Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ju's prezzie

5 days after her bday cos the procrastinator had mom post it on the day itself,

ju called in the evening when i was sleeping to tell me she got my prezzie~ she was super psyched but i juz kept okay-ing in an extremely blurr fashion cos d phone call woke me up from mah nap. hehe.

sorry ler ju. luv u 2 ok?

happy smappy ju with her peace sign, sportin d lacy top i got her + uber-cute boxers
i single-handedly made
yea.. i had to bold it. proud ma..., it even has silky trim, wokeh?!!
i know, i can't get over how awesome i am either...
perasan :P

she said she liked d sitting pose better but she looked so sad innit. i must post happy happy pictures to illustrate the absolute joy of being SisterOfXinli. wakaka.

yep, dats all folks~
i juz wanted to show off my lovely sistah n my lovely gifts...


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