Wednesday, April 4, 2007

happy birthday to me!

wokay~ birthday post is here!!

I'M 19 NOW~!!!!

me: im so old~~
ruth: yea~ its ur last year being a teenager!
me: oh... rite.

i didn't quite realise it, but IT IS MY LAST YEAR AS A TEENAGER!!!
argh~ i'm gonna b in my twenties d!!!! lolx..

oh well, c'est la vie.

[squeezes eyes shut]
happy thoughts- happy thoughts--
so vot did xinli do for her bday?!

march 31 (saturday):
jusco, went shopping for my birthday present. but cos i didn't have anythin in mind whatsoever i ended up pickin somethin a lot of ppl find extremely weird. everytime i tell ppl, they tend repeat after me just to make sure they heard me right, then u see the raised brows in question...

then tuition.

then steamboat-ing with ky, plh, zin, pow, czy, jesses, yap, sjh, vk, yc. ate till i was bloated. i thought i missed steamboating, but turns out i'm still sick of it. lolx... bad choice of celebration venue. :P

april 1 (sunday):
went terminal shopping for random things n cloth. i wore aiming's prezzie!
the honest shirt says i'm awesome. which is so true!

its quite troublesome to go shoppin wif ellie in terminal cos she practically knows everyone there n has to stop n chat every few steps, which leaves me standing by trying to look interested in phones or lala clothes on display.

then i saw a black 'bottle' motorola phone. then i asked the fella whether its a cell phone cos i thought mayb it was one of those house mobiles... but get this,
its got colour screen and plays mp3 and video!!!
holy crap!! i didn't know they existed. i was sceptical at first but he got it out n showed us and ITS TRUE! cool~

i bought me a shirt n 4 diff patterns of cloth.

april 2 !!!(monday):
wee~ woke up n got ready for sch.. then ellie's mom showed up to pass me my bday prezzie~
she made me breakfast to bring to sch plus a teensy cheesecake on top of a bunch of stuff. yesh, ellie is fantastic. thankies girl.

got to sch n got bombarded with birthday wishes from classmates... epi epi~
u65 sang bday song for me oso neh... haha, luv them mucho.

but then i had to stay back for librarian duty and it rained n blacked out abt a dozen times. aix... at least the roof didn't blow off like the last storm we had. yikes.

afterwards i was so pooped cos i was a good girl and stayed up the whole day in school without sleepin in a single class that i didn't feel like goin out anymo n decided to go home to sleep. i got bugged like mad in the car by plh n zin cos i declined vk's treat. stupid couple. forever buggin me n ky cos of our singledom...yeesh. feel like strangling them sometimes.

got a bunch of msgs n calls from sec schmates. so touched that they remember..

mummy bought fruit cake for me... the cream was super nice and light n the sponge yummy..(or i was juz psyched that it was my birthday cake) hehe. nische nische.

april 3 (tuesday):
supposed to bring cake for darlin yl n ruth but forgot...then gong2 n fatty gasak all... so cannot bring for them today.

got e-card from zetty(trj classmate)! miss her so, haven't seen her for years.

blurr ju called to wish me happy birthday while i was at gopal's cos the girl thought it was 2nd april that day. adeh~ so so blurr. poor thing, study in sg until ngong d. lolx

and vot did xinli get for her birthday?!
edited to add the wonderful contributions from ma luverly sista n cousin. muah muah.
1 hairband
1 cute yellow keychain
1 adorable but uselss thong with pretty butterflies on the backe
1 tube of menthos (which i nicked actually... lolx)
1 lunchbox + breakfast
1 mug
2 cakes
2 sweet bra straps
2 nische shirts (1 dats personally designed by aiming, yup yup, n 1 from darling Ju)
2 lovely tanks
3 vcds (spirited away, we're back, emperor's new groove)
3 lovely cards (+1 dats still on its way)

hmm.. i think that about sums it all up then yea?
thanx to all the peeps that made me happy!!!

HUGS N KISSES!i was such a cute kid!

-luv 2nd april-

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