to be seen.
there's something about being together again with all your cousins n uncles n aunties n grandaunts n granduncles n greatgrandma that makes anything fun. yea well, it doesn't take much to make me happy i suppose.
why is CNY so great? allow me to elaborate...(super long elaboration ahead. perhaps u'd like to get some junk or a pillow?)

CNY EVE : 17/02/2007
successfully directed mama to uncle sekcheon's house in seri kembangan without gettin lost or missing a turn! applause for the no-sense-of-direction-whatsover-girl !! (of course, i had the help of a map, but still..) and boy, was their house awesome... i'd forgotten how huge it was.

1 thing's changed, they got a new dawg~ on top of their 3 y/o schnauzer, sammy, which is small like other schnauzers (what's wrong with doggie ha, aiming?), they now haf a shihtzu, nicky, in the same colour. its fun watchin the nicky follow sammy around but not so when nicky stopped to pee n sammy lapped some of it right off of nicky's dick while he's peeing n then proceeded to taste the remainder on the floor. han, ju n i were totally freaked out by it. it's not something you would want to see, trust me.
lesson learned : think twice before you touch a dog's mouth or let it lick you. u don't know where it's been.

reunion dinner. uncle cheon had a whole bunch of caterers come in to prepare for our buffet reunion... if you're thinkin metal trays of food dumped onto your kitchen counter so u can serve them yourself, you're wrong. he had them do the whole malaysian hotel-esque buffet with each type of food on a different table n the chef in white behind it under a mini canopy, uh huh,

complete with ais kacang machine...
like this one,and a whole lamb, freshly roasted in your yard over a pit! i was amazed.
extremely novel reunion dinner if you ask me (uncle cheon's treat cos he juz got promoted)... the lamb was awesome!!! n they also had asam laksa, but the chef dude made it too fishy for my liking. :(

after all the yummy food, corks popped and alcohol flowed... good stuff~ we had martinis, white wine, champaigne and red wine. i liked the white wine best- vy smooth~
i think some of the uncles n aunties got kinda drunk tho, cos they were laughing way too loudly. lolx.

1 regret, we didn't get to do our whole 1bed-aircon-room-talk-talk session with my cousins... instead, half of us went to watch Big Fish (great, timburton babehh) in the tv room while another half watched High School Musical (crappy, corny, lame) in the master bedroom. :*

1st DAY OF CNY : 18/02/2007
woke up at 9.30am or so, showered, dressed n came down.
now what did we do 1st thing in the morning on the 1st day of CNY ?!
wth. us girls didn't even have breakfast (on account of us waking up late n takin too much time to dress n turn pretty) and we had to wash dishes?! out of all the people who had breakfast, WE had to wash dishes... omg. but we were good girls, so we washed dishes. ladida.

i think they had leftover lamb sandwiches or something for breakfast... [scowl]

next up, lim tradition : family portraits!
blinking red timers, running uncles, blinding flashes, shouts, frozen smiles. the usual.

lunch served on the kitchen counter

oh.. n my greatgrandma is such an adorably cute old lady!!! shes so tiny n frail n softspoken n blurr n so so cute~ but abit deaf d la...

me: ah zho, wa ai ka le hip siong (i wanna take pic wif u, hip siong is take pic)
ggma: hah?
penny: HIP SIONG
ggma: [blurr]
auntie seoklian: EE AI KA LE HIP SIONG (she wants to take pic wif u)
ggma: ha?
penny: HIP SIONG
xinli: wa ai ka le HIP SIONG
ggma: si mi?
xinli : HIP SIONG
ggma: [laughs, but still blurr]
uncle seksek: juz take la.. stand in front of her n she will know...
[penny stands in front wif cam held high, i lean over n smile. snap]ggma: ooh... hip siong~
lolx.. she's the best
bea, pen, ggma, ju

we then had the CNY-greeting cum angpow-giving ceremony where evryone went up according to families and seniority to greet the couple on the sofa and offer them sweets n peanuts, each family taking turns. we don't do the random angpow giving thing cos there's too many kids n d uncles n aunties would eventually get confused as to who'd received n who hadn't. so traditional neh~ i remember doing this since i was a teeny tiny kid...ahhh sweet memories.

ggma, uncle cheon, auntie jentee waiting for ppl to come present them with the sweet tray while the others play with balloons (luv d cherry blossoms!)

yea, 1988 lim babies!
pretteh penny, pretteh xinli :), constipated lookin han :P

me, ju, pen, bea

the yi sang was good for once...i always luv tossing it but not eating it. this year's had less ginger or something so it was tastehh plus the abalone was yummehh!!!
put a penny, a bigass comfy pillow n a packet of chrysanthemum tea together n you've got yourselves a happy xinli!

but evryone went home eventually n left bea n our family wif uncleseksek in d house...
SO SAD... i miss evryone already!!!
watched some eps of Yakitate!! from uncle seksek's anime stash wif bea n ju... its actually pretty good n i luv azuma's grandpa. its amazing how the japanese can make whole anime's based on some small thing like bread...or tennis or yoyos or toy cars or cooking or card games ... i dunno, there's probably an anime about anything u can think of.

2nd DAY OF CNY: 19/02/07
home bound... sien sien sien

3rd DAY OF CNY: 20/02/07
visited tonnes of old relatives... grandma's sisters n best friends from childhood = boredom
then went round to mom's cousin's place for dinner n discovered that the uncle there collects ubercool vintage stuff like...
  1. an old record player dat actually plays old-school CNY songs from a black vinyl record! [thumbs up] AND it makes that sound when d record sticks n repeats itself, and dat slowing down sound when u lower d volume!!! i adore!!!!
  2. one of those super heavy irons dat need to be filled with hot coals
  3. a rusty typewriter dats huge
  4. a kickass medium/short wave radio that can't get local stations but stuff from everywhere else... i heard an indonesian 1, n some other crap that i don't understand but the uncle said it might be burmese or vietnamese or something. he also said he listens to the BBC on it every midnight... which might b bullshit but it also could be true~ n that makes it all the more kewl..... i wish my radio could do that... bugger.
i luv old-retro-vintage stuff!!! *hint*hint*

4th DAY OF CNY: 21/02/07
home again...
went jusco with ju to watch some movie, but all the movies are either crap or sold out. wtf is wrong with S2 tgv?!! i wanna watch Babel n TheLastKiss!!! argh~
went to yc's house to mj after... i suck at it~ but still won a few bux

5th DAY OF CNY: 22/02/07

more mj, more card games...
money~ flying away from me... i grab at them as they float... but alas, they escape my clutches...
boo hoo~
yc, lck n yap r major mj kakis. peeling them from the mj table is like... er...peeling flies off flypaper? at 1 point ky, zin, teo n i got sooo darn bored we started to read the malay subtitles for a korean drama ky was watchin off d tv screen- like with expressions n all. lmao. i honestly don't think any of us should go into the malay dubbing industry...

and i could go on n on n on... but i'd tire u. [grins]
i luv luv luv CNY!!!

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