Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ju's prezzie

5 days after her bday cos the procrastinator had mom post it on the day itself,

ju called in the evening when i was sleeping to tell me she got my prezzie~ she was super psyched but i juz kept okay-ing in an extremely blurr fashion cos d phone call woke me up from mah nap. hehe.

sorry ler ju. luv u 2 ok?

happy smappy ju with her peace sign, sportin d lacy top i got her + uber-cute boxers
i single-handedly made
yea.. i had to bold it. proud ma..., it even has silky trim, wokeh?!!
i know, i can't get over how awesome i am either...
perasan :P

she said she liked d sitting pose better but she looked so sad innit. i must post happy happy pictures to illustrate the absolute joy of being SisterOfXinli. wakaka.

yep, dats all folks~
i juz wanted to show off my lovely sistah n my lovely gifts...


Monday, April 23, 2007

happy birthday ruth!!


i hope retainerG had a fantabulous birthday today!!!

felt abit dissapointed cos didn't get to go fit her present with her today after school cos i had library duty...(we got her contacts!).. nvm ler.. tmr can c! hehe

alege~epi bday!!
lolx.. no1 will get it :P

~~~~~~~~~~love ya lots ruthie~~~~~~~~

-gluttony ulcer-

Saturday, April 21, 2007

my obituary

thought i'd try one after reading aiming's miserly life with transsexual obituary... MISERLY.. hahaha. good one.


'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com
its uncanny!!!

so my 2 scenarios will be:

  1. i stub my toe on a nail/tree-trunk/chair/rock (which i happen to do all the time) but because i'm so terribly lazy and i hate going to the doctor's even if i have the flu/fungus/fever, my broken toenail will develop a nasty, nasty infection. plus i actually do like modern art, so it's not surprisingly that i'll be there looking at pretty (non-abstract) art and fall asleep quietly while i'm pretending to admire a famous artpiece and never wake up. which really is how i wish to die (falling asleep, not a toe infection)

  2. i try to be artsy fartsy and take a trip to the modern art museum because theres a miller/brody look-a-like. i'll never grow out of my crushes...hehe. because i'll be too busy checking the hottie out, i'll accidentally kick an exibit entitled "microbial dance" whereby a bunch of bacteria will flood my toenail because i'll be wearing slippers. i have this habit of wearing slippers everywhere... hence i shall die in the museum quietly since the bacteria are probably very highly evolved and shall attack my larynx in a matter of seconds and render me voiceless before swiftly moving on to destroy my brain cells.
and as for the teenage mutant ninja turtles part,
i've always been a fan, i used to watch it all the time when i was a kid.
when it came on, my granduncle would shout through the whole house for me to come watch cos i'd be horribly upset if i missed it ... hell, i can still sing that darn theme song.
i still freakin watch it nowadays when its on tv...

considering the fact that i love them so much, its only fair that they love me back. rite? rite?
and that is why i will be terribly missed by raphael, michelangelo, leonardo n donatello.

-i like it-

Friday, April 20, 2007

car vandals on the loose

lets just say the carpark between era square and spi is NOT SAFE for unguarded parking.

day1 : more than 3 cars and 4 scratches.
day2 : more than 6 cars and 7 scratches.

i have no idea what had gotten into these people but i'm thinking they got a high outta key-ing the first batch of cars on day1 and decided to strike back on day2. who would've expected their cars to get key-ed more than twice in 2 consecutive days?! [shakes head...]

the car in which i car-pool in with zin n plh got it twice, i.e. zin's gen-2. big time. the first day was ok, i juz came out seeing zin n plh inspecting the scratches, still fresh with paint dust around the scratch. 2 long ones running from the front to the back, 1 on each side. extremely obvious cos its a maroon-ish red and metallic car... even when both plh n i got into the car, zin still went back n forth outside, touching the scratch silently, visibly disturbed. but he was calm... n he dunfun-ed all the way back home even with plh tryin to comfort him.

he came back the next day parking it in the same parking lot, visibility of the scratches reduced by much polishing... sad but recovered a little. then after school i came out seeing a whole lotta ppl standing around their cars, arms flailing and cussing without restraint. 'twas a funny sight, it was... i feel a little bad cos i laughed, but hey... i couldn't help it. lol. zin's car got scratched a 2nd time directly on top of the 1st scratch...as if they were mocking him for polishing off the 1st scratch. wk n zin were cursing and comparing their scratches (his car was black... imagine that) evryone went around inspecting evryone else's scratches... yes. arms thrown up in the air with much swearing exchanged and death threats shouted out on top of their lungs. they even went throught the whole movie/drama phase where u transcend from being cussing-and-shouting angry to insane-laughing-at-the-situation angry.

ridiculously hilarious if u ask me... hehe.

u can actually see the progression of anger from day1 to day2. day1's was more of acceptance and regret of the unfortunate event... day2 however was more like unleashing the hounds of hell. geez...

needless to say, zin didn't drive his car to school today :)...a girl who's brand new orange myvi was victimised didn't show at the carpark n alot of the others are having second thoughts about parking their cars there......with the exception of those who drive old tanks that the vandals didn't even bother to key... lucky them.

-having old cars is a blessing in disguise-

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

happy birthday ju~!!!

my ah jie, Julie turns 21 today~~

she was the evil sis that bullied me until i cried to the extent of vomiting undigested maggi mee.
she tickled me until i almost choked to death laughing.
she ran with garden shears n nicked a chunk of flesh off of my finger.
she kicks me awake when i'm sleeping.

but she's still the greatest sistah eva!

cos she cleans my room for me... when she can't stand it.
she gives nice hugs.
she didn't give me the chicken pox.
she buys me bday presents... even if i don't return the favour.
she drinks essense of chicken...ew.
she's gonna go on a holiday n buy me souveniers n send me postcards.
n most of all....
cos she luvs her mimei~

have a wonderful birthday, wokeh?
n enjoy ur escapades in venice n milan a-ju~!
so jealous. so jealous. so jealous.

p.s. sorry ur present is gonna be late, but hopefully u'll like it lots!

infinite Xs n Os...
huggles n muaxxess
-luv ju-

Monday, April 16, 2007

kl with the M&Ms & Pen

headed up to midvalley with the M&Ms last saturday...
M&Ms as in
M : Meili aka ellie d cutest gurl eva

Ms : Mon, Mee, Moo

lolxx..yea well, i didn't manage to get a pic of Moo~
but i guess that'll suffice :)

wore bday present from ju,
rad shirt~!!
sorry ler.. but this is the most decent pic i have of it. better ones next time wokay, ju? [grins]
see how happy i am wearing it??
i'm not fakin leh

twas a fun day, it was.
plus i got an extremely belated bday prezzie from the Ms - a white long-sleeve top from MNG~

the MAC ppl at mv were having this make-up demo on, promoting Barbie Loves M.A.C....so very cool.
they had these 2 models posing very still wearing barbie outfits and pink plastic sunglasses on their heads ; 1 black n 1 white like in the print ads
the only thing was ... the white model resembled a drag queen, maybe cos she wasn't caucasion n they tried to make her look like one ... or she/he was really in drag, oh my! but the black model was really plasticky n pretteh..like a barbie. n they were smart enough to target the malaysian public by having the salesppl go around passing out these biscuits with the barbie emblem on 'em. pink. tastey. adorable. cute.

ate lunch , got bored...
hence ... photo session!
mon n ellie
me takin pic of mon n ellie with her cell
mon n i
i hate him cos he has good skin. it made my face look so blemished, i went n photoshopped me.
i hate ppl with good skin. hate hate.
ellie n mee/mick
they look so cute as a couple!
like lil 16 y/os damnit.
she'll scold me for puttin up a not so great pic of her. hehe.
me n mee
he wanted to pose with my earring,
don't ask me why
u know what i hate more than ppl with good skin?
guys who look prettier than girls.
hate hate hate.
its not fair!

the lot went home afterwards n i went off on my own to klcc to find mah dear Penny~
she was thr for the pc fair whr she got a set of speakers for her new room. a set of speakers that blasts music so u can hear from the bathroom in the hallway while u're showering.

we went to eat at steven's corner juz below her condo for dinner n the food was great! yup yup~
but what cracked me up was the fella who came over to collect money when we were done... he's crazy... lolx. so get this, its an indian but he sums up the price of the dishes in fluent chinese AND in record time, u pay up n he proceeds to count out ur change like he's doing some magic trick or card illusion with huge hand gestures and lotsa extra, irrelevant movements. u have to see it....! i was juz sitting there stunned, i can't quite remember but my mouth probably gaped a lil? lmao~~ who does that?
apparently, he's the only one who collects money n he does it every single time! or mayb they trained a whole platoon of big-gesture-money-counting indians, its anyones guess...i'm thinking its part of the package of the mamak place. so that when u can't remember what the place is called n u can't remember the big neon crab waving it's pincers above the sign, u can just say "oh u know, the one with the exaggerated change returning process?" and everyone will know... cos it's pretty hard to forget... kwim?
btw, what's a giant neon crab doin hanging around a mamak place anyway? we have one here in rasah jaya for a steamboat place and i get it, but mamak... hmmm...

penny's place is nice~ cos its new n white n clean n the 1st lift from the right in block A has a portrait of penny innit :) eh penny? [wink wink]
thrs a swimming pool n wading pool in the courtyard as well, but i doubt a whole lot of ppl swim thr... plus u get an okay view of the petronas towers from her balcony. when u wanna take a bus to the lrt/college/wherever, u can take a sunny stroll down to the bus stop!

which is where i happened to see a car accident~ cool... i always wanted to see a car accident. but it was just my luck cos i took the liberty of inspecting the hair follicles on my arm at the exact moment that the car banged into the other. argh. it must be what yc's car accident would've looked like when it happened... this saga/iswara, i can't tell, whacked into the car in front with a loud kapowbang~ like in comics. hehe... the front car emerged unscathed but the saga's bumper came off on 1 side n one of the lights got busted.exactly like yc's. kesimpulan, sagas are old wheezers which can break down or fall apart or both at any minute.
d one in d pic does not belong to anyone in particular.. juz thought i'd illustrate how crap it is.

went home on mah own on sunday afternoon. lrt to central :which is whr i had the priviledge to meet the horniest chinese girl i have ever seen. so there i was sittin on the lrt (lucky me) n here comes a chinese couple; the girl decides to take the empty seat beside me.

she holds a black backpack on her lap, her arms draped over it :normal.
her bf stands over her real close :normal.
she proceeds to raise her clasped hands so that they hit his crotch : not normal.

but i give her the benefit of the doubt... maybe she was just rearranging her arms, tho the guy is really tall n his crotch is nowhere near rearrangin-arm height

she does it again : definitely not normal.
he grabs her arm n pulls it away ... thank god.

but when u think she's done, she places her backpack further up front so its blocking his crotch n her hand dissapears from sight but her arm is visibly moving. urgh. [scrunches up nose in disgust] please la... i may appear to be staring straight ahead, but my peripherals are workin just fine, thankyouverymuch...

he grabs her arms away again n picks up the backpack. atleast he's got some sense. ish.
but she doesn't give up, oh no... then she wouldn't be get the title of 'horniest chinese girl i have ever seen' rite? she then decides to hump his thigh with her arm. i mean like... wtf la?! it was kinda like she was calling him by grabbing his thigh except her hand nv stopped moving. wtf wtf. liddat oso syok?
they left shortly after.

i'd like to have taken a good look at the guy's reaction but he was way too tall for me to look up inconspicuously. was he irritated... or turned on?.... hmm.. it's a mystery that will remain unsolved. [cue mysterious suspense music]

u'd nv think a normal lookin chinese couple in jeans n t-shirts n backpacks would resort to such indecency in the constraints of a public vehicle.... it irks me.

-it rains but its still hot-

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

happy birthday penny !!!

penny baby turns 19 today!!!

thanx for being the best cousin ever~!
luv ya lots, aight.

mUaXx MuAxX , dear~

the day shall come when we will chill with adam brody in the bahamas togetha...

i have destroyed ur present because u broke my mug!
[ cue evil laughter ]

juz kidding.
lookin forward to seeing u soon!!!!

-cheers to the sweetie-

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the parliament n chocfac

esch trip for sixth formers to the parliament today...

yea, i know. sounds boring rite?

the trip there
twas filled with food! aight. U65 has very crazy food-centric ppl u know? people go on buses bringing snacks like potato chips n biscuits. n what do we have?!
chicken drumsticks n fried rice n sandwiches n candy n soft drinks... lolx. its funny watchin the bigass tubs gettin passed around.

the parliament
very typical malaysian gov building from the outside, but they made a big fuss before we got to go in cos it was 'musim bersidang'. we had to put all our hps n cameras in one of those dark blue velvet drawstring bags then walk through a metal detector gate thing before we entered. we're obviously not going to try to murder any ministers for pete's sake! but its all protocol~

the place was pretty cool, all 160 of us were led up a red carpeted winding staircase to the..uh... waiting room?.. followed by a short briefing of the proceedings so we know when to bow n when to sit or stand. but only 100 of us got ushered into the house of representatives (dewan rakyat) cos there weren't enough seats.
a googled pic of the house of rep cos we weren't allowed cameras
see the red circle? that's where i sat.
n the glass table up front is for the mace (cokmar)

see how very hard it tries to be grand n intimidating? lolxx.. it was pretty cool to see the huge mace gettin carried in and the ministers debating n all...for about 15 mins anyway. then u start fidgeting n yawning through ur nose n wondering why the s/u parlimen klang can't even read numbers in malay fluently, let alone answer a question posed by the opposing party. the thing that really pissed me off though was the fact that the pews we had to sit in had just enough space for ur legs so that crossing ur legs are physically impossible.

we bowed n left at 11, an hour after it started cos another school wanted to come in. the PRO led us on to visit the senate (dewan negara) which i think looked way better though it was tiny cos it was built to accomodate 71 n not 219 like the DR.

1 regret though, we missed the heated debate stirred up by the opposition leader !!! when i say heated, i mean lotsa shouting n name calling n sensitive issues!
what's the point of watchin the proceedings if u only get to listen to boring stuff like the 'jualan murah' phenomenon n how tv dramas are degrading the youth n not building up 'modal insan'?! i wanna listen to ppl argue n shout at each other!!! wasted. really wasted. it was so loud, we could hear them from the senate next door. ish. then i missed it on the 8pm news cos i was pooped n sleeping....

then we got a buffet lunch sponsored by datukhon of sban in the building itself..cools.

the chocfac (Beryl's)
i thought we were going to a bigass chocfac like willywonka's or at least half of it... but it was miniscule, i tell u. itsy bitsy. but u could smell the chocolate once u stepped into the gates...yummeh. later on i learned that Beryl's is local n was founded in 1995 (i think) and the tiny place is the one n only factory in the whole wide world...(or did she mean malaysia? but i think its one n the same) n the reason we don't see much of it in malaysia is cos its actually meant for export.

though it defintely redeemed itself by having awesome vintage prints of chocolate ads. I LUV!

i particularly rmb this 1

we watched a vid abt beryl's history n their choc line before Zihan took us for a walk through a hallway of choc history n then to watch the actual choc-making. the walls had plastic chocolate oozing down.

found out alot of neat stuff bout chocolate...
like how it dates back to the mayans n the aztecs n the mesoamericans drank them with spices. solid choc actually didn't exist at all until much much later.
and how big names in chocolate aren't just famous chocs. for example:

made the 1st choc bar for widespread consumption

henri nestle developed one of the 1st milk chocolate

and no trip to a chocfac would be complete without... SAMPLING!!!
they had weird chocs like green tea, tiramisu, chilli, sesame. green tea tasted weird, tiramisu was even weirder n chilli i didn't test... the sesame, however, was actually good... it looked alot like birds eggs.

-abs heart the dark chocs-

Thursday, April 5, 2007

falling teeth

Dreams that your teeth are falling out are one of the most common dreams . Common dream scenarios include having your teeth crumbling in your hands or your teeth falling out one by one with just a light tap.

So what does it mean?

  1. fear of your sexual impotence or the consequences of getting old.
  2. fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some specific situation.
  3. feelings of inferiority and a lack of self-confidence in some situation or relationship in your life.
  4. malnutrition
  5. Scripture: you are putting your faith, trust, and beliefs in what man thinks rather than in the word of God
  6. Greek culture: a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.
  7. Chinese: you are telling lies.

oo0h.. interesting~
my teeth fell out with one light tap.

perhaps mine is fear of getting old since i had my dream 1 day before my birthday. lolxxx..
but its silly. i'm only 19 :)

then again, the malnutrition one is possible... hehe

-my teeth are yellow-

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

happy birthday to me!

wokay~ birthday post is here!!

I'M 19 NOW~!!!!

me: im so old~~
ruth: yea~ its ur last year being a teenager!
me: oh... rite.

i didn't quite realise it, but IT IS MY LAST YEAR AS A TEENAGER!!!
argh~ i'm gonna b in my twenties d!!!! lolx..

oh well, c'est la vie.

[squeezes eyes shut]
happy thoughts- happy thoughts--
so vot did xinli do for her bday?!

march 31 (saturday):
jusco, went shopping for my birthday present. but cos i didn't have anythin in mind whatsoever i ended up pickin somethin a lot of ppl find extremely weird. everytime i tell ppl, they tend repeat after me just to make sure they heard me right, then u see the raised brows in question...

then tuition.

then steamboat-ing with ky, plh, zin, pow, czy, jesses, yap, sjh, vk, yc. ate till i was bloated. i thought i missed steamboating, but turns out i'm still sick of it. lolx... bad choice of celebration venue. :P

april 1 (sunday):
went terminal shopping for random things n cloth. i wore aiming's prezzie!
the honest shirt says i'm awesome. which is so true!

its quite troublesome to go shoppin wif ellie in terminal cos she practically knows everyone there n has to stop n chat every few steps, which leaves me standing by trying to look interested in phones or lala clothes on display.

then i saw a black 'bottle' motorola phone. then i asked the fella whether its a cell phone cos i thought mayb it was one of those house mobiles... but get this,
its got colour screen and plays mp3 and video!!!
holy crap!! i didn't know they existed. i was sceptical at first but he got it out n showed us and ITS TRUE! cool~

i bought me a shirt n 4 diff patterns of cloth.

april 2 !!!(monday):
wee~ woke up n got ready for sch.. then ellie's mom showed up to pass me my bday prezzie~
she made me breakfast to bring to sch plus a teensy cheesecake on top of a bunch of stuff. yesh, ellie is fantastic. thankies girl.

got to sch n got bombarded with birthday wishes from classmates... epi epi~
u65 sang bday song for me oso neh... haha, luv them mucho.

but then i had to stay back for librarian duty and it rained n blacked out abt a dozen times. aix... at least the roof didn't blow off like the last storm we had. yikes.

afterwards i was so pooped cos i was a good girl and stayed up the whole day in school without sleepin in a single class that i didn't feel like goin out anymo n decided to go home to sleep. i got bugged like mad in the car by plh n zin cos i declined vk's treat. stupid couple. forever buggin me n ky cos of our singledom...yeesh. feel like strangling them sometimes.

got a bunch of msgs n calls from sec schmates. so touched that they remember..

mummy bought fruit cake for me... the cream was super nice and light n the sponge yummy..(or i was juz psyched that it was my birthday cake) hehe. nische nische.

april 3 (tuesday):
supposed to bring cake for darlin yl n ruth but forgot...then gong2 n fatty gasak all... so cannot bring for them today.

got e-card from zetty(trj classmate)! miss her so, haven't seen her for years.

blurr ju called to wish me happy birthday while i was at gopal's cos the girl thought it was 2nd april that day. adeh~ so so blurr. poor thing, study in sg until ngong d. lolx

and vot did xinli get for her birthday?!
edited to add the wonderful contributions from ma luverly sista n cousin. muah muah.
1 hairband
1 cute yellow keychain
1 adorable but uselss thong with pretty butterflies on the backe
1 tube of menthos (which i nicked actually... lolx)
1 lunchbox + breakfast
1 mug
2 cakes
2 sweet bra straps
2 nische shirts (1 dats personally designed by aiming, yup yup, n 1 from darling Ju)
2 lovely tanks
3 vcds (spirited away, we're back, emperor's new groove)
3 lovely cards (+1 dats still on its way)

hmm.. i think that about sums it all up then yea?
thanx to all the peeps that made me happy!!!

HUGS N KISSES!i was such a cute kid!

-luv 2nd april-

Sunday, April 1, 2007

april fool's day

1st april fool joke of the day.
guess who played it on me?

it was THE MOST TRAUMATIZING april fool's joke i have ever experienced. (for abt 5 mins anyway).
u know, when u wake up from a thoroughly scary nightmare, u're still in fear when u wake up but after a few mins, it gradually wears off as u forget the details...? exactly that.

i think this was the worst nightmare i've had in a while. mayb years... i still remember one where i swam with talking, life-sized sewer rats in a never-ending sewer while having to hold my breath. that was scary cos i was probably 6 or 7 or something...
then there was one where i killed someone by accidentally pushin him off the school balcony (then the school held a whole memorial thing for the poor dude in dewanSeriMewah..lol...though i have to admit, i wasn't really all that freaked out at that one. perhaps i do have the capacity to kill...
the latest was one where all my teeth dropped out and they had veins n crap attatched to the end of them, all blue and red shit. way way creepy... blood poured out like i severed an artery and i went around the house askin ppl why it happened as i collected my teeth in my palm. even uncle sekying the dentist was around, but he couldn't tell me why. it was so real i can still feel the teeth clunking around in my mouth before i spit em out. [shudders]
that's one tooth gone, what would an empty mouth feel like? plus veins hanging out like vege stuck to ur teeth..

so now, for today's morning nightmare.

i only remember bits and pieces of it so i shall only give u an account of them....... bear in mind there were probably scrarier bits i can't remember. plus i'm pretty sure the events probably aren't in chronological form...

ok, so... now that i'm finally beginning... i can't recall the details at all....


right, then.

i think the beginning was when these beetle-like robots attacked me from nowhere. i was in the house doing god-knows-what at the time. they landed on my palms n burrowed into my skin, but not travelling inside them like in 'evolution' but more so just staying there, embedded in my palms with parts of their bodies showing, rendering me with the appearance of a cyborg...yeesh. it was remotely reminiscent of that gross lotus-worm-breast/nipple infection that i'm sure u've seen some time of ur online life. EEWWWW... i know a chill just ran down ur spine and ur gettin goosebumps. well, i felt that anyway. i was going to post a pic of that to remind u, but i'm kind.so here's a link if u haven't seen it yet... now imagine ur having a dream n it feels SO REAL to u. if that's not scary, i don't know what is.

then, i find out that i'm dying because of those pesky bots and this weird ass tall dude (who is not ur average prince charming, incase u start imagining someone hot...u'll spoil the whole feel of it.) turns up in the house. i can't remember much of his appearance except that he was tall, male and all-powerful. this fella proceeds to lock me up in a room in the house so i can await my death...aARRGH!!! it's SO UNNERVING when u know ur gonna die!

i don't know what led to this but somehow, a bunch of ppl throw me an outdoor farewell party and hundreds attended. it had white canopies, metal buffet trays and grass underfoot. classic malaysian celebrations. BUT ALL THEY SERVED WAS SEAFOOD!!! not yummy seafood... raw looking seafood with ice packed around them. yucky, bloody squids and fish and prawns and jellyfishes...blerrgh. repulsive.
raw squid

i vaguely remember there was kite flying as well...odd eh?
then i went through a whole ordeal trapped in the room tryin to plan my escape method and route, how i would survive it all. maybe it was the stress... or my brain was tryin to mess with me.... ALL MY TEETH FELL OFF AGAIN! wth is with me and falling teeth?! this time, there were no veins hanging out, no blood, no pain. i just collected my teeth calmly in a plastic cup(probably from the buffet)...when i flicked my tongue over my gums, i could actually feel just gums.

eventually i came to terms with my imminent death, i grew to like the weird tall man who locked me up and as i was saying my goodbyes to everyone, crying my heart out...

i woke up.
then suddenly it felt like a whole room of people popped outta nowhere shouting APRIL FOOL!!!

"what?!!! it was a dream?! and i went through all that for NOTHING?"

nothing but a reason to write a lengthy blog entry.
it was an extremely emotionally-draining dream...

p.s. i think it proves that one shouldn't watch pan's labyrinth at 3 am in the morning.
its enough to give one nightmares.

-hope it isn't recurrent-