Tuesday, February 27, 2007

when the sky leaks

someone must have pissed the weather god cos Zeus unleashed his fury on sch grounds for a full 30 mins yesterday. we got the full effect of it; strong winds, sheets of rain, thunder, lightning. everything. and of all days, i had to pick today for librarian duty...

would u like to know how crap the sch is? i'll tell u how crap it is. the closed hallways were soaking wet cos rain came in from the high windows, the roof of the motorcycle shack blew off onto the road n left a gaping hole drenching the motorcycles beneath, wires were blown off their poles, the pavillion's metal roof also got yanked by the winds into the field plus u could literally see the some roof that remained flapping precariously waiting to fly away... oh n a black plastic dustbin got blown like 4m from where it was supposed to be... on the way out, the car had to cross overhanging wires n crunch thru the pieces of roof on the road.

then when i got to sch this morning, i had to cross a DABBLING BROOK to reach school. No, im not exaggerating. it dabbled, it did.

the wires were still strewn across the floor and the motorcycle shack n pavillion remained partially roof-ed with folded bits on top. very pathetic.

and so u assume the worst is over, ya? hell no.

the class is practically drowning cos we didnt close the windows. the tables which had these slots on the top for putting pencils were brimming with rainwater, the chair's concave part for ur butt was also collecting water n needless to say, the floor could slip up an elephant... i'm telling u, theres nothing more fucked up than studyin in a wet class. my place is actually in the middle of the class which is mayb 1.5m from the windows n everything was wet. wet wet wet.

as if wet wasn't enough, out of the 3 fans, the fan above me got short-circuited or something n it doesn't work anymore plus one of the old oscillating wall fans even fell off the wall n crashed onto our mag table.

never in my 12 years of school life have i ever, EVER studied in a drenching wet classroom. seriously. it's not like i live in some ulu place where it floods during monsoon or anything. it was at most 2hours of heavy rain! gawd... even some of the trees they just planted along Era got uprooted n blown over.

true story.

-more like 'when the sky cracks open'-

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