Sunday, March 4, 2007

happy chap goh meh!!!

neh neh... today is the 15th day of cny, which also means :
  1. cny is officially over.
  2. after this when u go to ppl's house n wish them happy cny, they won't give u angpau regardless of whether they're married or not.
  3. we have to take down the cny deco in our class cos the teachers keep asking when are we gonna remove em.
  4. its chinese valentine's day n plenty of mandarin oranges get fed to kois in seremban for the lack of seas.
i actually wanted to go to d chap goh meh festival in city park to c a buncha ppl hurl mandarins into the lake n traumatize the fishies. but stuff came up n didn't end up going... :( nv c ppl do the whole orange-throwing event before leh... aiyah~

but there's always next year rite? unless they realise that stronger-than-average-throwers cull a few pricely kois n the guys who pick up d oranges may net some of d fishes mistakin d oranges for food... but then they might juz fence off an enclosure for d activity, anyhow i wouldn't know cos i didn't go. haha

wut'd i do instead? i sat home n ransacked the cupboard for a decent baju kurung to wear for some closing ceremony thing... then i proceeded to watch extremely boring shows on tv... after that, i watched han do cardtricks on webcamwhich is actually not as entertaining as one might think cos its kinda laggy n u don't know whats going on or what the card trick actually is until u ask the fella what u were supposed to be amazed at (or maybe i'm slow)

oh ya... n did u know that the whole mandarin tossing thing originated from penang... n malaysian's are probably the only people who are doin it? i didn't. then again, i'm not extremely well-versed in chinese history... so i'm probably the last one to know about this. me n the rest of the world. juz discovered it cos i was tryin to explain the whole thing to han (sg) who was virtually clueless n i thought he was absolutely stupid for not knowing about it... but turns out i'm in the dark. aikx.

wanna watch Ultraviolet later before i return yc's stuff to her tmr.

2 days ago geh convo (02.03.07)

yl: what's in 1 month's time?
me: huh?
yl: what's in 1 month's time?
me: nth la.. wut?
yl: then i will forget about it...
me: oooh...[dawning realisation]
no! i forbid u to forget about it.

(note: have u forgotten about it?)


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