Sunday, April 1, 2007

april fool's day

1st april fool joke of the day.
guess who played it on me?

it was THE MOST TRAUMATIZING april fool's joke i have ever experienced. (for abt 5 mins anyway).
u know, when u wake up from a thoroughly scary nightmare, u're still in fear when u wake up but after a few mins, it gradually wears off as u forget the details...? exactly that.

i think this was the worst nightmare i've had in a while. mayb years... i still remember one where i swam with talking, life-sized sewer rats in a never-ending sewer while having to hold my breath. that was scary cos i was probably 6 or 7 or something...
then there was one where i killed someone by accidentally pushin him off the school balcony (then the school held a whole memorial thing for the poor dude in i have to admit, i wasn't really all that freaked out at that one. perhaps i do have the capacity to kill...
the latest was one where all my teeth dropped out and they had veins n crap attatched to the end of them, all blue and red shit. way way creepy... blood poured out like i severed an artery and i went around the house askin ppl why it happened as i collected my teeth in my palm. even uncle sekying the dentist was around, but he couldn't tell me why. it was so real i can still feel the teeth clunking around in my mouth before i spit em out. [shudders]
that's one tooth gone, what would an empty mouth feel like? plus veins hanging out like vege stuck to ur teeth..

so now, for today's morning nightmare.

i only remember bits and pieces of it so i shall only give u an account of them....... bear in mind there were probably scrarier bits i can't remember. plus i'm pretty sure the events probably aren't in chronological form...

ok, so... now that i'm finally beginning... i can't recall the details at all....


right, then.

i think the beginning was when these beetle-like robots attacked me from nowhere. i was in the house doing god-knows-what at the time. they landed on my palms n burrowed into my skin, but not travelling inside them like in 'evolution' but more so just staying there, embedded in my palms with parts of their bodies showing, rendering me with the appearance of a cyborg...yeesh. it was remotely reminiscent of that gross lotus-worm-breast/nipple infection that i'm sure u've seen some time of ur online life. EEWWWW... i know a chill just ran down ur spine and ur gettin goosebumps. well, i felt that anyway. i was going to post a pic of that to remind u, but i'm here's a link if u haven't seen it yet... now imagine ur having a dream n it feels SO REAL to u. if that's not scary, i don't know what is.

then, i find out that i'm dying because of those pesky bots and this weird ass tall dude (who is not ur average prince charming, incase u start imagining someone hot...u'll spoil the whole feel of it.) turns up in the house. i can't remember much of his appearance except that he was tall, male and all-powerful. this fella proceeds to lock me up in a room in the house so i can await my death...aARRGH!!! it's SO UNNERVING when u know ur gonna die!

i don't know what led to this but somehow, a bunch of ppl throw me an outdoor farewell party and hundreds attended. it had white canopies, metal buffet trays and grass underfoot. classic malaysian celebrations. BUT ALL THEY SERVED WAS SEAFOOD!!! not yummy seafood... raw looking seafood with ice packed around them. yucky, bloody squids and fish and prawns and jellyfishes...blerrgh. repulsive.
raw squid

i vaguely remember there was kite flying as well...odd eh?
then i went through a whole ordeal trapped in the room tryin to plan my escape method and route, how i would survive it all. maybe it was the stress... or my brain was tryin to mess with me.... ALL MY TEETH FELL OFF AGAIN! wth is with me and falling teeth?! this time, there were no veins hanging out, no blood, no pain. i just collected my teeth calmly in a plastic cup(probably from the buffet)...when i flicked my tongue over my gums, i could actually feel just gums.

eventually i came to terms with my imminent death, i grew to like the weird tall man who locked me up and as i was saying my goodbyes to everyone, crying my heart out...

i woke up.
then suddenly it felt like a whole room of people popped outta nowhere shouting APRIL FOOL!!!

"what?!!! it was a dream?! and i went through all that for NOTHING?"

nothing but a reason to write a lengthy blog entry.
it was an extremely emotionally-draining dream...

p.s. i think it proves that one shouldn't watch pan's labyrinth at 3 am in the morning.
its enough to give one nightmares.

-hope it isn't recurrent-

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P e N N y said...

U have the weirdest dream ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahahhahahah
think too much mate!!