Wednesday, April 11, 2007

happy birthday penny !!!

penny baby turns 19 today!!!

thanx for being the best cousin ever~!
luv ya lots, aight.

mUaXx MuAxX , dear~

the day shall come when we will chill with adam brody in the bahamas togetha...

i have destroyed ur present because u broke my mug!
[ cue evil laughter ]

juz kidding.
lookin forward to seeing u soon!!!!

-cheers to the sweetie-


P e N N y said...

Thank u!!!! You are the 1st and only one who wish me thru ur own blog.. Im touched.. about dat mug is accident.. but i bought u another glass.. cute one lolx

Luv u!!!

wayne the lost apple said...

tho this post is about someone named penny which i don't know, do let me carve a few words here...

i now welcome you your first step towards adulthood...

and i gleefully apologize because i forgot about the day you were born.

happy belated, better late than never, birthday which we celebrate every single year without knowing what it really mean to us besides getting gifts, spending money and getting tortured by hostel mates.