Thursday, February 15, 2007

silver n bronze yo

for 4x100m n 200m respectively
bwahahhaha... can u believe it?
hang on a sec.... muahahahahhahahahhahaha!
sorry abt dat, too psyched.

since when was i good in any sports whatsoever? never. so this is like YAY! lolx...

sports day today. n d house mascots were cool... i luv Director's robot (girl wearin grey sweatshirt n pants wif 2 cardboard boxes taped onto her) who went around waving n acting vy unrobot-like, then thr was d lanky dude in a monkey mask n shades, for John, prancing around; n also d VERY tall guy who looked kinda like lady liberty wif his yellow robe n weirdass spiky headgear for Adrian. rest of d houses were kinda monotonous tho, Edward, Barnitus n Paul all had traditional indian-clothed girls as mascots... but i still think YP is da best mascot~ will post pix of us soon!

downside, i haf tanlines whr i forgot to apply sunscreen...cacat betul. it'll look abit weird cos i plan to wear a tank for CNY in 3 days time. ohwell, i got silver n bronze! ;) what with no training and too much lactic acid in muscles, AND my period. woot. im geng. lolx.

n another thing, i've got rashes on my palms again! i havent had a breakout this bad for a few months now. argh~ n i thought i could go for d family reunion n show my cousins how nice, smooth n rash-free my palms are now cos they've had to c my terrible rash-ridden palms every year. pissed la. n d freakin rashes had to break out few days before. its all an elaborate conspiracy i tell u.

-charles n chocolate is hot-

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