Sunday, February 4, 2007

janice is so cute

lol...cos d perasan girl requested for a mention :P
proof :
6:26:32 PM
[c=13]- j@n. ohana-[/c=#8000FF]

got blog about me anot?

6:26:36 PM
°» xinli «°


6:26:37 PM
[c=13]- j@n. ohana-[/c=#8000FF]

say i m cute..cum on.

u c, u c.... so perasan rite? heheh.. but she is cute la...

look at how cute she is, n how much nicer my hair is now as compared to my cat/emu days

went to watch deathnote2 wif peeps from 5ix yesterday.
the show is nice. yupyup. adore L wif his phone call stance n affinity for sweets, n how gothic lolita misa amane is (u gotta c d stuff she has in her room, i'd nv b able to sleep wif so many creepy dolls)... but then thrs d cliched ending whr d baddie goes monologing about his righteousness n it seems like he's actually gonna win this time (but we all know he's supposed to lose, what with him being the bad guy and all) and its kinda fake in d end when Light is supposed to die of a heartattack but he still has time to writhe in pain on d floor for wut seems like hours. when u think he's finally gonna die as his dad holds him in his arms, he carries on talkin for abit before he actually gets to it.

i feel so bad again cos i find myself forever planning to watch a particular movie wif some person den end up watchin it wif another batch b4 they do... so sorry, ppl...

but i had fun anyway! i'm evil n selfish n i justify wrongdoings all too well for my own good... muahaha.

thrs wenyun, liping, janice n urs truly. siewsin is behind d cam
omg... look at my eyes.. how do i see thru those slits?

so after dat, i had to rush to tuition n was late abit...n after tuition, headed over to era to watch our beloved ky perform her chinese fan dance ...n obviously, d banner was nowhere to b seen as plh n zin have ditched dat idea! lucky ky...
d event was abit off tho, not much of an event cos thr weren't a whole lot of ppl thr n i felt sorry for d local artiste dat was thr to sing, cos most of d ppl thr were aunties wif their kids. boohoo. lolx

-better hair days to come-

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