Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the parliament n chocfac

esch trip for sixth formers to the parliament today...

yea, i know. sounds boring rite?

the trip there
twas filled with food! aight. U65 has very crazy food-centric ppl u know? people go on buses bringing snacks like potato chips n biscuits. n what do we have?!
chicken drumsticks n fried rice n sandwiches n candy n soft drinks... lolx. its funny watchin the bigass tubs gettin passed around.

the parliament
very typical malaysian gov building from the outside, but they made a big fuss before we got to go in cos it was 'musim bersidang'. we had to put all our hps n cameras in one of those dark blue velvet drawstring bags then walk through a metal detector gate thing before we entered. we're obviously not going to try to murder any ministers for pete's sake! but its all protocol~

the place was pretty cool, all 160 of us were led up a red carpeted winding staircase to the..uh... waiting room?.. followed by a short briefing of the proceedings so we know when to bow n when to sit or stand. but only 100 of us got ushered into the house of representatives (dewan rakyat) cos there weren't enough seats.
a googled pic of the house of rep cos we weren't allowed cameras
see the red circle? that's where i sat.
n the glass table up front is for the mace (cokmar)

see how very hard it tries to be grand n intimidating? lolxx.. it was pretty cool to see the huge mace gettin carried in and the ministers debating n all...for about 15 mins anyway. then u start fidgeting n yawning through ur nose n wondering why the s/u parlimen klang can't even read numbers in malay fluently, let alone answer a question posed by the opposing party. the thing that really pissed me off though was the fact that the pews we had to sit in had just enough space for ur legs so that crossing ur legs are physically impossible.

we bowed n left at 11, an hour after it started cos another school wanted to come in. the PRO led us on to visit the senate (dewan negara) which i think looked way better though it was tiny cos it was built to accomodate 71 n not 219 like the DR.

1 regret though, we missed the heated debate stirred up by the opposition leader !!! when i say heated, i mean lotsa shouting n name calling n sensitive issues!
what's the point of watchin the proceedings if u only get to listen to boring stuff like the 'jualan murah' phenomenon n how tv dramas are degrading the youth n not building up 'modal insan'?! i wanna listen to ppl argue n shout at each other!!! wasted. really wasted. it was so loud, we could hear them from the senate next door. ish. then i missed it on the 8pm news cos i was pooped n sleeping....

then we got a buffet lunch sponsored by datukhon of sban in the building itself..cools.

the chocfac (Beryl's)
i thought we were going to a bigass chocfac like willywonka's or at least half of it... but it was miniscule, i tell u. itsy bitsy. but u could smell the chocolate once u stepped into the gates...yummeh. later on i learned that Beryl's is local n was founded in 1995 (i think) and the tiny place is the one n only factory in the whole wide world...(or did she mean malaysia? but i think its one n the same) n the reason we don't see much of it in malaysia is cos its actually meant for export.

though it defintely redeemed itself by having awesome vintage prints of chocolate ads. I LUV!

i particularly rmb this 1

we watched a vid abt beryl's history n their choc line before Zihan took us for a walk through a hallway of choc history n then to watch the actual choc-making. the walls had plastic chocolate oozing down.

found out alot of neat stuff bout chocolate...
like how it dates back to the mayans n the aztecs n the mesoamericans drank them with spices. solid choc actually didn't exist at all until much much later.
and how big names in chocolate aren't just famous chocs. for example:

made the 1st choc bar for widespread consumption

henri nestle developed one of the 1st milk chocolate

and no trip to a chocfac would be complete without... SAMPLING!!!
they had weird chocs like green tea, tiramisu, chilli, sesame. green tea tasted weird, tiramisu was even weirder n chilli i didn't test... the sesame, however, was actually good... it looked alot like birds eggs.

-abs heart the dark chocs-