Sunday, March 25, 2007

the attack of the ulcers (2007)

monday, lunchtime. curry stingray, spinach, rice.

mouthwatering, no? she was hungry so she ate fast... too fast. chomp.
her hand flew up to her mouth, her face distorted in an expression of agony. blood poured profusely from the broken flesh of her bottom lip. that ominous feeling gripped her. it was a matter of hours until IT happens.

monday, dinner. contents of plate forgotten on account of post-traumatic disorders.

eating, fate accepted and merely waiting in the shadows of impending doom. but it was not enough to sentence her to a week of one painful ulcer. no. for yet again, her teeth decided on a rendezvous in the bottom lip. unfathomable anguish ensued... the tragedy was imminent.

tuesday morning.
an odious sight of 2 ulcers greeted her in the mirror. yellow, convex ovals bearing teeth marks jeer at her.

tuesday morning, recess.
she shows her tragic condition to her friends, irking them...

her: look there are 2 of them
friend: (disgusted look) what do u mean there are 2? there's 3 in there.

2 would be appropriate. one the masterpiece of the top incisors, another that of the bottom. but 3? the mirror stares back as the bottom lip is pulled outwards. true enough, there are 3.

tuesday afternoon.
ulcer #4 says hi.
tiny and circular, unlike its oversized oval brothers but nonetheless of the same breed.
4 festering ulcers converged on one very conspicous spot. if she leaves her lips parted ever so slightly, u might be lucky enough to catch sight of ulcer#1.

few days later.
ulcer #2 and ulcer#3 decided to move in together but failed to elope. she is left with 3 ulcers yet again.
the bonjela works no wonders but only causes further distress....
it is all a swollen, red mess of yellow ulcers. if situations do not improve, soon she will have a bottom lip that rivals angelina jolie's.
oh the wretchedness... the terrible malaise that has befallen her.

the worst is yet to come.

inspired by a true story.


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