Monday, April 16, 2007

kl with the M&Ms & Pen

headed up to midvalley with the M&Ms last saturday...
M&Ms as in
M : Meili aka ellie d cutest gurl eva

Ms : Mon, Mee, Moo

lolxx..yea well, i didn't manage to get a pic of Moo~
but i guess that'll suffice :)

wore bday present from ju,
rad shirt~!!
sorry ler.. but this is the most decent pic i have of it. better ones next time wokay, ju? [grins]
see how happy i am wearing it??
i'm not fakin leh

twas a fun day, it was.
plus i got an extremely belated bday prezzie from the Ms - a white long-sleeve top from MNG~

the MAC ppl at mv were having this make-up demo on, promoting Barbie Loves very cool.
they had these 2 models posing very still wearing barbie outfits and pink plastic sunglasses on their heads ; 1 black n 1 white like in the print ads
the only thing was ... the white model resembled a drag queen, maybe cos she wasn't caucasion n they tried to make her look like one ... or she/he was really in drag, oh my! but the black model was really plasticky n a barbie. n they were smart enough to target the malaysian public by having the salesppl go around passing out these biscuits with the barbie emblem on 'em. pink. tastey. adorable. cute.

ate lunch , got bored...
hence ... photo session!
mon n ellie
me takin pic of mon n ellie with her cell
mon n i
i hate him cos he has good skin. it made my face look so blemished, i went n photoshopped me.
i hate ppl with good skin. hate hate.
ellie n mee/mick
they look so cute as a couple!
like lil 16 y/os damnit.
she'll scold me for puttin up a not so great pic of her. hehe.
me n mee
he wanted to pose with my earring,
don't ask me why
u know what i hate more than ppl with good skin?
guys who look prettier than girls.
hate hate hate.
its not fair!

the lot went home afterwards n i went off on my own to klcc to find mah dear Penny~
she was thr for the pc fair whr she got a set of speakers for her new room. a set of speakers that blasts music so u can hear from the bathroom in the hallway while u're showering.

we went to eat at steven's corner juz below her condo for dinner n the food was great! yup yup~
but what cracked me up was the fella who came over to collect money when we were done... he's crazy... lolx. so get this, its an indian but he sums up the price of the dishes in fluent chinese AND in record time, u pay up n he proceeds to count out ur change like he's doing some magic trick or card illusion with huge hand gestures and lotsa extra, irrelevant movements. u have to see it....! i was juz sitting there stunned, i can't quite remember but my mouth probably gaped a lil? lmao~~ who does that?
apparently, he's the only one who collects money n he does it every single time! or mayb they trained a whole platoon of big-gesture-money-counting indians, its anyones guess...i'm thinking its part of the package of the mamak place. so that when u can't remember what the place is called n u can't remember the big neon crab waving it's pincers above the sign, u can just say "oh u know, the one with the exaggerated change returning process?" and everyone will know... cos it's pretty hard to forget... kwim?
btw, what's a giant neon crab doin hanging around a mamak place anyway? we have one here in rasah jaya for a steamboat place and i get it, but mamak... hmmm...

penny's place is nice~ cos its new n white n clean n the 1st lift from the right in block A has a portrait of penny innit :) eh penny? [wink wink]
thrs a swimming pool n wading pool in the courtyard as well, but i doubt a whole lot of ppl swim thr... plus u get an okay view of the petronas towers from her balcony. when u wanna take a bus to the lrt/college/wherever, u can take a sunny stroll down to the bus stop!

which is where i happened to see a car accident~ cool... i always wanted to see a car accident. but it was just my luck cos i took the liberty of inspecting the hair follicles on my arm at the exact moment that the car banged into the other. argh. it must be what yc's car accident would've looked like when it happened... this saga/iswara, i can't tell, whacked into the car in front with a loud kapowbang~ like in comics. hehe... the front car emerged unscathed but the saga's bumper came off on 1 side n one of the lights got busted.exactly like yc's. kesimpulan, sagas are old wheezers which can break down or fall apart or both at any minute.
d one in d pic does not belong to anyone in particular.. juz thought i'd illustrate how crap it is.

went home on mah own on sunday afternoon. lrt to central :which is whr i had the priviledge to meet the horniest chinese girl i have ever seen. so there i was sittin on the lrt (lucky me) n here comes a chinese couple; the girl decides to take the empty seat beside me.

she holds a black backpack on her lap, her arms draped over it :normal.
her bf stands over her real close :normal.
she proceeds to raise her clasped hands so that they hit his crotch : not normal.

but i give her the benefit of the doubt... maybe she was just rearranging her arms, tho the guy is really tall n his crotch is nowhere near rearrangin-arm height

she does it again : definitely not normal.
he grabs her arm n pulls it away ... thank god.

but when u think she's done, she places her backpack further up front so its blocking his crotch n her hand dissapears from sight but her arm is visibly moving. urgh. [scrunches up nose in disgust] please la... i may appear to be staring straight ahead, but my peripherals are workin just fine, thankyouverymuch...

he grabs her arms away again n picks up the backpack. atleast he's got some sense. ish.
but she doesn't give up, oh no... then she wouldn't be get the title of 'horniest chinese girl i have ever seen' rite? she then decides to hump his thigh with her arm. i mean like... wtf la?! it was kinda like she was calling him by grabbing his thigh except her hand nv stopped moving. wtf wtf. liddat oso syok?
they left shortly after.

i'd like to have taken a good look at the guy's reaction but he was way too tall for me to look up inconspicuously. was he irritated... or turned on?.... hmm.. it's a mystery that will remain unsolved. [cue mysterious suspense music]

u'd nv think a normal lookin chinese couple in jeans n t-shirts n backpacks would resort to such indecency in the constraints of a public vehicle.... it irks me.

-it rains but its still hot-

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mOn said...

wuhaha..Tats y d reason i alway LUV ur blogging!AWESOME~so touching ur reality life.Ala..Dun kp jealousing ard those who in gd skin at all.1stly here i wish 2 10s god devoted me a WELL SKIN FACE!!HAHA** Well,u r possibly admit words frm d t-shirt ady(DUN WORKSHIP JESUS)