Thursday, March 1, 2007

password protected blog

juz surfin around lookin at other ppls blogs cos i haf loads to do but can't be bothered anyhow....

then i saw this link > Lydia Norman
i felt like clicking it,
so i clickd.
then it sends u to her page n a pop-up says *welcome to lydia norman's blog*
pheesh. boring.
so u click ok, n another pop-up appears asking for a password. (who password's their blog lah?)
n obviously u don't have a password right?
so then u will either click the X or cancel. ( i picked cancel )

it redirects u to WOODBRIDGE!!! lmao.
n in case u don't know, its the equivalent of tanjung rambutan/hospital bahagia in m'sia
n it says *welcome to institute of mental health online*

issit just me, or issit really funny?

-lame, i know-

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