Thursday, March 29, 2007


i love it. i don't quite know why... but i love it.
normally i'd hate movies like this. but i love it.

its just so beautiful~ how the colours are rich in shades of crimson n copper, how every frame looks like a painting, how graceful the violence is portrayed, how the narrator narrates.

Spartans + Arcadians + Persians = Battle of Thermopylae

i like the fact that the fight scenes involve a lot of bloodshed but however many the spartans kill, their bodies are clean cos the blood splatters like paint on the painting itself, not the people. strange. i like leonidas' little braid hairband, their helmets complete with horsehair, the pretty greek robes, the fields that look like wheat...and i definitely liked how the persian arrows really did blot out the sunlight.

but i don't like its oddities n grossness; the oracle readin monk dudes, the runaway quasimodo, the persian monsters(especially that fat sumo-esque monster that has blades as hands), xerxes.

btw, xerxes is so very gay. we were being irritating moviegoers by discussing his accessories in low voices. his brows are plucked so thin that they look tattooed on, he wears eyeshadow n eyeliner n lipstick n lipliner n probably a crapload of bronzer... oh and nailpolish as well. i'm pretty sure he also has AcuvueDefine(those that make ur pupils huge) on plus he has multiple piercings on his cheek. aix. and he's so tall, he looks fake.

visuals:king leonidas: argh~ i've got arrows stickin outta my chest but i'm still gonna holler at u...bloody gay persian.

xerxes looks like he's gonna rape leonidas, or molest him at least. look at his hamsap face.

lovely movie. its so good, i almost like it better than VforVendetta...

-swords and sandals-

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