Friday, April 20, 2007

car vandals on the loose

lets just say the carpark between era square and spi is NOT SAFE for unguarded parking.

day1 : more than 3 cars and 4 scratches.
day2 : more than 6 cars and 7 scratches.

i have no idea what had gotten into these people but i'm thinking they got a high outta key-ing the first batch of cars on day1 and decided to strike back on day2. who would've expected their cars to get key-ed more than twice in 2 consecutive days?! [shakes head...]

the car in which i car-pool in with zin n plh got it twice, i.e. zin's gen-2. big time. the first day was ok, i juz came out seeing zin n plh inspecting the scratches, still fresh with paint dust around the scratch. 2 long ones running from the front to the back, 1 on each side. extremely obvious cos its a maroon-ish red and metallic car... even when both plh n i got into the car, zin still went back n forth outside, touching the scratch silently, visibly disturbed. but he was calm... n he dunfun-ed all the way back home even with plh tryin to comfort him.

he came back the next day parking it in the same parking lot, visibility of the scratches reduced by much polishing... sad but recovered a little. then after school i came out seeing a whole lotta ppl standing around their cars, arms flailing and cussing without restraint. 'twas a funny sight, it was... i feel a little bad cos i laughed, but hey... i couldn't help it. lol. zin's car got scratched a 2nd time directly on top of the 1st if they were mocking him for polishing off the 1st scratch. wk n zin were cursing and comparing their scratches (his car was black... imagine that) evryone went around inspecting evryone else's scratches... yes. arms thrown up in the air with much swearing exchanged and death threats shouted out on top of their lungs. they even went throught the whole movie/drama phase where u transcend from being cussing-and-shouting angry to insane-laughing-at-the-situation angry.

ridiculously hilarious if u ask me... hehe.

u can actually see the progression of anger from day1 to day2. day1's was more of acceptance and regret of the unfortunate event... day2 however was more like unleashing the hounds of hell. geez...

needless to say, zin didn't drive his car to school today :)...a girl who's brand new orange myvi was victimised didn't show at the carpark n alot of the others are having second thoughts about parking their cars there......with the exception of those who drive old tanks that the vandals didn't even bother to key... lucky them.

-having old cars is a blessing in disguise-

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