Wednesday, April 18, 2007

happy birthday ju~!!!

my ah jie, Julie turns 21 today~~

she was the evil sis that bullied me until i cried to the extent of vomiting undigested maggi mee.
she tickled me until i almost choked to death laughing.
she ran with garden shears n nicked a chunk of flesh off of my finger.
she kicks me awake when i'm sleeping.

but she's still the greatest sistah eva!

cos she cleans my room for me... when she can't stand it.
she gives nice hugs.
she didn't give me the chicken pox.
she buys me bday presents... even if i don't return the favour.
she drinks essense of chicken...ew.
she's gonna go on a holiday n buy me souveniers n send me postcards.
n most of all....
cos she luvs her mimei~

have a wonderful birthday, wokeh?
n enjoy ur escapades in venice n milan a-ju~!
so jealous. so jealous. so jealous.

p.s. sorry ur present is gonna be late, but hopefully u'll like it lots!

infinite Xs n Os...
huggles n muaxxess
-luv ju-

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