Saturday, April 21, 2007

my obituary

thought i'd try one after reading aiming's miserly life with transsexual obituary... MISERLY.. hahaha. good one.


'What will your obituary say?' at
its uncanny!!!

so my 2 scenarios will be:

  1. i stub my toe on a nail/tree-trunk/chair/rock (which i happen to do all the time) but because i'm so terribly lazy and i hate going to the doctor's even if i have the flu/fungus/fever, my broken toenail will develop a nasty, nasty infection. plus i actually do like modern art, so it's not surprisingly that i'll be there looking at pretty (non-abstract) art and fall asleep quietly while i'm pretending to admire a famous artpiece and never wake up. which really is how i wish to die (falling asleep, not a toe infection)

  2. i try to be artsy fartsy and take a trip to the modern art museum because theres a miller/brody look-a-like. i'll never grow out of my crushes...hehe. because i'll be too busy checking the hottie out, i'll accidentally kick an exibit entitled "microbial dance" whereby a bunch of bacteria will flood my toenail because i'll be wearing slippers. i have this habit of wearing slippers everywhere... hence i shall die in the museum quietly since the bacteria are probably very highly evolved and shall attack my larynx in a matter of seconds and render me voiceless before swiftly moving on to destroy my brain cells.
and as for the teenage mutant ninja turtles part,
i've always been a fan, i used to watch it all the time when i was a kid.
when it came on, my granduncle would shout through the whole house for me to come watch cos i'd be horribly upset if i missed it ... hell, i can still sing that darn theme song.
i still freakin watch it nowadays when its on tv...

considering the fact that i love them so much, its only fair that they love me back. rite? rite?
and that is why i will be terribly missed by raphael, michelangelo, leonardo n donatello.

-i like it-

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