Saturday, March 31, 2007

sparky goes to a club


watch it!!!
it's so crazy...i dig it
but it bugs me that i can't figure out whether is anthony or ian doin the narrating cos its nothin like how either of them talk.
the owen wilson impersonation is wicked ass funny..the part whr it goes


how they switched from the heartwrenchin cry of pain as sparky butchers him with the chainsaw to the proper brit-ly narrator voice. awesome.
and what with robert de niro... AND dogs don't land on all fours when they fall off 20 storey buildings, cats do. lolxx.

p.s. if u haven't watched stranded, u should

-smosh kicks ass-

Thursday, March 29, 2007


i love it. i don't quite know why... but i love it.
normally i'd hate movies like this. but i love it.

its just so beautiful~ how the colours are rich in shades of crimson n copper, how every frame looks like a painting, how graceful the violence is portrayed, how the narrator narrates.

Spartans + Arcadians + Persians = Battle of Thermopylae

i like the fact that the fight scenes involve a lot of bloodshed but however many the spartans kill, their bodies are clean cos the blood splatters like paint on the painting itself, not the people. strange. i like leonidas' little braid hairband, their helmets complete with horsehair, the pretty greek robes, the fields that look like wheat...and i definitely liked how the persian arrows really did blot out the sunlight.

but i don't like its oddities n grossness; the oracle readin monk dudes, the runaway quasimodo, the persian monsters(especially that fat sumo-esque monster that has blades as hands), xerxes.

btw, xerxes is so very gay. we were being irritating moviegoers by discussing his accessories in low voices. his brows are plucked so thin that they look tattooed on, he wears eyeshadow n eyeliner n lipstick n lipliner n probably a crapload of bronzer... oh and nailpolish as well. i'm pretty sure he also has AcuvueDefine(those that make ur pupils huge) on plus he has multiple piercings on his cheek. aix. and he's so tall, he looks fake.

visuals:king leonidas: argh~ i've got arrows stickin outta my chest but i'm still gonna holler at u...bloody gay persian.

xerxes looks like he's gonna rape leonidas, or molest him at least. look at his hamsap face.

lovely movie. its so good, i almost like it better than VforVendetta...

-swords and sandals-

Sunday, March 25, 2007

the attack of the ulcers (2007)

monday, lunchtime. curry stingray, spinach, rice.

mouthwatering, no? she was hungry so she ate fast... too fast. chomp.
her hand flew up to her mouth, her face distorted in an expression of agony. blood poured profusely from the broken flesh of her bottom lip. that ominous feeling gripped her. it was a matter of hours until IT happens.

monday, dinner. contents of plate forgotten on account of post-traumatic disorders.

eating, fate accepted and merely waiting in the shadows of impending doom. but it was not enough to sentence her to a week of one painful ulcer. no. for yet again, her teeth decided on a rendezvous in the bottom lip. unfathomable anguish ensued... the tragedy was imminent.

tuesday morning.
an odious sight of 2 ulcers greeted her in the mirror. yellow, convex ovals bearing teeth marks jeer at her.

tuesday morning, recess.
she shows her tragic condition to her friends, irking them...

her: look there are 2 of them
friend: (disgusted look) what do u mean there are 2? there's 3 in there.

2 would be appropriate. one the masterpiece of the top incisors, another that of the bottom. but 3? the mirror stares back as the bottom lip is pulled outwards. true enough, there are 3.

tuesday afternoon.
ulcer #4 says hi.
tiny and circular, unlike its oversized oval brothers but nonetheless of the same breed.
4 festering ulcers converged on one very conspicous spot. if she leaves her lips parted ever so slightly, u might be lucky enough to catch sight of ulcer#1.

few days later.
ulcer #2 and ulcer#3 decided to move in together but failed to elope. she is left with 3 ulcers yet again.
the bonjela works no wonders but only causes further distress....
it is all a swollen, red mess of yellow ulcers. if situations do not improve, soon she will have a bottom lip that rivals angelina jolie's.
oh the wretchedness... the terrible malaise that has befallen her.

the worst is yet to come.

inspired by a true story.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

people, so predictable

bcos i was a lil pissed n i wanted to show dat i was really pissed so dat she would know that i was pissed n be sorry for making me pissed, i changed my nick to °» fuckin pissed off «° on my MSN, all these windows started popping up askin me y d heck was i so pissed...
for example :

*one phil - DiDa DiDa says:
wa li
*one phil - DiDa DiDa says:
wut happend?
*one phil - DiDa DiDa says:
y so pissed jiek

Who 1 play paintball? *Whack* *Thud* *Sizzle* *BOoM!!* says:
y so angry..
Who 1 play paintball? *Whack* *Thud* *Sizzle* *BOoM!!* says:
woah scary

[c=6][a=0]-kᇅk wεиĜ-[/c][/a]- says:
wei wei wei
[c=6][a=0]-kᇅk wεиĜ-[/c][/a]- says:
y so piss
[c=6][a=0]-kᇅk wεиĜ-[/c][/a]- says:
[c=6][a=0]-kᇅk wεиĜ-[/c][/a]- says:
chill chill

jess says:
y so pissed off?

haih.. ppl r liddat...when they hear some1 is upset, they all go berpusu-pusu to see wuts wrong. not dat its bad... lolx

reminds me of dat time in sec sch when i started crying cos i was too darn geram wif evryone for not cooperating... den when i woke up from my head-on-arm crying stance, the whole effin class was there trying to cheer me up. haha.. thanx man. it still tickles me when i think abt it.

n anyway... does
°» fuckin pissed off «° really indicate dat i'm THAT pissed that ppl need to come ask me to calm down? cos im not really that pissed. juz so u know...lolx

-apples n oranges-

Monday, March 12, 2007

pissed ranting

so pissed at life rite now.
its so so so effing monotonous.
i do pretty much the same things everyday, again n again n again. n before u know it, 1 whole freakin year has passed u by, n what r u now? nothing. same ol' same ol'.

today's the day when SPM results comes out. then it reminds me of when i got 10As n 1 fuckin B for my SPM. n this year, they found some new malay to glorify for her absolutely spectacular results of 18As just because she took some stupid, retarded courses that really didn't need to be taken anyway. its so obvious that she took it just to string more than 10As together. bloody irritating. they can't say for example 'wow, dat chinese girls is awesome for gettin 16As' n do long interviews for her n shit. nope di doo. they gotta find a malay girl n den she gets all the credit n they're gonna throw a whole party for her or somethin... n the prime minister's gonna visit her n the tv crew will b all over her... wtf la. other races show awesome results too ok... n what about those who were really really active in other activities besides d academic crap?? don't they get any credit? ok, so i'm not d model student or whatever n i am 1 of those ppl who can only memorize things n this whole system works in my favour, but i just feel that its unjust for them.... forgive me for being so hung up on this but i juz wanted to crap it all out. btw, im not racist.

now my brother is nose-bleeding n my mom is goin all "go make sure ur brother is ok"... its his bloody fault (excuse the pun) for goin out playin in the sun n not drinking enough water n having thin blood capillaries inside his nose n diggin his nose like he's mining for gold. he has to go bleed at least once in 3 months before he's satisfied. yeesh. i wanna scold him but then he's like so kesian. n honestly, i too, feel sorta heaty around the throat n karma might hit me back. i haven't had a nose bleed in at least 5 years n i don't plan to break that streak, thank u very much.

and whats more, AIMING FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

°» xinli «° says:
°» xinli «° says:
when do U THINK it is?
Ai Ming says:
i try to, i've been thinking
Ai Ming says:
its weird how the info got lost
°» xinli «° says:
stupid unappreciative fella
Ai Ming says:
it's 1_ of april
°» xinli «° says:
if my email isnt aries april u wouldnt even rmb it was in april
°» xinli «° says:
Ai Ming says:
i cant seem to retrieve the missing digit from my memory
°» xinli «° says:
Ai Ming says:
°» xinli «° says:
Ai Ming says:
Ai Ming says:
Ai Ming says:
°» xinli «° says:
Ai Ming says:
Ai Ming says:
°» xinli «° says:
Ai Ming says:
Ai Ming says:
Ai Ming says:
then i think i hav to fix my brain
Ai Ming says:
Ai Ming says:
°» xinli «° says:
more scoldin n worthless excuses ensue...

i wouldnt mind, if say, a classmate in my class now or wuteva forgot my birthday, but for pete's sake, UR AIMING... UR NOT SUPPOSED TO FORGET MY BIRTHDAY!!!!.. so pissed neh...
u better get me a super bday present AND manage to remember when it is before it actually passes, fucker... or else...
n yes, u should feel bad. i don't even care dat u feel bad cos i know i'm gonna forgive u anyway.

theodore (my pet skink) died. due to unfortunate circumstances which involve me being careless and forgetful that i would rather not disclose for the reason that it would make me look bad, the poor little fella passed on today. well, at least i wasn't too attached to it yet... it must be because i killed a moth the other day. sigh.

i really need to study now. d tests are coming after the holiday ends. bloody hell. i dont wanna take tests... i dun wanna take STPM... n i sure as hell dun wanna end up in a public Uni in malaysia.

blahh~ these things come n go. i dun feel shitty 24/7 n 365... its when things like exams come up n one of ur best friends forget ur birthday n ur pet dies that it does...
peace ppl.

-the procrastination continues-

tagged by aiming n jessmine

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

xinli revealed.
  1. i actually like reptiles, alot.

  2. i'm very into old, OLD stuff.

  3. i'm not that lazy, i just happen to make excuses by sayin 'i'm lazy' because it's the first thing that pops in my head. habitual... really. n ppl don't question it, they juz say 'gawd, ur lazy'. it's better than saying ' well i don't like u very much so i really don't wanna go kick apples/play golf/eat caterpillars with u'. not that i mean that every time i say im lazy u know.... ehem.. :)

  4. if i ever visit another country, i'd really like to go take rides on their public transport...provided it's not total crap.

  5. i enjoy being absolutely obscure.

  6. i hate it when things i like turn out to be a fad in malaysia, like nemo/nitemareb4xmas/50's fashion/shortbobs. man, i dun even remotely like nemo anymore. another reason y i dun follow fads.

  7. i don't wash my school shoes for at least a month.

  8. my second toe is longer than my first.

  9. i hate corduroy n furry cloths with a passion.

  10. i cry at movies.

is that weird/littleknown enough?

i tag :

geez..i cant even tag 6 properly. its SO SAD>..

-pop! goes the weasel-

Sunday, March 4, 2007

happy chap goh meh!!!

neh neh... today is the 15th day of cny, which also means :
  1. cny is officially over.
  2. after this when u go to ppl's house n wish them happy cny, they won't give u angpau regardless of whether they're married or not.
  3. we have to take down the cny deco in our class cos the teachers keep asking when are we gonna remove em.
  4. its chinese valentine's day n plenty of mandarin oranges get fed to kois in seremban for the lack of seas.
i actually wanted to go to d chap goh meh festival in city park to c a buncha ppl hurl mandarins into the lake n traumatize the fishies. but stuff came up n didn't end up going... :( nv c ppl do the whole orange-throwing event before leh... aiyah~

but there's always next year rite? unless they realise that stronger-than-average-throwers cull a few pricely kois n the guys who pick up d oranges may net some of d fishes mistakin d oranges for food... but then they might juz fence off an enclosure for d activity, anyhow i wouldn't know cos i didn't go. haha

wut'd i do instead? i sat home n ransacked the cupboard for a decent baju kurung to wear for some closing ceremony thing... then i proceeded to watch extremely boring shows on tv... after that, i watched han do cardtricks on webcamwhich is actually not as entertaining as one might think cos its kinda laggy n u don't know whats going on or what the card trick actually is until u ask the fella what u were supposed to be amazed at (or maybe i'm slow)

oh ya... n did u know that the whole mandarin tossing thing originated from penang... n malaysian's are probably the only people who are doin it? i didn't. then again, i'm not extremely well-versed in chinese history... so i'm probably the last one to know about this. me n the rest of the world. juz discovered it cos i was tryin to explain the whole thing to han (sg) who was virtually clueless n i thought he was absolutely stupid for not knowing about it... but turns out i'm in the dark. aikx.

wanna watch Ultraviolet later before i return yc's stuff to her tmr.

2 days ago geh convo (02.03.07)

yl: what's in 1 month's time?
me: huh?
yl: what's in 1 month's time?
me: nth la.. wut?
yl: then i will forget about it...
me: oooh...[dawning realisation]
no! i forbid u to forget about it.

(note: have u forgotten about it?)


Thursday, March 1, 2007

password protected blog

juz surfin around lookin at other ppls blogs cos i haf loads to do but can't be bothered anyhow....

then i saw this link > Lydia Norman
i felt like clicking it,
so i clickd.
then it sends u to her page n a pop-up says *welcome to lydia norman's blog*
pheesh. boring.
so u click ok, n another pop-up appears asking for a password. (who password's their blog lah?)
n obviously u don't have a password right?
so then u will either click the X or cancel. ( i picked cancel )

it redirects u to WOODBRIDGE!!! lmao.
n in case u don't know, its the equivalent of tanjung rambutan/hospital bahagia in m'sia
n it says *welcome to institute of mental health online*

issit just me, or issit really funny?

-lame, i know-